Best Travel Cribs for Babies

Having the best travel cribs for toddlers is not optional if you want to keep your baby safe. We have reviewed the top portable cribs for toddlers so that you can choose the best for your lovely kid.

Traveling back to your hometown with your family always gives you a nostalgic feeling when you get to see the features that bring back warm memories.

Traveling with a baby is never easy. A baby needs to be confined in a familiar environment in order for it to stay put and sleep.

You need to take with you the best travel crib for toddler with you on the trip so that you will not have to check on the baby every second that passes.

Baby travel cribs are the best in keeping the baby from getting homesick, bored and lonely. They act as a playground for the baby to spend time in and it will have no problem sleeping in the crib.

They are also easy to set up hence; you can easily move it from place to place without issues.

Let us see some of the top portable cribs for toddlers that your baby would like to be in for the whole trip.

Best Travel Cribs For Toddlers Reviews

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

Not only will the baby fall in love with this crib, so will you. This crib takes the least time to set up. It has a simple set up procedure that you will finish up in no time.

The baby crib also has a clear breathable mesh. This mesh allows air to flow in freely and also allows the baby to have you in sight.

Best Travel Cribs for Toddlers Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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You will also be able to see what the baby is doing and see signs of boredom or discomfort. This will give you an easy time tending to your baby and cater to his or her before any annoying cries start.

Lotus portable toddler crib has a 42″x24″ mattress that is 25” deep. Comfortable is what the baby’s day will be in this great crib.

The tent weighs about 13lbs in total (with the mattress and stuff). This lightweight feature is what makes this product the best traveling crib for toddlers.

One of the sides of this crib can be opened up and form a door. The baby can move and play inside and out hence the crib can be an awesome playground for your baby to play in.

The shape of the crib increases its stability. When the baby tries to rock the crib, it will hold its position perfectly. This will reduce the chances of the baby getting into any accidents.

Lotus travel crib shape prevents the baby from losing any toys that it might throw out. The material used on this crib is environmentally safe to use and will not harm the baby’s health.


The veclo straps can replace every other item in your to-do list since they take forever to strap. Their excessively complex method of strapping will tire you out even before you get through half of it.

This forces you to leave them the way they are after the first tie you complete setting up the crib so that you will have an easier time next time you need it.

The compact size of the crib pulls the mattress too much and can make it to curve. This may lead the baby to lie uncomfortably on it in order to achieve a flat bed.

Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard

Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go is a fold-and-carry crib, one of the features that makes it one of the best travel cribs for toddlers.

You can fold it with your pack and carry it easily with no saggy corners.

The feet and wheels can also be folded up. This makes the pack so compact and easy to carry.

 Graco Pack 'n Play On The Go Playard, Go Green

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To top up on the amazing features of this pack, it has a removable bassinet. It comes in handy when you cannot get your baby to sleep. You just remove the bassinet and rock the baby to sleep.

The bassinet also has some toys hung on top of it. You can rock the toys and watch your baby fall asleep… like counting sheep.

The toy bar is not only for inducing tranquility to your baby but also for amusement.

Babies usually like fluffy toys and seeing them in motion over them depicts the real world of animals. They are therefore entertained as long as the bar stays in motion.

When you remove the basinet from the set, you get a really nice play area for the baby. Just toss in a couple of toys and the baby is off your back, at least until hunger strikes.


Some cribs’ floor pad fits poorly. This is not a major drawback, but when it comes to babies, even the slightest threat is a big deal because they are still too fragile.

The tent might prove to be easy to unfold, but when it comes to the folding time, it can be a little cumbersome.

The problem with it is the complexity of the folding process. You have to press buttons on opposite sides to allow them to fold together.

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

Of all the qualities you would love about a baby’s crib, simplicity is what has won this crib a spot among the best travel cribs for toddlers.

The crib is super easy to set up, so it will take you just a couple of minutes before you place your baby in it.

The material used to make the crib is 100% polyester. There are no harmful contents that will threaten your baby’s health in its composition.

 BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light - Silver

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The mattress in this toddler’s portable crib is so smooth and soft, you can let the baby fall from a small distance up without causing any injuries (…but do not try that though).

The polyester is imported from the best manufacturing countries. It is very light and of high quality.

The lightweight of this crib makes it be highly portable. You will be able to carry the crib over long distances with just your hands without breaking a sweat.

Since the polyester is soft to the touch, the baby will play comfortably in it without accidents. The baby can even fall on one of the sides but still bounce back in position without panicking. It might even become fun for the baby and it will do it over and over again.

The simplicity of the crib gives you an easy time when setting it up and folding it back again. The method of folding and unfolding is as simple as the tent itself. The time you will spend is not something you will have to worry about during your vacation.


The baby crib is not suitable for parents who are below 5 feet tall. The crib forces you to stretch out your hands and lean on it in order to place and remove the child in and out of it.

Most of the medium height parents complain that the crib causes discomfort to them and it becomes more distressing when your baby gains a couple of pounds.

The size of the crib is not enough for the baby to play in. you will be forced to use the crib as confinement and a spot for the baby to sleep only.

Travel Cribs for Toddlers Buying Guide

Best travel cribs for toddlers have the following features;

  • Portability: This is the number one feature that determines if the crib is the best portable cot to purchase. You need to find a baby crib that is easy to carry around, otherwise what is the name portable crib for?
  • Composition: Some manufactures only outline the main materials used to make the cribs, but fail to declare any other composition. Take a deep sniff of the material to find out if they used flame retardants and other chemicals that may be harmful to your child.
  • Usage: you should try to find a baby crib that can be of multi-purpose use. Do not let your child get bored in confinement that will not allow it to do anything else apart from nothing.
  • Stability: a more stable crib is perfect for babies, especially the ones that always feel jumpy and hyperactive all the time. Check the stability of the crib before you consider it the best travel cot for a toddler you can buy for your child.