Best Running Shoes for the Elderly

As you age, your joints lose natural elasticity. This makes you more vulnerable to injuries due to the stiffness and lack of lubrication.

Even in old age, running helps you keep fit and improve your health. To enjoy running, you will need the best running shoes for seniors.

Running shoes for the elderly have specific features like excellent cushioning, which offers shock absorption on every step they take.

Other essential factors to consider when buying an exercise shoe for seniors are comfort, durability, and protection. We will look at these later. 

Benefits of Getting the Right Running Shoes

Running helps to drop blood pressure, reduce body weight, and keeps your body fit. Exercise also keeps diseases at bay.

The type of running shoe determines the comfort and the distance you will cover.

Let us look at some of the advantages of getting the best running shoes for the elderly.

Midsole foot cushioning

The midsole is the part between the ball and heel of the foot.

As you run, a lot of pressure is on the heel, ankles, and toes, and having the right running shoe with proper cushioning on this area reduces some of this stress.

When this happens, running for seniors is made safer and more comfortable, and they can run for longer distances.

 Support on the heel, ankles, and toes also help to prevent knee, hip, and back pains since it improves body mechanics.

Arch support

This applies mostly to seniors with flat feet.

Runners with flat feet enjoy many benefits from the arch stability found in most running shoes, which the ones with a high arch don’t get to enjoy.

However, each kind of foot arch has its type of running shoe that will give all the comfort and support as they run.

Do you know your foot type? Get to know it before buying a running shoe.

Keep injuries away

Midsole cushioning and arch support play an essential role in keeping injuries away. Using the wrong type of shoe to run can make you suffer from backache, hip, and foot pains. The wrong shoes can also expose you to dangers like cuts.

The best exercise shoes for seniors have an outsole that protects the seniors’ feet, and this will help in preventing the injuries and the pain they come with.


A comfortable shoe has a good fit and is well-cushioned. With proper cushioning, you will not feel the pressure as you run. Also, if the shoe is lightweight, it will be comfortable to run in. We are focusing all the energy in the exercise, not on the weight the feet are carrying.

Make sure your shoe has a breathability feature to enable air in and out of the shoe. This feature is crucial, yet most people ignore it.

What to Consider when Buying


Protection is a significant reason why we wear shoes, no matter what kind of shoes. Running shoes protect by fixing overpronation. Your feet may roll inward as you run, and this misaligns your knee from your lower foot. It can also cause shin splints and other issues.

However, the middle sole offers protection by allowing the shoe to absorb more impact. Do not go for a shoe with a soft midsole cushioning, because these shoes tend not to last long.

For people with flat feet, you will need a shoe that supports your foot’s arch. The pump should also have a rigid sole to protect your feet from broken glasses, thorns, and other foreign things on the road as you run.

When protection is guaranteed, seniors will have more confidence as they run, and this will result in a better exercising day. We want our seniors to live a longer and healthier life, and running is one way of ensuring this achievement.

Comfort/ breathability/ cushioned footbeds

A shoe that does not fit well tends to be uncomfortable. If it is too big, it will keep your feet rotating inside, and this will even make it more substantial, making running harder for the senior. You do not want them to struggle or complain about the exercise.

Also, a small shoe will press your toes against one another. This might cause swelling because there is a reduction in the circulation of blood, and it results in pain.

Don’t get too tight or a shoe that is also loose because our feet tend to swell when we run. Go for the one with the perfect size.

You should also keep in mind that as you run, your feet sweat. Get shoes made with a breathable material like a mesh or an open-weave knit to provide better airflow and keep your feet fresh and ventilated.

Proper cushioning is essential to consider. Cushioning acts as a shock absorber as well as keeping the shoe warm. It also supports the knees and the ankles, which help in reducing back pains that the seniors are prone to.

Durability/ waterproofing

For durability, the material used in making the shoe matters the most. Material not only brings comfort and protect your feet, but they also hold up on bad terrains and also conform to the shape of your feet.

Get a shoe made from a material that is naturally durable and can withstand different climate conditions. In harsh climates, make sure the walking shoe for seniors allows air circulation in the boot, preventing sweating, and in cold climates, it warms up to avoid freezing of the feet.

Running shoe for a 60-year-old man should be waterproof to protect his feet from getting wet due to rains or in morning dews. Wetness in the feet is the root of many feet infections like foot rots and bad odor.

Best Running Shoes for Seniors Reviews

Having looked at what you should consider when buying, the best running shoes available, and the benefits of getting a running shoe for the elderly, let us jump straight to the reviews of some of the best running shoes for old people.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

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These shoes are made with a rearfoot GEL technology cushioning to give the seniors all the comfort as they do their runs. This act as a shock absorber incases of any impact and allows for smooth change to mid-distance. In a case where one is a medical orthotic, they can remove the sock liner for better accommodation.

For right trucking on both upper hill and downhill terrains, the outer sole includes reversed lugs. These lugs play a significant role in maintaining grip, especially in wet areas and when negotiating corners, ensuring protection.

The outer sole is made with the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber, which will stay for ages without wearing out due to its durability. You will not regret any extra coin you spend on this shoe. The top of the shoe is made with synthetic mesh, which is also durable and breathable to give a relaxed environment inside the shoe.


  • Durable
  • Good fit
  • Breathable upper section


  • Not lightweight

Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Saucony Cohesion 10

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This shoe from Saucony will not disappoint when it comes to offering comfort.

The outer sole of these women’s shoes is made using the try-flex system, which makes it a good shock absorber and provides excellent stability. It also has numerous flex grooves to offer more stability and balance.

For protection, the midsole is made with molded EVA, which has perfect cushioning, and this acts as a shock absorber. This feature is essential for our seniors since, as age increases, they tend to lose elasticity in the joints and the tissues.

The sole made from rubber and the 100% mesh at the top of the shoe is durable and will serve you for some years.


  • Shock absorber
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Less support

Skechers Sport Men’s Synergy Power Switch Memory Foam Athletic Training Sneaker

Skechers Synergy Power Switch zapatillas deportivas de entrenamiento

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Skechers has a unique upper construction made of a sketch-Knit Mesh fabric. The knit mesh panels are open at the front, sides, and at the heel to enhance breathability. At the toe and the sides of the shoe, the mesh panel around here is synthetic, and this makes the shoe more durable.

The collar is well padded, and the shoe has a soft fabric lining. These features are responsible for all the comfort this shoe has. The insole has a well-cushioned memory form, and the midsole has a Flex sole for shock-absorbing. This makes the rubber highly flexible and easy to run.


  • Lightweight
  • Good heal height
  • Comfortable


  • Uncomfortable.


Best Running Shoes for Seniors Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

As we age, our feet become more vulnerable to injuries because of the reduced ability of the joints to absorb shock.

To compensate for the lost elasticity that comes with age, it is, therefore, crucial to buy the best running shoes for seniors.

When choosing running shoes for older beginners, make sure that they are comfortable, can provide enough protection, and they are adequately cushioned for shock absorption.