Best Through the Wall Air Conditioner Reviews 2022

A through-the-wall air conditioner is a handy alternative to window ACs.

It will cool as well as a window air-con with the advantage that it spares your window since it fits through a wall (a hole needs to be made).

Plus, it could be the most complete cooling solution for rooms without a window.

Here you will learn everything you need to understand about a through the wall air conditioner and how to shop for the best through the wall air conditioner.

You will also discover the top-rated through the wall ACs later in the article.

Best through the wall air conditioner reviews

Here you will discover the 5 best through the wall air conditioners out there: 

Koldfront WTC12001W Through The Wall Heat& Cool Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU 208/230V

Koldfront WTC12001W 12,000

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Leading the gang is the Koldfront WTC12001W 12000 BTUs rated wall air-con, a great value unit for cooling spaces between 450-550 sq. Ft.

The Koldfront 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner isn’t just awesome value; it’s a super forward-thinking model with a functional heat setting to battle biting winter cold.


What makes this machine a jewel is that it’s fitted with adjustable louvers (directs air 4 ways), gritty fan (3 speeds plus an auto option), and four different operational modes (including the dehumidifying dry mode, sleep, and energy-saving).

Add to this list extras that help you control the heating and cooling effortlessly such as a 24-hour timer, digital thermostat, and remote control and you have a genuine winner.

You can trust it when it comes to energy – the EER rating of 9.5 looks good- and it plugs into a 220v outlet (as it happens for such powerful products).

Your sleep and concentration are assured too- you hear very little noise.


  • Well built.
  • Excellent dehumidifier.
  • Easily installs.


  • A bit loud.

Frigidaire Through-the-Wall Air Con-12,000 BTU 115V

Frigidaire FFTA123WA1 24" Energy

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One of Frigidaire’s best sellers, this comes with a rugged 3-speed fan to give you more cooling options.

Plus, you can again spread the cool air in 4 different directions to bring comfort to every corner.

We recommend it for spaces about 550 sq. ft.


Like the aforementioned Koldfront WTC12001W model, this Frigidaire still belongs to the upper echelons and you get 12000 BTUs cooling power.

It’s again fitted with a dehumidification (dry mode) mode as well as the money saving energy saver mode and even the sleep mode (to rock you to sleep) and is essentially a rival to the above Koldfront model.

Perhaps the biggest advantage it has over its competitor is the temperature sensing remote control- it helps you continuously track (from the display) your room’s temperature and set it to a comfy level.

Another advantage is that it uses the standard 115V outlet not to mention that it’s more energy efficient (has a higher 10.5 EER).

Plus, it runs quieter.


  • Works fine.
  • Seamless controls.
  • Remotes work superbly.


  • Pricier than the Koldfront WTC12001W model.

Friedrich CP08G10B through the wall Air Conditioner-8,000 BTUs, 115v


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Another unit from Friedrich to make the grade is this CP08G10B model.

It’s a tremendously versatile air con and you can install it either through the wall or use it as a window air con.

The 8000 BTUs make it best for cooling rooms about 350 sq. feet.


As it stands, Friedrich produces some pretty brilliant air cons and this model’s features reinforce our assertion.

To begin with, the company has mounted automatic-swing louvers in this device meaning you will continuously enjoy a cool breeze from any point in the room.

Besides, the filter will help improve the quality of the air you’re breathing (it’s treated with antimicrobial property). 

As with the other two, it comes with remote control for operational convenience (you don’t have to leave the sofa).

Moreover, you can set it to cool before you arrive home from work thanks to the timer while the auto start helps it recall all the previous settings after a power outage.

The EER of 12.1 and an energy star rating mark it out as very energy efficient.

Connect it to a 115V outlet.


  • Ultra-quiet.
  • Amazing pricing.
  • Versatile installation options.


  • Reduced capacity.

Koldfront WTC8001W Through The Wall Air Conditioner-8,000 BTU

Koldfront WTC8001W 8,000 BTU

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Stylish and feature-packed, this 8000 BTUs Koldfront WTC8001W has become a coveted choice among those shopping for wall mounting units.

The chilled air directing louvers are pleasant to have as is the heat function.

Like the Friedrich CP08G10B product, this cools spaces sized 350 sq. ft (maximum).


Its fan is also dynamic, with the three settings adapting well to your changing cooling needs as the temperature oscillates throughout the day.

The four operation modes that we have come to associate with Koldfront devices are still there- dry (dehumidifier), sleep, cooling, and energy saving mode- and you will experience Koldfront’s trademark efficiency whatever the setting.

Indeed, it cools quicker than most wall ACs at this price point, something that does no harm to its burgeoning reputation as a superior choice.

Our major concern is its poorer EER rating of 9.6 compared to the Friedrich CP08G10B unit that cools an equivalent 350 sq. ft space.


  • Works on a regular (110V, 3 prong) outlet.
  • Fairly silent.
  • Remote responds well.


  • Not the most energy efficient.

LG Remote Control (9,800 BTU 115V) LT1016CER Through The Wall Air Conditioner

LG 9,800 BTU Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner with Remote

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This particular LG remote controlled unit uses the R-32 refrigerant which is kinder to the environment to keep you cooled.

Its 9, 800 BTU makes it perfect for rooms up to 450 square feet.


This air con has been designed for the hottest summer days and it’s a definite contender for the best through the wall air conditioner.

Indeed, the built-in turbo fan (3 cooling speeds), 3 pre-programmed modes (energy saver, cool, and dry), and 4-way air deflection mean you will enjoy the ultimate flexibility when it comes to making your space more homely.

And it’s a beauty when mounted.

To top it all off, LG has also fitted their patented gold fin coating to protect it against corrosion and other elements extending its durability.

You will have to dig deeper into your pocket, yes but it might prove a masterstroke investment in the next couple of years.


  • Respectable energy efficiency (EER of 10. 7).
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Easy-to-clean filter. 


  • Complicated installation.

How does a wall ac unit work?

Wall ac unit is the other name for through the wall air con so we haven’t moved out of topic (others will call it in wall air conditioner, wall sleeve AC, wall mounted AC, etc.).

Now, it works by drawing in the hot air from your space, taking it through the condenser for cooling, and emitting it back into the space bringing a nice breeze.

What makes these devices so efficient is the fact they discharge the heat from the outer side of the wall it’s mounted on meaning it doesn’t mess the room temperature.

Why buy a through-the-wall air conditioner?

Wall air conditioners, in the broadest sense, possess several traits that separate them from window ACs, central air conditioning systems, and portable air cons.
Take a look:

Space conscious

Where space is at a premium -like in tiny offices-, a through wall air conditioner sweeps the honors when compared against other styles of air cons such as cabinet style ACs and small ACs.

That you can mount it up there high in the wall is the biggest contributor to its space economizing installation and you will have enough room to place other essentials like furniture.

Unobstructed view, energy, and safety advantages

Put simply, you fix it on the section of the wall where you find most convenient leaving the windows untouched.

This is beneficial in many ways:

  1. Your outside view is unblocked and you will enjoy natural lighting.
  2. You can open the windows to let in the fresh air, saving energy.
  3. Burglars will have a hard time disassembling it (unlike window-mounted types which are easily shoved away) to gain access.

No hassle of uninstalling them during winter

We tend to dismount other air cons to save the space they have eaten up when winter comes.

Not so here. The unit is permanently installed high up and you won’t need to uninstall anything. 

More choices and affordability

Besides, there is a greater variety of designs and it’s affordable than several other types, for example, central air conditioning systems.

Heating mode

There are brands that provide a heating function along with the cooling features for year-round use.


These models offer so much more.

How is a wall ac unit installed?

Well, the only downside is that the installation is more demanding and the assistance of a professional might be required.

You are required to purchase a fitting wall sleeve – a kind of a metal box/stand that supports the unit when fixed on the wall.

For the most part, the sleeve is sold separately and the manufacturer mentions the recommended sleeve kit for each machine.

All in all, the installation is a one-off pain and if you look at the advantages of through the wall units, they are surely worth it.

Through the wall air conditioner buying guide

To help you arrive at an informed decision when purchasing a wall air conditioner, there are things you have to put first.

To start with, you must have the answers to the following critical questions:

  • What is the size of the room you intend to cool?
  • What are the available electrical options?
  • What other abilities do you desire from the unit?

Of course, some of the answers will impact your final decision more than others as you will learn below.

The question of sizing

You will curse the day you bought the unit if you end up with a model with insufficient cooling power.

This is expressed in BTUs (British thermal units) and I want to make it easier for you by sharing a simple guide indicating the optimal BTUs per hour for various room sizes.

Through the wall air conditioner BTU chart

Room size Best cooling power (BTUs per hour)
100 – 150 sq. ft 5000
150 – 250 sq. ft 6000
250 – 300 sq. ft 7000
300 – 350 sq. ft 8000
350 – 400 sq. ft 9000
400 -450 sq. ft 10000
450 – 550 sq. ft 12000
550 – 700 sq. ft 14000
700 -1,000 sq. ft 18000
1,000 – 1,200 sq. ft 21000
1,200 – 1,400 sq. ft 23000
1,400 – 1,500 sq. ft 24000
1,500 -2,000 sq. ft 30000
2,000 – 2,500 sq. ft 34000

I can see you go wrong with this chart.

The question of electrical options

This question arises because of the unit’s installation and it’s a vital one because you could need to modify your electrical circuitry in some cases.

Luckily, most of these air cons are designed to use 110 to 120 volts which is the standard household voltage (and they come with the matching plug).

But in some cases, a through the wall ac unit may need 220v (especially the vastly powerful ones) necessitating some electrical alterations.

That can be an extra expense and time taking and it’s important to select a model that corresponds with your electrical system if it’s ideal for your summer cooling needs. 

What other abilities do you desire from the unit?

You may want to get more than just cooling from your investment.

For this, you will need it to have a plethora of features added.

Here are some examples.

  • Dehumidification adds on- adds moisture to the air to remove the dryness that often causes skin irritation and other symptoms such as flu.
  • Heating feature- as mentioned earlier, a few through the wall air conditioning systems are capable of both supplemental heating (in winter) and cooling. 

Energy efficiency and noise considerations

Energy star-rated units are of course going to save you from staggering energy bills.

Also, check the EER (energy efficiency ratio) value- this is nothing else but the ratio of the unit’s cooling capacity (BTUs) to its power input (watts).

For starters, the higher a through the wall AC EER rating, the more energy-friendly it is.

For noise, we all want the quietest air cons!

Our word on the assorted advanced features

The availability of advanced features in a wall ac (as many as possible) will make your machine more convenient to use.

These include intuitive controls (for ease of use and operation precision), adjusting louvers (to allow you to redirect airflow according to your needs), and the sleep mode (for quality shuteye).

Best Through the Wall Air Conditioner


You have spent big on your through the wall air con and it’s important that you keep it in shape by carrying out routine maintenance.

Tasks such as cleaning the filter and the water pan are simple and don’t take much time.

Also, check that the output vents are not clogged once in a while.

These and other procedures explained in the owner’s manual will keep your unit performing optimally and your energy bills low.

Don’t skip them.