The Top Rated Baby Cribs Reviews 2022

Your baby might sleep soundly on any bed that you place it in, but you need to consider the safety of the baby when it is sleeping on the bed. Do not just let your child sleep on any bed, but on the top rated baby cribs that will ensure your baby will not roll over and fall on the floor at night.

The baby cribs are also great for the baby to play in when awake. You can toss in a few toys for the child to play with until it falls asleep.

The crib acts as a barrier that prevents the child from moving away and sleeping elsewhere.

To have all this, though, you have to choose one of the best baby convertible cribs on the market.

The Top Rated Baby Cribs Reviews for 2022

The following products are the top rated baby cribs you can choose from:

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, Espresso

Why is this a top pick?

Everything used in the making of the crib is safe for the baby. The paint used in finishing the decorations of the crib is non-toxic, even if the baby accidentally bites a chunk of the crib, there will be no health complications.

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The crib is GREENGUARD certified; the product has no composition that will cause indoor pollution. The GREENGUARD certification is given to products that do not harm the environment and people in any way.

The DaVinci Kalani crib also meets the ASTM and CPSC standards. With these standards, you should be assured of the great quality they possess.

The crib has a standard height. Any parent can reach out for the baby easily without straining. The height, however, is long enough to keep the baby from climbing out, even when the baby has grown up.

When one of the parts of the crib has been damaged, you are eligible to claim another part free of charge. You just have to get in contact with customer service to claim for the replacement parts.

The baby will be comfortable sleeping in the crib for it has a 4 level mattress support. When the child is playing in the crib, a fall will not be able to hurt him/ her. If you have placed the mattress perfectly in the crib, then it will be the child’s favorite play area free from danger.

The crib can support a weight of up to 50 pounds. Your child will continue using the crib until he/she becomes grown enough to sleep on the bed.


The crib is too fragile and needs to be handled with care. When the crib is used for a while, the wood becomes weak. If the planks fencing the crib are shaken vigorously, the wood splinters and the planks fall off.

The splinters can become dangerous for the child if he gets hold of it. The gap left by the torn plank will also be ample for the child to squeeze through, rendering the crib useless for its purpose.

DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Honey Oak

The crib weighs about 67 pounds. This weight is great for retaining a stable state for the baby crib.

It is also not too bulky to move from place to place. One person can move it over a distance without straining.

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One of the top rated baby cribs that are GREENGUARD certified. Its use will not cause health problems to the child after he/she has been sleeping in the crib for a long period.

The DaVinci Emily crib lacks the harmful composition of lead and phthalate in its composition. Even if a bit of the paint finish finds its way into the mouth of the baby, the baby will be safe.

You can also stack a couple of mattresses in the crib until you feel contented with the comfortability of the crib. It has a four level mattress support feature that allows you to change the height setting of the mattress.

Even if you are planning to fit one thick mattress in the crib, it is going to fit perfectly as long as you adjust the settings accordingly.

The baby crib is convertible to meet up with the child’s age and needs. After the baby has grown to a crawling toddler, you can convert the crib to a toddler bed, daybed or a full-size bed for him/ her.

The baby crib comes with a bed conversion kit. You can purchase the full-size bed conversion kit separately. Nearly all the best rated cribs do not have the full-size bed kit included, so it is not a major drag.

The manufacturer offers free replacement parts for any parts that have defects. This is better than a warranty that you do not even know whether it is going to function or not.

The convertible baby crib is made from wood, cherry, and oak. The design is baby proofed and hence you can never have any of the baby incidents in the baby crib.


Though the crib has received a lot of great baby crib ratings in convertible cribs reviews, some feel like the size of the bed is not good. The bed size does not allow the users to use any mattress in the crib.

The common mattresses for baby cribs do not fit perfectly in the crib, leaving a big gap that can get the foot of the baby stuck in between. Some users have found the mattresses that fit in perfectly.

Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso

The stork baby crib can be converted to a toddler bed, daybed or a full size bed. You can change the bed setting as the child grows.

The shipment includes the toddler rails for the toddler bed. For the full-size bed toddler rails, you will have to purchase them separately.

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The crib is great for use as safety barriers for toddlers. The safest baby cribs have bettered the quality and safety standards in the US and Canada.

To assure you that the crib is top quality and durable, you are given a limited lifetime warranty when you purchase it. You can return the crib back to the manufacturers as soon as it starts becoming defective within one year of purchase.

The crib has an adjustable 3-position mattress base. This ensures that the child has enough underneath him/her to sleep comfortably in the night.

You will also find the adjustable base handy when none of the mattresses for top baby cribs you buy fit perfectly in the crib.

The dimensions of the crib are 54.2 x 33 x 43 inches. Your baby can continue to sleep on the crib until the late stages as a toddler. This gives you absolute value for your money and makes this crib the best crib for baby development.

The crib is highly stable. The solid wood construction it has makes it possible for the crib to hold its position, even when the weight is more than usual.

The solid wood construction of the crib also makes it as strong as the other top rated baby cribs in the market. The sturdy nature will be a guarantee that the crib is going to support the full weight of the child as he/ she keeps on growing.

Its shipping weight is about 80 pounds, so setting it up in your home will not be a hard task. The weight also gives the crib much gravity and stability.


The finishing of the product has strong fumes that can be irritating. The fumes are just proof of how the crib is finished up with varnish that might keep the baby uncomfortable.

Many of the complainants in the convertible cribs reviews have however been able to take care of the fumes by airing the crib parts in the sun and adding some perfume to the mixture.

Top Rated Baby Cribs Buying Guide

To find the top rated baby cribs in the market, here are some of the aspects that you should consider:

  • Type of wood used: The best baby cribs should be made from solid wood reinforcements. Solid wood is the best type of wood to use on the baby cribs since it does not splinter easily. You should choose a crib that has the solid wood as part of its construction.
  • Safety measures: you need to pick a baby crib that looks like it is totally safe for the baby. The safest baby cribs usually have some special features like rails to keep them from falling down.
  • Maximum weight support: you need to get a crib that can support the maximum weight for a toddler. A crib that can support weights of up to 50lbs is great and can be used for a good period of time.
  • The height of the crib: Pick a crib that will not give you a hard time trying to reach for the baby. The height should also prevent the baby from crawling out of the crib.

The baby cribs that you choose for your child should be safe and comfortable for your child. We have listed the best baby furniture brands on the market to help you get the best one quickly.