Do Paintballs Hurt? How to Reduce Paintball Pain

Paintball shooting is a sport with many benefits and few risks, but do paintballs hurt? For those who are new to this pastime, the question is an important one.

In this post, we will answer that question for you and offer some insight into what you can do to help reduce the pain of getting hit by a paintball.

So, do paintballs hurt?

Is paintball painful?

We do not recommend you find out firsthand by shooting yourself in the arm with a paintball – but if you do, it will hurt. In fact, it is one of the most painful things that can happen to your body!

Paintballs are made from gelatin capsules filled with brightly colored dye and water-soluble oil-based waxes. The contents of these capsules hit the human skin at a force of 800 feet per second with enough force to cause bruising.

Does paintball hurt through clothes?

Paintballs do not hurt through clothes unless you do something spectacularly stupid. However, you should always wear loose-fitting clothing to minimize the chances of the shot getting to the skin.

Factors that determine how much a paintball hurts

The following are some of the factors that will determine how much a paintball hurts:

  • The quality of the paintball you use highly determines how much the paintball will hurt.
  • The size of the paintball is another factor that will determine how hurting the shot will be. Keeping all other factors constant, a small paintball will hurt more than a large paintball.
  • The velocity of a paintball also determines how much impact it will hurt. The high the velocity the high the pain levels.
  • Another factor is the distance of the shooter. Keeping all other factors constant, a paintball from a shooter closer to you will hurt more.
  • The frequency of the shots is another factor that will highly influence how much paintball hurts. The higher the frequency of the shots the more the pain.
  • Having the right paintball gear highly reduces or eliminates paintball pain. Examples are helmets, paintball masks, gloves, shoes, long-sleeved shirts, loose trousers etc

What should I wear to reduce paintball pain?

To help reduce/eliminate paintball pain, there are different protective gear available specifically designed for paintballing.

Here are some tips:

Wear long, loose clothes that do not fit tightly around the arms or legs. Tight pants will limit your range of motion and can potentially get caught on branches when running through a forest area where trees grow close to each other.

Loose clothing also allows you an opportunity to remove any items without removing your pants entirely – this is helpful in case someone needs access to their back pocket for example!

NB: It’s important that you try on paintballing gear before buying them so that you can get an idea of how they will fit your body type. This way, if something doesn’t fit properly it won’t matter as much because you’ll know not to buy it!

Protective gear to wear on the head when paintballing

A helmet is an absolute necessity when it comes to paintballing. What you wear on your head determines what kind of protective gear you should be wearing for the rest of your body!

Do not just go out and buy any old piece of head protective gear – know that a good amount of research must be done in order to ensure safety measures are met while playing this game.

Protective gear to wear on the hands when paintballing

Gloves are an important part of the paintballing gear. There are many different types of paintball gloves available depending on whether one wants them for speedball or woodsball games. Gloves will help protect your hands against scrapes from branches and painful paintballs.

You also need to invest in paintball elbow pads. Do not underestimate the importance of this item! It is just as important to have for protection purposes – you don’t want an injury that could prevent you from doing this activity ever again, do you?

Protective gear to wear on the top half when paintballing

A simple solution to the problem of what clothing is best to protect your upper body when paintballing would be to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. Do not wear hoodies – you need to be able to see all around you! Do not wear any kind of jewelry as this can cause injury.

Protective gear to wear on the bottom half when paintballing

Loose-fitting jeans are also great options when shopping for clothing suitable for playing paintball due to their ability to give room but still stay in place while moving around.

While wearing shorts may seem like an appealing way to beat the summer heat it’s best advised against because they do not provide much protection from shots aimed at vulnerable body parts such as joints and groin areas.

What shoes should I wear when paintballing?

Do Paintballs Hurt?

Shoes are another important protective gear item that must be considered before going out and playing a game of paintball.

Do not go barefoot – this can help reduce bruising if you step on stray pellets or walk through prickly bushes since most shoes come with protective measures explicitly designed for sports activity.

Do your research first on which type of shoe is best suited for the activity and then buy some that fit well, and provide support and comfort during movement.

Hiking boots or sneakers with rubber soles will help protect you from sharp rocks underfoot, and branches scratching at your legs while running through the forest area where trees grow close together. Hiking boots have been proven time after time to do an excellent job protecting feet

Parting Shot

Paintballs don’t hurt through clothes and wearing protective clothing is still advisable even if it’s hot outside during summertime.

I hope I have satisfactorily answered the question “do paintballs hurt?” with my post…