Recliners FAQ

A recliner is a very comfortable type of chair that is also very common. It allows taking full advantage of the reclining position, which is the best position to take a rest, especially from a physiological point of view.

A recliner usually has a backrest that can be adjusted in different ways: straight up, with a slight tilt, or with a more pronounced tilt. The backrest can also be moved back and forth.

Some people use a recliner also to sleep. Moreover, if you have a recliner in your home, then you can fully relax, put your feet up and do other things. And it is so comfortable that you will be in no rush to get up.

What is a wall hugger recliner?

Wall hugger recliners are recliners (chairs with a back and sometimes a footrest) that are designed to be close to a wall. They are made this way to take up the least amount of space possible.
A wall hugger recliner is a recliner that does not stick out in the back as far as a standard recliner and therefore doesn’t take up as much space.

What is a glider recliner?

A glider recliner is a type of chair that is used in place of a traditional rocking chair but offers a more sturdy, reliable construction. Gliders began to show up on the market around the same time that traditional rocking chairs did, and while the two share the same basic design elements, a glider recliner features more durable construction and is generally more expensive than a rocking chair.

What is a power recliner?

In a nutshell, a power recliner is a recliner that can be moved to different positions with the touch of a button. It likely has a number of positions to choose from, including a fully upright or “lounging” position, sitting position, and a completely reclined position.
While you might think a power recliner would be easy to drive, they are actually quite heavy and require some muscle to move. That’s because the mechanisms that support the reclining are quite a bit heavier than the mechanisms that support the standard recliner.
A power recliner is operated by a motor that is installed within the chair. The power recliner is becoming a very popular and common type of recliner today, because of the ease and convenience it offers.

What is a zero-gravity recliner?

What is a heavy duty recliner?

Zero-gravity recliners look like normal recliners, but they have a special mechanism that allows you to recline fully without using your hands, arms, or feet. Instead, you simply lean back, and gravity does the rest of the work.
These recliners quickly became popular after NASA scientists discovered the benefits of zero gravity for astronauts in space. Zero-gravity recliners can help improve your posture, and they can reduce pain in your back, neck, shoulders, and joints. They can even help you sleep better.

What is a heavy duty recliner?

A heavy duty recliner is a special type of recliner that will be able to handle more weight than normal recliners. They are designed to handle the weight of people who have a hard time getting out of them.
These recliners for heavy people are able to handle more weight than normal recliners because they are built to last longer and will often contain more features than normal recliners.