How Soon After It Rains Can I Mow The Lawn?

How soon after it rains can I mow the lawn? Can you mow wet grass? These are common questions in the minds of most homeowners. In this post, I’ll give you the most comprehensive answer…

When mowing the grass, it is very important that the ground and grass are relatively dry. If it has just rained, we advise that you wait until the afternoon of the day it stops. Mowing soaking wet lawns can cause damage to the grass blades, as well as your soil. 

If you have a heavier mower it can create dips and ruts within your lawn, so it is important to let your lawn dry. We generally wait till mid-afternoon to clear lawns. Ruts can compact soil and diminish any growth and wet grass can clog your mower, so it is better to let your lawn dry if this is the case. As soon as any top moisture has gone and the soil isn’t too wet, you can go ahead and mow your lawn. We generally wait till mid-afternoon to clear lawns.

What Mower Are You Using?

There are a few issues when it comes to mowing wet lawns. The most common is disease spread through the grass as well as what lawnmower you own.

When choosing a mower, you will need to consider how much grass you have, as well as the area you need to cover. Electric and cordless mowers are ideal for people who have an easy to maintain lawn, and a smaller area to cover. They are generally used for units with smaller gardens or homes with a smaller garden. You can leave them be and use them infrequently. Although petrol mowers need maintenance and are generally bigger machines, they are always ideal to have in any mowing situation.

When mowing after rain, it is very important to consider what your needs are and how you’ll tackle your lawn, so picking the correct mower for what climate you have is also very important. You cannot mow wet grass with an electric lawnmower, as you are creating unnecessary risk in doing so.

How Long Should I Wait To Mow The Grass After It Rains?

Bermuda Grass is one of the more popular grass people use when sowing their lawns. It is a warm-season grass and can be seeded in a number of ways, which makes planting grass for people who aren’t gardeners a breeze. The level of growth it will get will depend on what it is used for. This is a very popular lawn for low maintenance. When it gets wet for instance, it keeps its own and doesn’t die out. With this grass, after it has rained you can wait till any showers have gone away and you are able to walk through your lawn without any sogginess.  

Tall fescue is generally used as alternative perennial ryegrass where it thrives in relatively cooler climates. It is a very sturdy type of grass and grows its roots deep. This grass can be cut when it is wet, as it has quite a large blade. It has been classified as invasive in some areas of the world. If you are in cooler climates, that face a lot more moisture then this grass will be very resistant. You can mow this type of grass when it is very wet, without causing any damage.

Zoysia is a creeping grass and is very tolerant in general. They can resist disease and are very resilient to foot traffic. This is a very common grass to have as well, and can prove very sturdy when wet. If it has just rained, you can mow this lawn within hours and depending on how much rain will depend on when you can mow it. These lawns are popular due to their fine texture and soft feel.

How Long Does It Take For Grass To Dry After The Rain?

If you have Bermuda grass, it might need a little longer to dry out before you can mow it. If you are in a climate where it is wet, you may need to wait till the afternoon where it is generally drier, or if it has rained for a while you may need to wait even longer. Because of its cold tolerance it is good to let this grass dry out regardless, as you don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage to your lawn.

If it has rained overnight and into the morning, you may need to wait till the afternoon for any mowing. We recommend waiting as its generally drier here. If it is raining for days on end, or you live in a climate where more moisture exists, you might need to wait days.

If your grass is Zoysia or very resilient overall, you may even be able to mow when it is raining. For instance, think of ride-on mowers on a golf course. Depending on the level of rain, these ground keepers can continue their work.

People who have really high-quality mowers will be able to work on their lawn sooner, than someone who has a cheaper quality mower. If you own a lawnmower with sharp blades, or you’ve just sharpened them, you can work on the lawn faster as your blades are sharp.

Can I Mow The Lawn In The Rain Or When It Is Wet?

If you live in a climate where you get more rain or are more prone to more moisture, only you will know what your lawns need when there is rain. If you have had days of rain, it may pay just to let your lawn sit for a while before mowing. You can mow in the morning or afternoon but make sure there isn’t a layer of moisture that could cause damage and breakage when mowing. If conditions are too hazardous and the grass is too wet, you also run the risk of hurting yourself when mowing. So, unless you have a ride on mower, or its only rained a small amount, we suggest waiting.

When you are inspecting your lawn, make sure the soil isn’t too wet. If it is soggy when walking on top of it, we also suggest waiting until the afternoon, or a drier part of the day.

Will Mowing Wet Grass Ruin My Lawn?

Unless you really need to, it’s usually a bad idea to mow your grass while it’s raining, or if it’s significantly wet. Wet grass can create clumps of cuttings and can clog up any mower or machinery. Water causes the grass to be heavier and cut differently which can bog down any machinery or mowers and can create ruts within the soil. If this causes sinking damage, this will ruin the overall feel of the lawn and perhaps even devalue your property. This is the primary reason we advise people to closely monitor their ground moisture levels, so they can choose whether or not to mow.

Cleaning up after mowing the lawn when wet is also a serious nuisance. We absolutely despise trying to gather wet grass clippings and leaves so if there is the odd chance of heavy rain, we advising waiting before doing any lawn work.

If you absolutely must mow your lawn when it is wet, make sure your mower is clean and free of any debris. Also raising your mower height will reduce the amount of grass cut, giving it a fresher look when there is moisture present. Equipping your mower with a side clipping exhaust is another way of enabling your mower to tackle wet grass.

How Can I Dry My Wet Yard Fast?

How Soon After It Rains Can I Mow The Lawn

The rule here when mowing after rain is not to remove more than one-quarter of the blade. This applies to most turf or multi-season grasses. During the wet season, you may only get to mow your lawn once a week so waiting until you have dry lawns may take a while. If you want to dry your yard fast, you may need to install drainage. Most people won’t need to worry about their yards becoming flooded, so this isn’t a widespread issue.

Another low-cost option might be sweeping the yard. If you need to remove excess moisture, you can get the broom out and try sweeping away any left-over rain. We don’t think you will tackle full-on puddles, so you won’t need a specific sweeper. We also recommend, if your lawn has taken a beating from the elements it might be time to aerate your lawn. Dethatching and aerating can prove to do wonders for a damaged lawn.