How to Build a Portable Soundproof Generator Box

Do you want to keep your portable generator safe and silent? Do you want to build a soundproof generator box? Check out this guide plus instructional videos…

There are many reasons for building a portable generator box.

First of all, it’s a lot better than using your garage or basement to store the generator. You will not be able to sleep with the noise going on, you will constantly feel the vibrations, and you can also get carbon monoxide poisoning from it.

So it’s best to soundproof the generator to prevent problems.

The following are some of the best storage boxes you can easily and quickly turn into soundproof generator boxes;

The reasons for an enclosure for your generator.

How to Build a Portable Generator Enclosure Shed - soundproof generator box
  • Noise Reduction: Most portable generators are noisy and a sound-dampening enclosure can go a long way to reducing the noise. This is great if you want to stay on good terms with your friends, neighbors, family, or anybody within earshot of the generator
  • To keep the generator safe from theft: Unfortunately, generator theft isn’t as uncommon as people may think. An enclosure won’t make it impossible for thieves to steal your generator, however, a generator enclosure with a padlock can help deter would-be thieves away from an easier target.
  • Weather: A generator enclosure can help protect the generator from harsh weather conditions. It acts as a generator shelter.
  • Storing your generator in this enclosure frees up storage space in your garage, shed, or basement for other uses
  • Makes it easier to start up and connect your generator during a power outage because it is always ready to go — no dragging generator outside during the outage or bad weather to use it.

Readymade Soundproof Generator Boxes

The following are some of the best storage sheds you can use as generator boxes. Some of the sheds might need a little modification to make them perfect portable generator sound boxes (watch how-to videos below).

Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal Shed

Do you want a perfect generator quiet box that will help keep your generator safe and silent? Buy the Suncast BMS3400 and you won’t go wrong.

The shed features a double-wall resin construction. The double wall construction is perfect for keeping your generator silent (the generator sound wont penetrate the walls) and the resin is for making the shed durable and weather resistant.

Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal Shed - generator sound box

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The shed boasts a reinforced floor, which can support even the heaviest portable generator enclosure.

To keep your generator safe all the time, the portable generator shelter’s doors have a padlock hasp.

The shed is pretty easy to assemble. It can take a person with zero assembly experience 30 to 45 minutes to assemble the shed.

The shed’s manual has easy to follow directions.

…but I’m a 37 year old pregnant woman and managed just fine by myself

To ensure that your generator is safe from moisture and water, the shed is made from waterproof material.

Perfect size. The shed is neither too small nor too big. The shed is just perfect for storing your portable generator.

The following is a review from a customer:

…bought to house my generator has lots of room was a good fit for me now I’m working on an exhaust system from a four-inch heat/ drier vent pipe with a booster blower in the pipe. one end the left side for me will be the intake air a common window fan that runs when the generator is powered on. a 12×12 gable louvered vent I will cut into the shed for intake air. the same vent on the other side but I’ll have a box around the muffler worked into a 4inch dryer vent 90 a 4-inch booster fan and another 90 into another 12x 12 gable louvered vent. wish me luck this way I can run my generator in the bad weather we have here in Mich. winter or summer. a work still in process. has plenty of room for 3 and 4 prongs, extension cord storage…

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed, 32-cubic ft

The Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed is one of the best sheds you can use as a portable generator sound enclosure.

The Rubbermaid generator enclosure has rollers, which allow the lid to easily slide back for vertical access to the generator.

The shed has a double-walled construction, which makes it one of the best enclosures for the generator. This construction makes the shed strong and sound resistant thus keeping your generator safe and silent.

Rubbermaid generator enclosure - generator sound enclosure

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The rubbermaid generator enclosure’s impact-resistant flooring ensures that your generator is safe from shock.

Unlike wood and metal sheds, this particular shed is maintenance-free and will not rot, dent, or rust. This ensures a long life cycle for the shed.

The shed is also weather-resistant. This means that your generator is safe from moisture, sun damage and inclement weather.

This shed is large enough and spacious enough for your generator no matter how large it is.

The shed is quick to assemble. You can easily assemble the 7 pieces with common household tools.

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How to Build a Soundproof Generator Box (materials)

Building a soundproof generator box can be easy if you know what you are doing.

The following materials (or similar alternatives) / portable generator enclosure kit can be used to build the generator enclosure.

You can get most of the items from Amazon or Home Depot, I’ve put links directly to the items needed below.

For the soundproof generator box

For the Ventilation

For the Exhaust System

For the High Temp Cut-Off

The semi-rigid duct linked to above isn’t very well reviewed. If anybody finds a better alternative, please leave a comment to let others know.

Just for your information, these videos are not my own and I do not take credit for them! I just really liked the design of the generator sound proof box and thought that it’d be better to put everything together in one post along with links directly to the materials. You can find out more info regarding this design, or ask questions on the original author’s YouTube channel here.

View a finished generator enclosure

Finished Soundproof Generator Box (Steps)

Exhaust System

High-Temp Shut Off Mechanism

If you found the videos useful, or if they’ve given you a few good ideas on how to build your own portable generator enclosure. Please give the original author your thanks.

View a finished generator shed

Alternative Steps to make a soundproof generator box by Icreatables

Below are the videos detailing how to build the 5′-2″ x 3′-8″ generator shed. Each video describes one of the major steps in building the portable generator shed.

Step 1: Foundation and Floor Framing

 Step 2: Portable Generator Box Wall Framing

 Step 3: Generator Shed Roof Framing

 Step 4: Generator Enclosure Siding Installation

 Step 5: Portable Soundproof Generator Box Trim Installation

 Step 6: Shed Single Door Construction

 Step 7: Shed Double Door Construction

 Step 8: Hanging Shed Doors

 Step 9: Installing Shed Door Hardware

 Step 10: Installing Hinged Roof

 step 11: Installing the Sheet Metal Roof

View a finished generator enclosure

I hope the above guide on how to build a soundproof box for a generator is comprehensive enough…