Winix c535 Air Purifier Review 2022

Winix air purifiers have managed to create a name for themselves despite tough competition from renowned brands like Germguardian, Coway, and Honeywell.

Our unbiased Winix c535 review will introduce you to the c535, one of the best air purifiers from Winix.

We willcommence with a summarized introduction.

The Winix c535 Air Purifier: At a Glance

Winix c535 Review 2019 - Features, Specs, Pros and Cons
Winix c535 air cleaner with plasmawave technology

Small in build and a tad lightweight, the Winix c535 outfoxesits rivals on account of its technology, results, and silent functioning.

In fact, you start to notice a difference in the quality ofthe air youre breathing not long after switching it on.

This unit is especially amazing if you suffer nasty allergies and asthma since the innovative PlasmaWave feature (part of its 3-stage air cleansing system) fiercely eliminates provocative germs, dust and microorganisms.

Its cute, so easy to use, and comparatively energy-efficient.

The Winix c535 review: Comprehensive analysis

Lets now explore it further in our detailed Winix c535 review 

Winix c535: Construction and Design

By any standard, this is a very well built unit.

The plastic casing is fitted firmly all round and the flat,rectangular bottom gives it a stable platform to stand on.

To enhance its stability (given this design), the companyproposes that you place it on flat, hard grounds.

The Winix c535 air cleaner with plasmawave technology measures 14.9 x 7.8 x 23.6 inches (WxLxH) so its not a giant unit.

Nevertheless, its heavier than the Coway ap-1512hh (12.35 lbs).

Thankfully, the company added 2 handles to help you easilylift and move it to your desired rooms.

Winix c535 air purifier: Performance and operation

The Winix c535 efficiently restores fresh air by filtering out impurities such as odors, pet dander, bacteria, and other pollutants from your spaces.

So, how does it achieve this?

Well, sucked in air first passes through the carbon sheetfilter (attached to the pre-filter) where nearly all large irritants and smellsare removed.

Next, air flows into the true HEPA Filter where 99.97% ofallergens lurking in your space including potentially infectious microbes are cleanedoff.

Any surviving odors, chemical vapors, and allergens are destroyedin the last stage by the PlasmaWave.

The PlasmaWave doesnt cause harmful ozone and you can chooseto disable it too.

Moving on, the controls make it super easy for you to managethe units operation.

Besides, it comes with a couple of fantastic features chief amongthem a timer, remote control, and auto mode.

Aided by the odor and air quality sensors, the device instantlydecreases/increases the fan speed when in auto mode as the air qualityimproves/worsens.

Of the four fan speeds, turbo is the noisiest (the others arelow, medium, and high) - as it is for nearly all air purifiers- but generally, youbarely hear it.

The Winix c535 air cleaner with plasmawave technology also detects and reduces the brightness of the LED lights to allow you to sleep.

I should add that the replacement carbon and HEPA filters(the pre filter only needs vacuuming) are a bit pricey but they, fortunately,pack extra filters for you.

Overall, Winix has again gotten everything spot on.  

The Winix c535 air purifier: Power ratings and comparative energy efficiency

The Winix c535 true HEPA air cleaner with plasmawave technology draws about 70 watts if you run at the maximum setting, which makes it a more energy-conscious unit than Coway ap-1512hh  (77 watts) and Honeywell HPA100(130 watts).

It, however, loses out to Germguardian ac4825 (56 watts) as well as Honeywell hpa100 (48 watts).

The crème dela crème here is the famous Levoit lv-h132 (uses a mere 28 watts).

Like otherunits from Winix, its energy star rated.  

Winix c535: Room Capacity

This unit functions best in clearing toxic fumes, allergens,and practically any messy pollutant you can think of in rooms up to 360 sq. ft.

This places it alongside other leading mid-range airpurifiers including the rival Coway AP-1512hh (361sq. ft) though it trails the Honeywell HPA300(465sq. feet).

It circulatesair at the rate of 4x per hour, again the same as Coway AP-1512hh.

I already mentioned that its extremely portable hence youcan deploy it in your bedroom, office, kitchen, basement, or elsewhere. 

Winix c535: Warranty and support

Like its siblings, including the immensely popular Winix 5500, you get a 2-year warranty on purchase.

Under the warranty terms, the company undertakes to replaceor repair your unit depending on the issue.

You should contact the companys US support center viaemail or telephone for any help (during weekdays).

What I like about the product

  1. Comes with spare filters.
  2. Features of the Winix c535 true HEPA air cleaner include the handy sleep mode
  3. Super powerful fan.

What I don’t like about the product

  • Costlier replacementfilters.

Conclusion/my opinion

The Winix c535 air purifier impresses with its aggressivenessin cleansing indoor air contaminants and rapid results that make it a reallife-saver all year round.

The compact machine also boasts more high-tech features and settingsthan you would expect at this price point.

Ok, the pricey replacement Winix c535 filter is an issue but other than that, Im struggling to find a glaring weakness.

Ps: I will be doing Winix c535 vs c555, Winix c535 vs 5500, and Winix c535 vs 5500-2 posts very soon…

Where to buy

You can order the Winix c535 air purifier from any of the following marketplaces if you wish to give it a trial.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Costco

For the most part, online sellers like Amazon offer significantly discounted prices.