Best Shoes for Hairdressers

You might think that salon time is very tiring because you are going to sit for long hours.

Have you thought about your hairdresser who makes your hair standing, and immediately after you walk out, another customer walks in?

This is how the rest of their day, tomorrow and days after tomorrow will be.

Hairdressers need special shoes to protect their feet from complications in the future.

Wearing the poor quality of shoes for a long day can result in foot pain, sore feet, varicose veins, and other conditions like plantar fasciitis. For your busy day as a hairdresser, you need to get a shoe with extra cushioning and support, to support your feet.

You should also consider breathability, durability, and protection as you shop for your boots for salon wear.

Benefits of getting the right beauty salon shoes

Unlike our ordinary shoes, beauty salon shoes come with added features to give these hardworking people comfort and protection as they carry on with their work throughout the day. Below are some of the benefits that you will enjoy with these shoes.


You spend almost the whole of your day standing. Meaning, your feet sweat a lot, and this may result in discomfort and wrong feet odor. Breathable shoes allow air in and out of the boots and keep your feet fresh.

Most breathable shoes are made from synthetic materials like nylon mesh. To prevent feet odor, go for shoes with open knits and looser weaves.

Heal and arch support

This part of the foot is the one we are mostly focusing on because it supports your body weight. When the shoe has a good arc and heel support, it will be able to protect you from foot pains and give more support.

The upper pad, midsole, and heel sole also matter a lot when it comes to heel support. They should be well padded for shock absorption and to give the foot enough support.


You do not want to get home all fatigued up to the point that you cannot do house chores? So you better leave those heavy shoes at home because they are not suitable for your working environment.

Since you move around a lot, you need lightweight shoes. Most lightweight shoes are made of blown rubber, nylon, and polyester.


One primary reason to consider when buying a shoe is comfort. Stylish shoes for hairdressers fit well, and they are perfect for the feet. Satisfaction comprises of all the features of a shoe, including the cushioning.

Beauty salon shoes are also sufficiently cushioned to protect your heel and foot from experiencing pain. They also have a breathable material for adequate air circulation and to prevent foot odors.


Since they deal with water a lot, work shoes for hairdressers have waterproof material, both at the top and the bottom, to protect your feet from getting wet. With this kind of shoe, you will work comfortably and have a productive day.

Shoes For Hairdressers Buying Guide

It is undeniable that shoes are an important part of being a hairdresser. The shoes you wear can have a huge effect on your comfort, safety, and even your career. If your feet are uncomfortable or your shoes aren’t suited to the tasks you need to be doing, you are likely to be in pain and unable to do your job properly.

The following are some of the factors you need to consider when buying work shoes for hairdressers.

Comfort/ breathability/ cushioned footbed

If you are a hairstylist, give your feet the comfort they deserve by sliding on the best shoes for hairdressers. When your pump has the best fit, you can bring out the best style on your customers and make them visit your salon more. Shoes that fit well give you full support and enable you to focus on your job the whole day.

Flat and unsupportive shoes can bring damage to your feet. Get shoes that are well padded because they have additional support and also act as shock absorbers. You need to always look forward to the next day at work.

Your upper, midsole, and insole should have enough padding to give you all the support because trust me; you need it. Your heel collar should have excellent cushioning for perfect fit and to protect the ankles.

To keep your feet comfortable and healthy, allow them to breathe the whole day by getting shoes with breathable panels. Do you know how uncomfortable sweaty feet can be? Probably no, because you have not experienced it.

Also, Sweaty feet attract lousy odor, and this can be enough reason for me not to come to your salon again.


You deal with sharp objects like scissors, needles and also dangerous things like electricity. Floors get slippery, and you do not want to slide and fall in front of your customers.

Get shoes with rubber soles to give traction on slippery floors. Also, the treads on the sole matter a lot when it comes to stability on wet surfaces.

Your hair salon has equipment like blow dryers and hairdryers, which are all-electric. You should get shoes whose soles can protect you from being electrocuted.

Do not fail to ensure that the sole of your shoes is sturdy to protect you from being pricked by sharp objects like needles and scissors. These can be great courses of danger.

Durability/ breathability

Invest in a shoe that will last you some decades. For the soles, rubber or wooden sole will last longer than a cork or foam material. Although the latter is more comfortable, you will still need your shoe to serve you longer. You can make the first two more comfortable by adding a more padded innersole.

Since you stand for a better part of the day, it is advisable to get a shoe with a breathable material. This will allow air in and out of the shoe giving your feet a fresh feeling.

A breathable material also keeps feet odor at bay and offers more comfort. When it is hot, this material will protect your feet from sweating.

Best Shoes For Hairdressers Reviews

Since we now know what we are looking for in hairdressers’ shoes, let us look at some of the available pieces we got.

Dansko Women Professional Clog

These shoes offer the best comfort, and this makes them comfortable beauty salon shoes. For a good fit, they feature a fractured toe box and a heel counter that will give you all the comfort. Dansko women’s professional clog is the best shoe for you since you deal with water because it has box leather, which is easy to wipe and clean.

Dansko Women Professional Clog

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The outsole is made of polyurethane, which is slip-resistant. This kind of sole protects you from wet and slippery floors and also acts as shock absorbers to your feet since you walk and stand for long hours.

It is made with 100% leather, which is responsible for its durability.


  • These shoes are true to size
  • They offer high arches
  • Durable


  • These shoes are not stylish
  • They can cause rolled ankles in wearers

Skechers for Work Men Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

This slip-on work shoes for hairdressers feature a mesh fabric upper, which allows proper air circulation. This fabric prevents your feet from sweating, which could lead to foot complications and odors.

Skechers for Work Men Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

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The padded collar and the memory foam insole have proper cushioning for maximum comfort, and this allows you to stand for long hours as you do your work. The outsole is slip-resistant to protect you from sliding on the slippery floor.

These shoes fit well, and it has elastic gore sides to enable you to wear the footwear with ease. It is more open in the interior to give a more medium fit and has a roomier toe box for maximum comfort of your toes.


  • Has breathable mesh uppers
  • Has a supportive and comfortable memory foam insole
  • Good shoe for comfort


  • These shoes come in two colors
  • The outsole is not very sturdy

VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog Men Work Shoe

This shoe resembles crocks and is the right choice if you are looking for comfort. It has a slip-resistant sole that will allow you to walk around even on a slippery floor. The patented outsole of the shoe protects you from sharp objects like needles that can prick through and injure you. The outsole is also responsible for the durability of the shoe since it is sturdy.

VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog Men Work Shoe

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Are you worried about stains from oil spillage? These shoes are washable both inside and outside, so worry no more.

It has an EVA Foam body that is lightweight with a removable insole to give you comfort and allows you to stand for many hours as you tend to your customers.


  • They are comfortable
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Offer a perfect fit


  • They come in bright colors


Best Shoes for Hairdressers Reviews and Buying Guide

The type of feet you wear can impact the health of your feet positively or negatively during your workday.

In this article, we offer you a better chance to know what to look for in the best shoes for hairdressers. We have given all the information, including the benefits of getting beauty salon shoes, what to consider when buying, and not to leave behind the three best shoes that are best for hairdressers.