What are the Best Hiking Boots for Under 100 Dollars?

Hiking can be an exciting exercise, but if your feet are sore, you will not want to move a meter further.

Hiking boots tend to determine the distance you, will go because they will give you comfort and protect your feet even over rough terrain. They are relatively stiff, and they provide ankle support.

It is important to go for boots that fit well. Too tight (or too loose) hiking boots will not give you comfort as you walk over the rough terrain.

We found a variety of hiking boots under 100 dollars just for you, so you don’t have to strain your budget beyond.

Benefits of Getting the Right Hiking Boots for under $100

Every shoe has a design to enable it to serve a purpose, and so are hiking boots. Their design is for hiking, and they will give you the best experience. Walking with your ordinary shoes will only bring you home with sore feet, and that is not what you want. Look at some of the benefits these shoes come with

Support and stiffness

These boots have a stiffer midsole and more ankle coverage to support you, especially if you are carrying a backpack. To avoid sprains, get an ankle-high kick. For those who do day hikes with less rough terrains, slightly light hiking shoes are the best option for you. Do not use your ordinary sneakers.


The type of hiking boot to buy will depend on the kind of terrain you are going to hike on.

Treads on your hiking boots will enable you to grip on bad terrains, prevent accidents, and prevent you from slipping on downhill slopes. You cannot get this characteristic on ordinary sneakers.


We want to be comfortable as we hike. These shoes are all-weather, are well-cushioned in the inside to give you excellent support, and make your feet warm. Slick rocks, snow, dust, and harmful terrains should not worry you.


You do not want to go home carrying your shoes in the hands as you walk on bare feet, so get lightweight hiking boots. Although the ones made from lightweight material are breathable and dry quickly, they may not be sturdy and durable.

Mud and stream

You might be too tired to jump over a stream or stagnant water. That is the reason why hiking boots come with a waterproof characteristic to protect you from the discomfort of wetness.

Some boots can be non-waterproof, but they dry quickly.

Hiking Boots for Under 100 Buying Guide


Let us first forget about the look, flashy features, and our friends’ opinions and pay attention to more important features. A comfortable hiking boot should have a proper fitting.

A too loose boot will be substantial, and we are using all the energy to hike, not to carry shoes. Also, a too-tight kick will give you numb toes, and you will not like them. Wear the footwear to make sure it fits well and feels comfortable before buying.

Also, the tongue of the boot should have enough pad to protect you from getting cuttings from the shoelaces. For stiffer soles, make sure the tongue has enough padding to counteract the torque of a rigid sole.

Your ankles need to be protected since they lack a fatty skin layer but flex throughout the trip. The area around your ankles in the boot should have a generous amount of pad for more comfort. The boot should fit well around the heel and the ankle to eliminate excess movement around the ankle area.

Make sure the boot you get is well broken in, has the right heel lift, and the heel cups are well molded. This will reduce the chances of trail blisters and discomfort during and after your hike. The soles should also not be stiff, and the heel cups should be padded and fit well.


Walking through those terrains means that you will be stepping on many strange things like rocks, roots, bones, etc. Make sure the hiking boot you choose has a sturdy rubber toe to protect your front foot, a heel protector for the back foot and side and instep protection.

Hiking boots keep both the shoe and the feet in place and allows you to walk up and down terrains safely. They also protect the ankle, a thing that the regular snickers cannot do.

Durability/ waterproofing

Hiking shoes are expensive, and you cannot afford to keep replacing them. Although each boot comes with a different price, depending on the features and the material used to make, the price range is not significant. You can get good quality hiking boots below 100 USD that will last you a couple of years.

 For durability, the material used to make the top of the shoe and the sole matters. Make sure your footwear is sturdy and feels comfortable.

As you hike, you might come across mud, puddles, and rivers to cross. There are also meadows wet with morning dew. You will not enjoy a bit of the trip with a wet boot.

Getting a membrane-covered foot ware provides a solution to this problem because it allows air in (eliminates sweating) a while keeping water out. A dry shoe is comfortable, and it also will not bring health problems to your feet.

Best Hiking Boots Under 100 Dollars Reviews

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Timberland is the best seller in men’s hiking boots, and this white ledge is with no doubt a good pair from them. The 100% leather makes it durable, and the rubber sole will take ages to tear.

 The pure leather is waterproof, so do not fear the rains or the morning dews. It has a seam-sealed construction that will not allow water in, even after stepping on stagnant water accidentally.

 The top of the boot is very sturdy to protect your feet from injuries in case you hit a block of wood or stone.

The lace hardware is rustproof and has hooks on the top to secure the laces. This helps in keeping the shoe fit well, enhancing comfort. It also has a highly padded collar to give your ankles all the support they need during the hike. Timberland has men, women, and kids’ shoes so you can get them all under one stall.


  • Waterproof
  • True to size
  • Well made


  • Not insulated

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

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This shoe is from the number one bestseller in women hiking boots.  The shaft measures 5 inches from the arch. This women’s hiking boot under 100 is waterproof, offering protection from rains, morning dew, and stagnant waters, and this will keeping your feet dry and safe.

For comfort, the midsole has a good cushion with an advanced traction rubber sole that will keep your heel at peace.

Its lightweight feature will allow you to enjoy every bit of your hike since it is easy for the feet to carry. It has a lace-up closure to fit your feet well and to allow for any adjustments.

Its waterproof nature delivers style and durability since most hiking shoes spoil due to getting soaked in water. It also has a durable mesh to the exterior that combines with the pure leather to give the boot a longer life.

The midsole has a good cushion for maximum comfort, and the outer sole is made of rubber that will last for ages.


  • Perfect fit
  • Good grip
  • Waterproof


  • Does not prevent heating

Columbia Men Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot, Breathable, High-Traction Grip

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot Shoe

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Here is the male version of the Columbia boot. It is lightweight, and the midsole has superior cushioning, so you will not find it difficult to walk through the terrains. Do not worry about the rains, swamps, and morning dews because the pure leather used in its making is waterproof.

Should we talk about safety? Columbia has made Newton Ridge Plus with a rubber sole, which is slip-free, so going downhill will be easy for you.

If you need to adjust the boot for a proper fit, it has a lace-up closure that will help you do so.

This boot will last some decades because pure leather does not wear out within a short time. The waterproof feature is also another proof that you will have this Columbia boot for a longer time. Its mesh tongue is well made for breathability, and it is durable as well. Columbia has budget hiking shoes that are of good quality.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Warm and dry


  • Not waterproof


What are the Best Hiking Boots for Under 100 Dollars

The type of boot you choose for hiking plays a significant role in you enjoying the trip. Although good quality hiking boots are not cheap, we found the best hiking boots for under 100, which are quite affordable.

When buying the hiking boot, do not concentrate much on the looks. Give all your attention to features like comfort, durability, and safety.

Make your trips to the mountains more fun and comfortable with the right hiking boot.