Coway AP-1512hh Mighty Air Purifier Review

When it comes to air purifiers, Coway is up there with thebest as we will learn in this Coway ap-1512hh review.

Perhaps I should mention that we have studied countless airpurifiers- low end, medium range, and even the high end types- and we can smella special purifier from miles.

This is was the case the first time we looked at the Cowayap-1512hh air purifier, attracted by the tons of rave reviews that we wereencountering in the media.

I will highlight this mightily effective air purifier cuttingedge features first, just in case youre in a rush.

Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier: At a glance

Coway AP-1512hh Review

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To begin with, I love the looks-its such a handsome airpurifier- and the barely noticeable noise.

Plus, the powerful suction draws in polluted air as if itslife depended on it hence its efficiency.

Then, thanks to the built-in pollution sensor, thefan automatically adjusts into a higher gear if it senses raisedpollution levels to overcome potentially suffocating contamination.

But probably the best of the lot is the four-stage airfiltering system - recall that some air purifiers use the less effective2-stage filtration setup.

As a result, even the most stubborn pollutant stands verylittle chance when faced by the might of the Coway AP-1512HH air purifier.

In a nutshell, the Coway AP-1512HH air purifier is perfect ifyoure looking for a trailblazing air purifier that hates pollutants and odorsmore than you do.

Coway AP-1512hh Review: Comprehensive Analysis

Lets now proceed to our in-depth Coway ap-1512hh review.

The Coway AP-1512hh: Design and construction

It comes with a plastic case and the entireconstruction feels sturdy.

Its a compact air purifier and measures just 16.81 x 9.57 x18.31 inches so it fits easily into tight spaces.

In addition, it weighs a very portable 12.35 lbs.

The shape looks great and has a glossy finishing.

You gave two color choices- elegant black or cool white.

The Coway AP-1512hh: Performance and operation

Like I mentioned at the start of this Coway AP-1512hh review,one of the biggest winners in the purifier is the 4-stage filtration system.

To begin with, the largest contaminants including mold are captured by the pre-filter.

At the same time, the deodorization filter will wage war on irritatingodors to leave your space smelling fresh. 

The extraordinarily powerful true HEPA filter then chips in to filter out any surviving pollutants including smoke and stuffiness.

Lastly, the ionizer helps boosts the air purifiers cleaningand freshening powers to help eliminate any allergens that could still belurking around.

Overall, the system captures and cleans about 99.97 %( downto 0.3 microns) of all polluting particles including volatile organic compounds.

You can set 3 different fan speeds manually while theauto-mode optimizes performance starting at speed 1 through to 3 depending onprevailing air quality.

The push buttons on the top make it very easy to changespeed.

You can, of course, always activate the auto feature if youwant it to clean the air without bothering you. 

Still, you can take advantage of the timer and set the machineto run for a few hours- 1/4/8 hours- then go off automatically.

Onwards to the issue of noise and the noise level oscillatesbetween 24.4 (lowest speed) -53.8 decibels (highest setting).

To put you in the picture, WHO recommends a maximum of30 decibels for a good nights sleep so youll enjoy restful nights.

You will need to change the filters except the washable pre-filterto sustain top results.

This brings me to the one drawback here: the replacementfilters are a bit pricey.

Coway AP-1512hh: Power rating and comparative energy efficiency

The machine can consume about 77 Watts of power at thehighest fan speed.

But the trend nowadays favors energy savers and this airpurifier hasnt been left behind- it switches to Eco mode to save energy if thetimer counts 30 minutes without detecting any contamination.

At this time, usage drastically drops to about 4.9 watts,way below what most of its competitors out there can manage.

Coway AP-1512hh: Room capacity

Note that the purifier is best for living rooms, apartments,and middle-sized spaces sized not more than 361 sq.ft

Meanwhile, its bitter rival winix 5500-2 works well for up to 360 sq.ft.

By and large, these two match each other here.

For example, they both maintain 4 airchanges per hour.

Even the CADR ratings are very close as you can see from thefollowing table.

CADR Rating Coway AP-1512hh winix 5500-2
Dust 246 243
Smoke 233 232
Pollen 240 246

Coway AP-1512hh: Warranty and support

Generally speaking, the machine comes with a limitedmanufacturers warranty covering internal/functional parts (but filters) for 1year and 3 years for motor/electronic parts.

Then, their dedicated support center is always athand to help settle your issues.

You can call or email the folks there.

What I like about the product

  • Compact, cute design.
  • Superb performance-first design.
  • Super easy filter replacement.

What I don’t like about the product

  • The light looks a bit brighter  at night
  • Lacks a remote control

Conclusion/my opinion

This Coway ap-1512hh mighty air purifier ticks all the boxesif youre after a decent, affordable, and efficient air cleaner.

The auto-mode is quite thoughtful and will amplify the fanspeed based on the changes in the air quality.

Nothing is perfect in our world and it lacks Bluetoothconnectivity and remote control.

But it does its job impressively and puts up a compelling case to be considered among the best air purifiers for medium-large spaces.

Coway AP-1512hh Manual

For Coway AP-1512hh air filter user manual, visit this link.

Where to buy

You can order Coway AP-1512hh mighty air purifier with true HEPA and eco mode online and offline from retailers such as:

  • Amazon
  • The manufacturers website.
  • Walmart.
  • Homedepot.

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