Best Work Boots for Electricians

As you do your work as an electrician, you are usually bent or kneeling, trying to fix wires in a socket.

You also stand to talk to a client, and if the client is quick to understand, then that means that you will take 5 minutes, at most.

You also work in an environment that is not safe. From stepping on live wires to falling from the ladder or on slippery floors are enough reasons for you to need safety boots.

For these reasons, you need to invest in the best work boots for electricians.

Types of work boots for electricians

Best electrician boots come in three types.


When you look at these boots, they have an EH label. Their sole is also thick because they have an insulator like rubber, PU and EVA.


Although they are not very useful at high voltages, these boots prevent the accumulation of static electricity.

They have a sole that charges to keep you safe. If you work in a place with combustible flames and liquids, these two can spark a fire where they accumulate.

However, the charge of the electricity passes over on the ground through the inner lining and sole of these boots, and this will protect you from electric shocks and fires.

Conductive foot ware

They protect the worker in an environment where a lot of static electricity on the body can be harmful.

However, these boots provide very little protection from live charges because their materials are not electrical resistant.

Importance of Getting the Right Work Boots for Electricians

 Unlike ordinary shoes, electric work boots come with special features to suit the electricians.

Electrical dangers protection

The main reason we are wearing safety boots for electricians is to protect ourselves from being electrocuted. These boots are EH-rated, and they protect the electrician from up to 18000V.

ASTM and OSHA recommend the carbon fiber and composite toes ones. However, steel toes are not wrong, provided the metal part does not get into contact with the wearer.

Dense sole

The sole of these boots has two dense materials like polyurethane and rubber. The outer layer has a rubber that is resistant to oils, chemicals, and gas, and the inner sole is made of PU.

The soles, heel cushions, and midsoles support the foot and make you comfortable at work.


For extra insulation and protection from compression and stubs, electric work boots are made with heel and toe bumpers layered with rubber. This is so that they can offer extra protection.

Anti-slip outsole

Wondering what could this be for? Electricians climb ladders to reach high points and also work on slippery floors. So they need to protect themselves from falling.

The outsole of these boots is usually debris-releasing and should also be insulated to protect the worker from being electrocuted.

The sole should also be anti-slip with a right-angled heel or a 900 one. For the shoe to grasp the ladder properly as the electrician works, it should be 0.5 inches high.


It gets dangerous when water and electricity mix. Whether you are working inside or outdoors, you will need to protect yourself from these. On the outside, rains can pour, or you can experience floods in your area of work.

Most of these boots come with a Gore-Tex or a moisture-wicking line to keep you dry and protect you from electrical hazards.

What to consider when buying

Comfort/breathability/cushioned footbeds

Comfort comes first when buying any kind of shoe. The best electrician work boots should be well-fitting, so you better try a number of them from the store before buying.

Another thing to consider is the midsole. Make sure your boot’s mid and inner sole have enough cushioning to absorb shock and provide stability.

If you are working inside or outside, look for a boot that gives up to 400 grams of insulation. You will not work well when your feet are freezing, so you will need this.

In hot areas or during summer, your feet will sweat a lot, and you don’t have time to take your shoes out to air them. Your boot should have a breathable material to allow air in and out of the shoe. This helps prevent the bad odor that comes with an overstuffed foot.


This is another essential reason why we buy shoes. We need to protect our feet from foreign objects. For indoor and outdoor electric workers, they both should get an Electrical Hazard foot ware whose soles are non-conductive Electrical shock resistant. These soles protect you from any dangers that come with stepping on live electric wires.

To protect your feet from sharp objects, you should get puncture-resistant boots whose outsole has a steel plate that cannot be pierced through.

While at work, heavy objects might fall on your feet, and this can cause pain and injuries. A steel toe work boot will protect you from such dangers. Steel toes are known to offer maximum protection from impact, and they also have a midsole plate to protect against punctures.


You do not save money by buying something that will not last you long. You are wasting it because you will need more to purchase another pair, compared to the little more coins you would have spent to get yourself a better boot.

Ensure your boots are waterproof. Staying for 8 or 9 hours with wet feet is the most miserable thing you can think of. Wet shoes attract bad odors and are also a breeding area for bacteria and fungus that may end up eating your feet.

Best Work Boots for Electricians Reviews

Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

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This boot will last you a couple of years since it has a durable and versatile material. The Carhartt men’s boot is made with 100% leather at the top, and as we know, leather lasts ages. The leather is also water-resistant to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.

 This boot can also be worn in the woods. The rubber sole protects the worker by acting as a shock absorber, whether you are working indoors or outdoors. The bottom is also oil, slip, and chemical resistant, and you can count on this boot on any type of floor.

For comfort, Carhartt has made sure that the tongue and the collar are generously padded to make sure the laces do not get to hurt you.

The midsole and insole are also made to give you multiple layers of cushioning so that you enjoy your 8 hours of comfort at work. You do not have to worry about weight because this boot is lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Excellent grip on the sole
  • Insulation


  • Not waterproof

Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83608 6” Steel Toe Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's Ely

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The eyelets and the hooks in this boot are from brass. These, together with the leather material used in its making, are responsible for the boot’s durability.

The 6-inch shaft supports the foot all day to ensure comfort. Its heel measures 1.5 inches, the required size for electric work boots and it is synthetic.

It has a well-padded collar and tongue for more comfort. The footbed is removable, and it is well padded to support your feet well all day as you concentrate on the wires.

The steel toe meets the ASTM standards for electrical hazards and impacts. The V-grip outsole will protect you from slippery floors and surfaces like on a ladder.

It is also synthetic and electric resistant so you will not suffer from electric shocks since it is ASTM certified for EH.

The steel toe protects falling objects from hurting your feet. It is an ideal boot for construction sites, fieldwork, and indoor works.


  • Well made
  • Provide arch support
  • Have a steel toe


  • Laces are thin and too short
  • Steel toe cup presses on top of the foot

KEEN Utility – Men’s Braddock AL Mid (Steel Toe) Waterproof Leather Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Braddock Mid Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot Industrial

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This KEEN is made for comfort. The heel has extra cushioning. None of us want to get sore heels unless you do. The steel toes are uniquely made in the shape of your toes for perfect fitting.

The 100% leather used on the top is waterproof to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The soles of this boot are oil and slip-resistant, to protect you from falling from the ladders and floors. This makes it one of the best work boots for electricians.

Steel toes will keep you away from pain by protecting your tiny or big toes from falling objects. This meets the ASTM standards.


  • Oil and slip-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Electrical hazard protection


  • Not insulated


Best Work Boots for Electricians Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Your feet will smile for taking care of them. Accidents due to electricity can be the most dangerous ones, so you better keep your boots on, always. Get a kick that will take years to wear and tear to avoid going back to the market.