Best Toddler Harness Reviews 2022

It is hard to put a price on keeping your baby safe. And losing track of your child is the worst nightmare for every parent.

A simple safety harness can alleviate these worries and provide comfort to your kid while in crowded places.

Now, I’ll take you through three toddler harness reviews. By the end of these reviews, I hope you’ll be ready to go for the best harness for toddlers with a backpack that serves your needs.

Harness for Toddler with a Backpack Reviews for 2022

Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

This safety harness gives some independence to your little one while keeping your child safe by your side. It is designed with safety for your child in mind. This harness for a toddler is meant to keep your child safe.

Best Toddler Harness Reviews Harness for Toddler with a Backpack

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While walking along the road at night, this harness backpack adds to the safety of your child. Your little one will be seen much easier at night. This is thanks to its reflective safety strip that serves as a reflector for beams of light from motorcars and street lights.

This safety harness is very versatile. The tether has a good length and significant room for expansion. The tether is also detachable and can be removed to remain with a backpack when the tether is not necessary.

When it comes to the storage room, this harness backpack provides an ample storage room, and this includes the zippered main compartment and the mesh pocket. On top of this, two more side pockets that come with this backpack are good for the baby’s toys or snacks.

This harness features an ultra-comfort design with padded shoulder straps that are adjustable. Also, the back panel makes it comfortable for your kid to carry. It is perfect for either gender as it comes in a variety of colors (Blue or Pink).

Other safety features include a swivel clip that helps prevent the strap from tangling. The tether has a shock absorbing mechanism which ensures that your baby can move freely with the child without worrying about causing strain when the child strays too far.

Some users who have tried this harness pack express concerns about the plastic tether clip. Also, the soft fabric making the backpack doesn’t allow it to sit on its own; this could be problematic if you’ve leaky sippy cups.

But for families that value comfort, convenience, and safety of their kids, Brica By-My-Side harness backpack is a great option. It ranks number one in most toddler harness reviews.

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness, Monkey

Zoo safety harness is a mini backpack with a friendly zoo faces ideal for smallest travelers. It comes with a detachable rein that allows your kid to walk freely in and securely in crowded spaces. Your kid can feel like a big kid walking with his own backpack.

 Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness Backpack, Monkey

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This harness backpack is a bit stable, thanks to its rein that attaches at the bottom of the pack. The tether is easy to attach. The tether is removable, and the harness can serve solely as a backpack.

This safety harness comes with adjustable straps for comfort as your baby grows. It has a robust metallic clip that gives extra security to your kid. This harness comes with easy access pockets with spacious compartments to store snacks and drinks for the baby.

For convenience, this safety harness has a top handle for convenience. The tether is long enough and has room for further expansion. Both the harness and the straps are padded to provide comfort to the baby.  The stiff fabrics making the backpack allows it to hold its shape and support itself while sitting.

This safety backpack is well suited for kids around 17-month of age. It is lightweight and therefore your child can walk throughout the day without feeling exhausted.  Unlike other harness options, this one is cooler on the skin during vacations in the summer.

The side pouch is small, and can only hold a short or skinny sippy cup. The clasp on the leash is short lived and will break within a few days. These few cons deny this safety harness a star.

However, it remains one of the best child harness backpacks in terms of performance and safety features, and if your child loves animals, this backpack can bring happiness to him or her.

Goldbug Animal 2 in 1 Harness, Lion

This is an amazing harness with a pretty design of the king of the jungle. For kids that love puppets; this 2 in 1 harness is fun to wear and could bring joy to the entire family.

This Goldbug 2 in 1 Harness is one of the safety harnesses for toddlers as it complies with British safety standards. It comes with a safety reign with a secure clip attachment. Also, feature convenient safety buckles for additional safety.

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It will give your child some freedom to explore the world around them.  The loop wrist makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your little one. This harness offers a fun and friendly way to keep your child safe and close. To keep your child safely in tow, just hold the animal’s tail.

You can use it solely as a backpack since the tether is detachable. Its roomy pocket can hold several toys for your kid and many other travel supplies.

It provides great restraint if your baby is super busy. This harness will give superb restraint on him. It is easy to put your little one in the harness. You can secure it in a stroller or carrier so that the baby can walk, explore and exercise rather than keeping him strapped in a stroller.

This harness fits nice and its straps are soft and well-padded to keep him/her comfortable. Moreover, the straps are adjustable, they’ll, therefore, grow as your toddler grows. It is made of 100% polyester, and this makes cleaning this toddler harness hassle-free (machine washable).

The storage compartment is small and cannot carry all your baby’s travel supplies. But the adjustable straps make it suitable for kids within the age of 18 months to 4 years.

If the safety of your toddler is the first priority when you walk out in crowded areas, this could be your best backpack child harness.

Toddler Harness reviews – Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper, 1 Count

If you fear separation from your child when walking along with crowded areas, Mommy’s kid keeper could be your solution. This harness backpack will keep your child safe and close to you while in the public. It’s one of the best safety harnesses for toddlers.

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Unlike other backpacks, Mommy’s kid keeper is fully supported by the toddler’s torso instead of the lower stomach area. The patented Sliding torso strap keeps the safety harness in its correct position, and this provides more comfort to your baby.

The shoulder straps are padded to keep the child comfortable. Also, the wrist strap is also padded for your comfort as you control your baby. It is made of a stiff fabric that allows it to sit on its own. If you have a leaky sippy cup, this backpack reduces reduce the likelihood of spillage.

You will like the versatility of this harness backpack whether you want to use it on high chairs or low chairs the harness is still okay. Thanks to its double swivel snap design that helps in securing the child to high chairs.

It fits well to children with chest sizes between 14” to 25.5”. It is machine washable, and this saves you time and energy cleaning the harness. The straps are also adjustable up to 42” with some swivels to avoid tangles.

Some reviewers on Amazon have said that this backpack, is somewhat complicated to use.  It is also too small for a kid between 3-4 years.

Besides, the best baby harness is designed to be lightweight, so your baby will walk around with getting exhausted. This harness backpack could give you the peace of mind you need. It is one of the best harnesses for a toddler with a backpack.

Harness for Toddler Buying Guide

All baby packs are not the same, and they have different features, prices and even performances differ. Of course, choosing a good backpack harness for toddlers can be daunting and relying on toddler harness reviews alone is not enough.

By the end of the day, you need to have a reliable and comfortable harness. Now how do you go about this? Here are some things you need to consider to get the best toddler harness.

  • Child comfort:  since the baby will be in his/her backpack during an outdoor excursion. It’s important to consider the padding of the harness. Make sure that your harness is well padded to keep your child comfortable. The straps should be padded as well to prevent them from rubbing the baby’s skin, especially around the neck or shoulders.
  • Storage: make sure that the harness has spacious compartments and pockets to hold your baby’s essentials like snacks and drinks while outdoors. A good harness should also carry hiking essentials like sunshades.
  • Ease of use: some toddler harness is complicated to use. Therefore, consider the ease to wear, buckle and unbuckle. A good harness should be easy to buckle and unbuckle with one hand, and the straps should be adjustable as the child grows.
  • Safety: consider the number of straps the harness comes with for safe support. Also, the positioning of the straps is a key consideration to ensure that they won’t go through the sensitive areas of your baby.
  • Price: consider your budget, then go for a toddler harness within your budget but offering above-average performance. Compare different toddler harness reviews.

As simple as it is, I believe that you can go for that backpack child harness that will keep the baby safe and still allow him/her to explore the world around them.

And because this is not a complete list of all great harness for toddler with a backpack, check out latest toddler harness reviews on

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