Best Shoes for Dental Assistants

As a dental assistant, most work involves getting instructions from the dentist on what to do to assist the patient.

You get to walk a lot since the dentist expects you to help in doing tasks like sterilizing the instruments, applying a topical anesthetic to the patient, and processing X-rays.

Most people think that dental assistants’ protective wear is majorly masks, aprons, and gloves. But do you expect them to walk around the hospital bare feet? They need shoes not only to complete the look but also to protect their feet.

Benefits of getting the right work shoes for dental assistants

Dental assistant work shoes come with unique features to suit them. Just keep reading.

Prevention of slips and falls

Hospital floors can be very slippery, and you need to protect yourself from unforeseen slips, tripping, or falls. Falling can happen anywhere, even in front of your patient, which can be quite embarrassing.

Although the hospital takes measures to ensure that the people there are aware of the slippery floor, this is not a 100% protective measure. Dentist assistant shoes have the right amount of traction to reduce friction and help prevent falls.

Protect against toxic substances and infections

Do not kid yourself. The hospital environment is compassionate, and the slightest mistake can lead to death.

As a dental assistant, you deal with toxic drugs. These contaminated samples contain deadly microorganisms and also bleaching agents that can get destroy your feet if you get into contact, so do not joke around.

Dental assistant work shoes cover the feet completely to ensure liquids do not get to you if they pour accidentally. The soles are also sturdy to prevent corrosion from harmful detergents and sterilizers.

Back pain

You walk a lot around the hospital rooms, so you need to be careful not to suffer from back pain. In most cases, back pain is contributed by the heel of your shoe.

You are required to wear a shoe with a heel of two to four centimeters. A too high heel will overwhelm the ball of your feet with too much weight, and this can result in early fatigue, circulatory problems, and foot pain.

You are dealing with patients, and we do not want you to become the next patient. You should get a shoe whose width of the heel and the front part are the same, to provide a stable balance. These dental assistant shoes are also well-cushioned to give comfort and provide shock absorption to the feet since they stand for long.


Shoes for dentists are made of a breathable material to ensure their feet get aired. Standing and walking throughout the day can cause sweating on the feet, and when the sweat accumulates, it gets uncomfortable.

 Also, these breathers are in places that do not allow water inside. Most of these shoes have removable insoles that can be taken out and aired to prevent the pump from stinking.

Shoes for Dental Assistants Buying Guide

The best shoes for dental assistants depend on many factors, including personal preference and budget. However, there are many key features that all dental assistant shoes should have, including non-marking soles, slip-resistant, and comfortable.

The following are some of the important factors you need to consider when buying dental assistant’s work shoes;

Comfort/ breathability/ cushioned footbeds

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can affect you both physically and mentally. The uncomfortable shoe makes you irritable and tired, and this means that you will not do a good job. As a dental assistant, your work is very crucial, and the life of these patients is in your hands.

A comfortable shoe has proper fitting. Do not let it be too big or too small to press your toes against each other. You will end up going home with sore feet, and it is not exciting.

Your shoe should have enough cushioning that protects you from foot aches. Cushions act as shock absorbers and also protect the ankles. Let your upper, midsole, and insole have enough padding because that is what you will be stepping and walking on throughout the day as you attend to your patients.

Your shoe should have a breathable material to allow air in and out throughout the day to protect your foot from sweating. Smelly feet can be uncomfortable, and discomfort will only let you do a lousy job and have a bad day. Do not make it happen to you.


The hospital environment is not the safest place to be. People come to the hospital suffering from different kinds of diseases, and if you are not careful, you might be the next patient or even die.

As scary as it sounds, it is your responsibility to protect yourself from these dangers. The hospital might compensate you in case anything happens, but they will not bring you back to life.

Shoes that are enclosed at the top protect your feet from the spilling of toxic drugs and contaminated samples.

Corrosive chemicals can also be a hazard. You need a shoe that covers your foot to protect yourself from this.

Make sure that the sole is strong enough to protect you from sharp objects like fallen needles and also spilled corrosive disinfectants.

To prevent slipping and falling on slippery floors, shoes with good treads will be the best to serve this purpose.

Durability/ breathability

 You spend most of your hours standing and walking around, and this might cause your feet to sweat a lot. Shoes with a breathable material will allow air in and out of your shoes and give your feet a conducive environment.

Make sure that your shoe is made of sturdy material so that you will not keep buying new shoes. Soles made of rubber are more durable and offer better protection.

Best Shoes for Dental Assistants Reviews

The best shoes for dental assistants are not necessarily the best shoes for other professions. Luckily for you, we made a list of the best dental assistant shoes. These shoes are practical, comfortable and affordable. You can find them in almost all sizes and colors.

Having looked at what we need to know about shoes for dental assistants, let us now look at the available pieces. Our research includes the type of shoe, description, and their pros and cons.

Skechers Performance Women Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers value comfort over style in the making of their shoes, and these women’s walk slip shoe is a comfortable pair to go for. It has an ortholite insole that is removable to prevent foot odors.

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The independent circular sensors give flexibility while walking, and this contributes to the comfort of the shoe. They are also breathable.

Skechers’ shoes have a lot of cushioning to provide the right amount of support and give maximum comfort. They are lightweight so you will not get tired walking in them for the rest of your working hours.

For more comfort, these shoes are true to size, and you can forget about arch pains now.


  • They are lightweight
  • Offer a perfect fit
  • Comfortable
  • Come in different colors


  • They are ideal for walking but not running.

Crocs Men and Women Bistro Graphic Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes

This beautiful pair from Crocs is fit to be the best shoe for nurses. Enjoy wearing these shoes your entire day at work since they are lightweight and offer enough support to the feet. This provides all the comfort needed and reduces fatigue.

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For protection, this pair has a slip-resistant sole to keep you safe and prevent falls on slippery floors. Their enclosed toe design protects your feet from dangers caused by spills of chemicals and medicines.

Their footbed provides comfort to the dentist assistants as they walk in and out of the labs as well as the patient’s rooms and dentist’s office.

The sole is also sturdy to protect you from getting needles and sharp objects injuries.

The crocs are easy to clean and are fully molded, so in case of spillage of a liquid on them, you can just use water and soap to clean. It is also easy to dry, so you do not have an excuse for not cleaning it up.


  • They are slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Dry fast
  • Backstrap is comfortable


  • Little arch support

Skechers Performance Men Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

This is another good pair of dental assistant shoes from Skechers. These shoes have 100% mesh that expands naturally with your foot as you walk to bring out the natural, comfortable fit. The midsole and insole are properly cushioned to provide arch support and for more comfort.

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The shoes are lightweight, so you can be sure to stand on them for 8 to 9 hours without getting bored, and this helps to reduce fatigue.

The air mesh has side panels that make the shoe highly breathable to give the feet 8 hours of comfort and prevent odors. The featherweight socks liner adapts to the pump as you walk, and this provides more support.

The outer sole has a rubber that is hard to let needles and other objects get to your feet. It also protects your feet from corrosive chemicals that might have accidentally spilled on the floor.


  • They are lightweight
  • Offer arch support
  • They are easy to slip
  • Have a memory foam


  • The outsole is not durable
  • Unattractive design


Best Shoes for Dental Assistants Reviews and Buying Guide

Wearing gloves, masks, and glasses are not the only safety measures you should take as a dentist assistant.

Make sure your shoes will give you comfort throughout the day, as well as protect your feet. I hope the ‘best shoes for dental assistants’ article has been useful.