Germguardian Ac4100 Air Purifier Review

Germguardian air purifiers have consistently awed the marketwith their superior performance and sleek technology.

And they have done it again with the ac4100 air purifier, asyou will learn in this Germguardian ac4100 review.

Be sure to go through our at-a-glance section in case youdont have time to go through our entire commentary of this budget air purifier.

The Germguardian Ac4100 air purifier at a glance

Germguardian Ac4100 Review

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The Germguardian ac4100 is a simple, stylish 3-in-1 tabletop airpurifier that works wonderfully when deployed in small rooms.

What amazed us most is the thoroughness with which its three keyweapons- HEPA Filter, UV-C Sanitizer, and charcoal filter - executestheir job.

With the HEPA filter, dust and allergens have nowhere to hide while the UV-C light takes care of airborne germs.

Lingering odors from smoke, cooking fumes, pets, and more will as well meet their match in the activated charcoal filter.

And it runs super-quiet (unless you go for the highest speed)to allow you to sleep or focus on work.

In a nutshell, it does nearly everything you would want anair purifier to in a home or small office environment.

Germguardian Ac4100 Review: Comprehensive analysis

This air purifier is a darling for folks who just want an airpurifier to supply refreshing air reliably, efficiently, and with minimal fuss.

But what can you expect precisely?

Read on to get the answers..

Germguardian Ac4100: Size and design

Germguardian Technologies says it one of its most compactpurifiers.

And yes, its only 7.5 x 6.5 x 11and fits great on a shelf,bedside table, coffee table, TV stand… name it.

Remember it weighs just 4.85 lbs. so you can move it fromroom to room if you so wish.

Plus, it overall looks very sleek and modern- pretty much like most purifiers from thecompany.

Even the initial set up is a breeze and you shouldbe done within minutes.

On a lighter note, your visitors might mistake it for aspeaker (haha).

Germguardian Ac4100: Performance and operation

This Germguardian Ac4100 model steals a march on its rivalswhen it comes to results.

Its suction power was the first surprise-the motormoves loads of air and the mini fan blows steadily. 

Besides, you can customize the 3 speeds to match the amountof pollution you want it to clean.

But, as I had mentioned, its reasonably quiet- morelike white noise- especially at the lowest speed though it will belouder at the highest setting.

The UV-C light is the other winner.

It activates titanium dioxide to comprehensively kill viruses, bacteria, odors, and mold spores to bring a much-wanted freshness back into your living space.

Naturally, the purification process wont be complete withoutthe filters- the machine first pushes air through the charcoal pre-filter thenthe HEPA filter and finally, the UV-C light.

But youll need to replace the all-in-one filter (the 2filters are combined) every 6 to 8 months together with the UV-C bulb for about10-12 months depending on usage.

As you would expect, its AHAM verified and Carb compliant.

Germguardian Ac4100: Room capacity

Like I had hinted earlier, this air purifier is magical for livingrooms, bedrooms, kitchen areas, and offices up to 78 sq.ft.

This air purifier has a CADR rating of 56, 76, and 50 cfm fordust, pollen, and smoke respectively.

This is higher than Levoit LV-H132 which has a CADR of 40 cfm across the board.

Germguardian Ac4100: Power rating and comparative energy efficiency

This purifiers energy efficiency is a major blot on thisotherwise well thought-out construction.

If you leave it running for 24 hours on the highest setting(and the UV-C light on), the unit will use up to 40W of power.

Okay, its not the worst in the entire planet but its well beatenby a number of its competitor including the rival levoit lv-h132 (28 watts).

Germguardian Ac4100: Warranty and support

This Germguardian ac4100 3-in-1 air purifier comes with a 1-yearwarranty while the excellent US-based tech support team is very responsive ifyou need help.

We all want an appliance that gives us peace of mind and althoughthe team is very helpful, the warranty period is notably less than most of itspeers.

For instance, the rival levoit lv-h132 air purifier comes witha 2-year warranty.

What I like about the product

  • Unbelievable pricing.
  • You can use or not use the UV-C Light.
  • Nice looking.

What I don’t like about the product

  • No automatic mode.
  • Can be a bit loud at maximum setting.

Conclusion/my opinion

This simple, modern air purifier has quickly become afavorite among shoppers looking for a decent purifier for small spaces while ona tight budget.

And after looking at its construction keenly, we agree thatin the Germguardian ac4100, the company has once again built a cool, decent airpurifier for the budget market.

Sure, you can point fingers at its relatively poor energyefficiency but compared to other sub $50 air purifiers, its among the best.

Where to buy

To wind up our Germguardian ac4100 review, here is where toorder the air purifier from:

  • Amazon.
  • Walmart.
  • Homedepot.

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