How to Start a Snow Blower?

How do I start a snow blower? For most homeowners, snow blowers are a luxury. A good snow blower can cost $2,000 or more, and for some people, is something they can’t afford.

However, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably own a snow blower eventually. If you’re considering a new snow blower, you can make a more informed decision by first learning how to start a snow blower.

How to Start a Snowblower for the First Time

The only thing more frustrating than shoveling snow is starting up your snow blower for the first time. A snowblower is a heavy machine and the engine is cold. This causes the snow blower to be hard to start.

When starting a snow blower for the first time, there are a few things that you should check before you plug it in. The power cord should be in good shape and not frayed, as the first time the machine is started it will give off a lot of power.  

It’s also a good idea to check the oil. The oil should be in the center of the dipstick, so if it’s at one extreme or the other, this could cause problems.

Also, set the choke to full (unless it has an electric start).

How to Start a Flooded Snowblower

If the engine on your gas-powered snowblower is flooded, you have two options: You can either drain the engine and hope that clears up the problem, or you can have the engine professionally repaired.

If your snowblower has fuel in the carburetor, draining the engine may be the best option.

Simply clean the fuel off of your spark plug. Adjust the spark plug gap: The gap between your feeler gauge and electrodes must be the right size.

How to Start a Snowblower with a Choke

You are using a snowblower, but now you do not know how to start it. When you look at the snowblower, you will notice a choke which you can use to start it.

But before starting the snowblower, you have to find out if the choke is used for starting the snowblower or for adjusting its speed. You will notice this by reading the tag attached to the choke. If the tag has an arrow pointing down that means the choke is used for making the snowblower run slowly. But if the tag does not have an arrow, then the choke is used for starting the snowblower.  


  • Set the choke to ‘full’
  • Move the throttle to the ‘fast’ Position (rabbit symbol)
  • Open the fuel shutoff valve
  • Flip the ignition switch to ‘run’
  • Insert the safety ignition key
  • Press primer bulb
  • Pull starter rope

How to Start a Snowblower with Electric Start

So you finally bought that snowblower you’ve always wanted. You made sure you got the electric start model so you wouldn’t have to pull on a cord. You even used it a couple of times last year. Now, this winter you want to use it and you can’t get it to start. No problem, except you don’t know how to start it with an electric start.


  • Plug in the power cord
  • Press the red start button
  • Don’t forget the choke (move the choke to the OFF or RUN once the engine has warmed up.)
Tecumseh Starter For Snowblower & Snow Thrower

The best snowblower electric start kit is one that is easy to install, compatible with a variety of snow blowers, and is reasonably priced. Fortunately, all three of these features are present in the Snow Joe SJSSHPB Electric Start Conversion Kit. It uses a pull starter and recoil mechanism to start the snow blower engine and is compatible with most single-stage snow blowers that use a pull cord for starting. It also comes with several adapters for various snow blower models.

I hope the above post has properly answered the question: how to start a snow blower?