Germguardian Ac4825 4 in 1 Air Purifier Review 2022

The Germguardian ac4825 is a mid-range air purifier that has made a mark with its powerful germs-killing and air cleaning properties.

And as youre just about to learn from this Germguardian ac4825 review, there are plenty of other reasons why its one of the best-selling air purifiers in the market today.

Germguardian ac4825 3-in-1air purifier: At a glance

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The Germguardian ac4825 has several advantageous traits.

Its a 3-in-1, air purifier comprising of a standard HEPAFilter, a UV-C sanitizer, and an odor-reducing charcoal filter with the UV-Clight (optional) particularly winning accolades due to its efficacy ineliminating nasty microorganisms.

As a result, its one of our most recommended air purifiers if you suffer from allergies.

You have 3 speeds to choose from including the ultra-quietlow speed and at 22-inches tall, its as portable as they get.

We agree that it lacks some of the fancy digital controls commonin pricey machines but its a good air purifier that gets the job done.

Germguardian Ac4825 Review: Comprehensive overview

Here now is a detailed explanation of what to expect from the Germguardian Ac4825 3-in-1 air purifier with a true HEPA filter.

Germguardian Ac4825: Design and construction

I consider the Germguardian ac4825 one of the best-built airpurifiers from Germguardian technologies.

Right off the bat, youll notice that the unit is quitesturdy and stable.

Its again extremely lightweight - the unit weighs just 7lbs. 

In fact, the manufacturer has added a handle to help youmove it where its needed.

Its not also left behind when it comes to beauty and its v-like (or triangular) shape looks unique and appealing, wherever you place it.

Germguardian Ac4825 Performance and Operation

The Germguardian ac4825 4-in-1 air cleaning system offers three speeds - low, medium, and high (and an optional UV c light) - and you select your desired fan speed by dialing the control knob.

Then, it comes with a dedicated button that you push in to turnthe UV-C lighting on/off.

And as I hinted at the start of this Germguardian ac4825 review,the UV-C light is responsible for killing airborne viruses such asrhinovirus, influenza, and staph.

Additionally, the light energizes Titanium Dioxide to helpreduce the amount of volatile organic compounds in your indoor air.

The two filters also deliver exceptional results.

First, the pre-filter captures nearly all larger particles besides neutralizing cooking fumes and odors from smoke, pets, and more, thanks to the attached activated carbon layer.

On its part, the HEPA filter traps about 99.97% of the finest allergens, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites (down to 0.3 microns) with amazing proficiency.

Combined, this performance has seen it outgun some of itsrivals in this market segment including some more established models.

Keep in mind that to maintain optimal efficiency, youllneed to change the filter and UVC bulb every 6- 8 months and 10-12 monthsrespectively.

And the good thing is that the filter replacement lightwill alert you when your filters time is up.

Onward now to the question of noise and its decibel ratings are as follows:

  • Low-46dB
  • Medium- 53Db
  • High -61 Db

How quiet is this?

Well, its pretty soft at the lowest speed and youllconcentrate on the task at hand.

You might, however, struggle a bit at the highest setting.

For this reason, this air purifier may not be the bestoption if you want to sleep or focus on tasks that demand the highestconcentration.

Germguardian Ac4825 Power Rating

Will this send your energy bill shooting through the roof?

Well, in general, the Germguardian ac4825 air purifier draws41 watts on low setting, 50 watts when on medium, and56 watts when set high.

In comparison, the HoneywellHPA100, one of its chief rivals uses 48 watts at Turbo,the highest setting so its within the industry average.

Both units are energy star certified.

Germguardian ac4825: Room sizing

For the best outcome, you should use this 22-inch air purifier for rooms sized up to 167 Square feet.

The unit filters and circulates room air more than 4 timesper hour (at maximum speed) and will achieve optimum purification quickly insuch spaces.

Its CADR calculation is as follows:

  • Dust -118 cfm
  • Pollen-125 cfm
  • Smoke - 108 cfm

Germguardian AC4825: Warranty and support

Such is the confidence of the company in this product thatthey give a remarkable 3-year warranty.

And in the unfortunate event that you run into trouble, the warmUS-based support team is always available to advise you accordingly.

Just call or email the tech support guys using the details on the package.

Germguardian Ac4825 Manual

For the Germguardian Ac4825 4-in-1 air purifier user manual, follow this link.

What I like about the product

  • Straightforward filters installation
  • Moves the air tremendously - especially at thehighest setting.
  • Sturdy and very well built

What I don’t like about the product

  • The blue light looks a little bright at night.

Conclusion/my opinion

The Germguardian ac4825 lives up to the hype thanks to its performance, resilience (it can run for hours on end without overheating), and nice customization including a UV-C option.

Plus its efficiency is at another level- it gets rid of allthe irritating stuff with admirable prowess to promote freshness and superb aircirculation.

Of course, it lacks some of the sophistication you enjoy in expensive air purifiers like auto mode but it does its job wonderfully.

Overall, it could be a great choice if youre hunting for a proven air purifier for your medium and larger rooms.

Germguardian ac4825 replacement filter

Where to buy

Germguardian Ac4825 4 in 1 Air Purifier Review 2022

If happy with what you have read in this Germguardian ac4825review, here are a few marketplaces you can order the air purifier from:

  • Amazon.
  • Bestbuy
  • Walmart.
  • Homedepot.

You can also get a used one from eBay if you dont mind that.

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