Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers 2022

So, you have noticed that your overgrown hedges are no longer operating as a decorative element of your landscape. Instead, they have started to work against you, creating a barrier that keeps you from enjoying the view of your backyard.

Now, this is where a good corded hedge trimmer comes into play.

A corded hedge trimmer is a versatile piece of equipment that summarizes the effort that you put behind, trimming those messy edges.

As long as the trimmer is connected to a power source, your purpose to tackle all sorts of trimming jobs is perfectly carried out.

Therefore, it’s time to turn your lawn into a flawless landscape, with the best electric hedge trimmer!

TrimmersBlade LengthCutting CapacityPrice
BLUE RIDGE BR8200U Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer17''0.6”View
GARCARE Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer24''0.7”View
Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer 22''0.6”View
Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer22''0.6”View
CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer22''0.75”View
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer20''0.6”View

Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Reviews

Sure, electric hedge trimmers are more expensive than manual hedge trimmers, but there are many reasons to consider getting one.

You’ll get better, faster results, for starters. The engine is what makes an electric hedge trimmer so much better than a manual hedge trimmer. Not only that, but they also work faster and require less maintenance.

The following are some of the best electric hedge trimmers;

BLUE RIDGE BR8200U Corded Hedge Trimmer

 BLUE RIDGE BR8200U Corded 3.2A 17' inch Electric Hedge Trimmer

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Slicing through the dull edges of your shrubs and bushes is a pretty laborious task. In order to deal with this work efficiently, one of the best-known and incredible trimmer models that will leave your speechless is the Blue Ridge electric corded hedge trimmer. This model is equipped with dual action blades, which makes trimming easier. You can easily slice off the upper and outer portion of the hedges effortlessly. In addition to that, the length of the blades is 17 inches, giving a perfect sharp curve to the bushes and hedges.


  • This trimmer model is considered to be one of the best in the market, with its 17-inch blade sharpness. Cutting the bushes is not at all a problem anymore.
  • It is very easy to clean the blades after it has been used for trimming.
  • When talking about the price tag, you can rely on the trimmer for its inexpensive nature.


  • Understand the terms and conditions of this trimmer, before finally using it.
  • No warranty card is available with this trimmer model. Additional money needs to be paid for repairing its parts.

GARCARE Corded Hedge Trimmer 4.6-Amp with 24-Inch Laser Cutting Blade

GARCARE Corded Hedge Trimmer

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Sometimes, all you prefer to keep your garden clean is a good old trimmer, which will thoroughly keep your bushes and hedges clean. Therefore, one of the best-known models is that of the Garcare Corded hedge trimmer, which is easy to use. The sculpting technique is nothing too difficult, thereby allowing all individuals to trim their bushes to perfection. In addition to all of the above attributes of this trimmer, special dual-action blades are attached as well. This makes the entire process much easier. You can trim the bottom as well as the upper part of the hedges together. This saves time and helps you in completing the task quickly.


  • The best part of using this trimmer is its high-performance motor.
  • The blade of the trimmer is rust-free and can be used for years. It is always advised to keep the trimmer away from direct sunlight.
  • This trimmer is perfectly portable. There is no difficulty in plugging in as well.


  • Although Dual-action is available with this trimmer, only experienced individuals can use it. For beginners, it is a little difficult in the beginning.
  • This trimmer is little on the heavier side.
  • The cord length is less.
  • No warranty card is available either for this trimmer.

Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

 Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

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Extra pointed hedges can be a little too difficult to manage. In order to do away with all messy shrubs lying in your lawn and backyard, be prepared to gain access to the Toro Corded Hedge Trimmer. This model is beneficial because of its 4-ampere motor, which stabilizes the overall performance. In addition to that, the blades of the model are sharp enough to cut through all tough hedges. This model produces less vibration and is totally noise-free. This trimmer is ideal for all your outdoor trimming sessions. Plus, plants that are kept indoors can be trimmed using this trimmer as well. The average length of this trimmer is 20 inches.


  • There is a two-year warranty available with this trimmer model. Any parts of the trimmer, if damaged, can be repaired instantly, using the warrant card.
  • The price tag of this model is yet again inexpensive.
  • The motor speed increases the overall efficiency of the trimmer.
  • The length of the trimmer blade is 17 inches.


  • You need to go through the user manual so as to understand its functions.
  • No dual-action mode is available.

Greenworks 22″ 4-Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer

 Greenworks 22-Inch 4-Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer 2200102

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One of the best corded electric hedge trimmer models that will serve all your trimming necessities is the Green Works corded hedge trimmer. This model is no doubt efficient in terms of its performance and durability. This single-action trimmer blade is beneficial for all working conditions. The blades can cut through all portions of plantations, giving your bushes a smooth finish! Be it your hard bush edges or the messy hedges, this trimmer perfectly does the task in no time. You will need to plug in the trimmer to a reliable power source so that it can be used effectively.


  • The compactness of this trimmer is highly commendable. Buyers love the precision with which the trimmer has been carved.
  • The price of this trimmer model is inexpensive. For buyers looking for a trimmer that consists of excellent features within an affordable price range, do not miss out on this model.
  • Unplugging the trimmer is pretty simple. However, it would be wise if you carefully go through the user manual once.


  • There is no warranty period available with this device.
  • The dual action is not present with this model. Therefore, the overall time of shedding the leaves and trimming the edges increases.

CRAFTSMAN Corded Hedge Trimmer

CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch

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Sometimes, in order to get rid of all the messy extra shrubs that grow in your backyard, you need to have an easy trimmer that can perform easy cleaning. Therefore, the craftsman electric hedge trimmer is there to accompany you in all your toughest times.

The best corded trimmer comes with an extraordinary 4.0-ampere motor that easily tackles all the hedges. If you are looking for sharp dual blade actions as well, then this trimmer perfectly does the trick. In terms of the price of the trimmer, every individual can successfully purchase this trimmer. Although the blade of the trimmer is said to perform a single action function, the overall efficiency stays the same. You can rely on the input and the output if the trimmer with all your heart!


  • The innovation and sophisticated technological inputs of this machine are ideal for all your trimming necessities.
  • This trimmer also comes with a limited three-year warranty period. Repairs can be scheduled within this time-frame.
  • The price of the product is affordable.
  • The single-action mode is productive for all scenarios of slicing the bushes with no additional effort.
  • The length of the blades of this trimmer is 24 inches, thereby increasing productivity.


  • You need to assess the operational control of the trimmer so that you do end up harming your bushes.
  • Although you must be sure of the slicing levels of the trimmer, make sure that you gain adequate knowledge beforehand.
  • No dual-action mode is available.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S Corded Hedge Trimmer

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S

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One of the most spectacular trimmer models that buyers will definitely be impressed with is Scott’s Outdoor power tools electric hedge trimmer. This model is not only compact, but its sharp blades can cut through all tough bushes within minutes. Considered ideal for indoor and outdoor conditions, this trimmer is perfectly portable and is 100% light-weighted in nature.

This corded hedge trimmer is easy to maintain and is highly powered as well.


  • When coming to the merits of this all-new trimmer, the price tag is quite affordable.
  • When looking at the cutting techniques of this trimmer, its eco-friendly technique is quite impressive.
  • Easy to plug-in and plug-out! You can also take a look at the user manual as well.
  • Nothing can beat the capacity of this trimmer, in terms of its significant performance.


  • Make sure that you make an effort to read the user manual, before using this trimmer!
  • Even plugging in the trimmer for the first time can be a little tough. However, with usage on a daily basis, you will get used to it.

Factors to think about when purchasing a corded hedge trimmer

One of the greatest features that buyers should take into consideration is the power capacity of the trimmer. Now, depending upon the size of your lawn or yard, it is essential that you choose a trimmer that can ideally fit with your plantation needs. Models vary in power quality and thus, you must make sure that the trimmer cuts through the bushes in an effective manner. If the branches and the leaves are comparatively thin, then low-powered trimmer models will do the task. Apart from that, for dense plantations, a strong-powered trimmer is highly recommended. Every power capacity of the trimmer model is listed in the packaging itself.

The difference between a corded and cordless trimmer

There is a vast difference noticed between corded trimmers as well as cordless trimmers. For buyers who are looking to buy the best corded electric hedge trimmer, you will have less trouble with its battery usage. Buyers should know about the advantages that corded trimmers offer. The power and noiseless action of the trimmer is not only impressive but are powerful in nature than the battery-operated models. Even individuals, who are conscious about their environments, should definitely go for corded models, as they cause less pollution and no emission at all.

The length of the blades

Next in consideration is the length of the blades, which are attached to the trimmer. Now, for all average trimmer models out there, the length of trimmer blades is crucial to the task that your cover-up. There is a perpendicular relationship to that the blade length and the efficiency of the trimmer. The longer the length, the more efficient it is its work. However, longer blades add up to the weight of the trimmer as well. Therefore, only if you have a bigger yard, make an effort to buy longer blade trimmers. For a regular hedge trimmer, short ones are enough!

The spacing of trimmer teeth

The teeth space of the trimmer is something that buyers fail to notice. In order to run the trimmer smoothly and efficiently through the branches, you must be able to identify the thickness of the teeth. If the spacing of the teeth is typically very narrow, then you can use it for trimming think branches. Wider teeth spacing trimmers can be used for heavy bushes.

The nature of the blades

The blades of the corded trimmer vary in their function. According to most models, the blade action is divided into single and dual modes. This means that a hedge trimmer comprises one blade that’s fixed and the other one that’s moving. Therefore, a single action refers to the blade cutting against the plants. On the other hand, dual-action means that you can trim the top as well as the bottom bushes simultaneously. In that case, buyers should concentrate on buying a trimmer that serves the trimming purpose. Sometimes, dual-action can cause fatigue and you may be tired of using it on a daily basis. Therefore, you must ensure that you buy a model that is easy to use!

Cord length

One of the better-known critical factors that define the buying process of the best corded electric hedge trimmer is the length of the cord. Sometimes, you miss out on the length of the power cord, resulting in difficulty, while trimming. Therefore, before purchasing, it is necessary that you locate the exact power source, to which you are going to attach the cord. Measure the distance and tally it with the length of the cord. It is good enough, if your cord is around 150 feet away, giving you the power to trim the hedges efficiently!


Another important consideration that you cannot afford to delete during the purchase of the best-corded trimmer for hedges is the price tag. All electronic gadgets out there come with their own price labels. Making up for the features that you want in your trimmer, the price can relatively oscillate between high and low. If you are ready to invest in a high-powered dual-action trimmer, it is good on your part. However, for individuals with smaller lawns, it is wise to go for a trimmer that is easy to use. You can definitely purchase a budget trimmer, which equally stays strong in performance and is durable.


Sometimes, the weight of the corded electric trimmer becomes an issue and buyers must, therefore, take note of this aspect as well. Your trimmer needs a constant operation for at least an hour while trimming your hedges. Therefore, the model should be portable enough to carry around. Thus, try to hold the trimmer once and take note of its weight. Think about whether or not it is convenient for you. Too weighty trimmers can also be a huge problem and can cause additional trouble.

Maintenance and cleaning of the trimmer

Best Corded Hedge Trimmers Reviews

Electric trimmers for cutting hedges also need maintenance. Cleaning is mandatory and there is a separate guide to be followed for keeping the trimmer safe. If your trimmer is a little weighty, make sure that you follow the instruction of washing and cleaning the model, as dictated in the user manual. For small handy trimmers, cleaning is not an issue. Dusting your trimmer ensures longevity and improved performance of the trimmer.

Safety standards

Last but not the least, it is also mandatory to understand the safety standards of the trimmer model that you are eager to purchase. It is very essential that you come to terms with the nature of the trimmer first. Also, check for any sort of visible damage in the trimmer. Before finalizing your purchase, you have to pay attention to the operation and usage of the model. In addition to that, learn more about how to plug in and switch on your trimmer. It is advised to read the safety manual, to gather knowledge on the efficiency and safety of the trimmer!

Once you are capable of understanding the basics of buying the best corded hedge trimmer, let’s take a look at the models that will definitely impress you!