Best Airsoft Glocks (Updated 2022)

Best Airsoft Glocks

Airsoft is one of the most popular games to play in your backyard or airsoft arenas. Besides, airsoft pistols are very crucial in airsoft battles. However, before buying a pistol, you need to look for a model and brand that suits you. Unlike other airsoft weapons, the airsoft pistol is designed to feel, look, and … Read more

Best Airsoft Revolvers Reviews (Updated 2022)

Best Airsoft Revolvers

Airsoft is one of the most popular sports today, and airsoft revolvers have become one of the favorite weapons for airsoft enthusiasts. Nothing beats the experience of going on a mission to take out your opponents using a replica revolver. It gives you a sense of authenticity and realism that every fighter would want in … Read more

Best Airsoft Grenades (Updated 2022)

Best Airsoft Grenades (Updated 2021)

When going into an airsoft battle, you need to ensure you have every advantage over your opponents. Arming yourself with airsoft grenades will offer you a competitive edge. These grenades also add a certain degree of excitement, realism, and chaos that takes your airsoft gaming experience to the next level. Although there are tons of … Read more

Best Airsoft Shotgun (Updated 2022)

Best Airsoft Shotgun

Undoubtedly, shotguns are super fun weapons to fire, and in the airsoft world, the replicas are very accurate and deliver an authentic experience. Airsoft shotguns are an excellent addition to your arsenal as a primary or secondary gun when on the battlefield. They work well, especially in CQB scenarios where you can shot your opponent … Read more

Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle

Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle

Your bread and butter in airsoft is your airsoft rifle. While playing airsoft, some factors determine whether you win or lose. These include your ability to coordinate attacks, shooting techniques, and acquiring optimum positioning while on the battlefield. However, you cannot face a skilled opponent in the game without the best gas blowback airsoft rifle. … Read more

Best Airsoft Helmets (Updated 2022)

Best Airsoft Helmets

Airsoft is an engaging and adventurous outdoor game. With every physical and adventurous game comes the risk of getting injured or hurt. Therefore, safety should be your top priority in every airsoft game. Investing in an airsoft helmet will protect you from head injuries and provide you with a convenient place to attach your airsoft … Read more

Best Airsoft Suppressors (Updated 2022)

Best Airsoft Suppressors

Airsoft suppressors are a popular cosmetic upgrade, otherwise known as ‘silencers’ that are an amazing add-on to your airsoft rifle that is meant to enhance its realism. Although airsoft suppressors are very popular, they do not change the functioning of your airsoft gun. Instead, they are additions to your airsoft weapon to make it look … Read more