Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners Reviews 2023

When looking for the best running shoes for heavy runners, some of the factors you need to consider include the size of your body, the terrain you are running on, and not to forget your running goals.

Heavy runners find that some shoes are better compared to others. It all depends on the comfort the shoe offers, the support on the feet, and how easy it is to run in them.

You can agree with me that running shoes should be lightweight, have proper cushioning, and provide maximum support, not forgetting about the fit.

If you want to run a longer distance than you are used to, keep in mind that the shoe you are wearing will help you achieve that.

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners Reviews

Now that we know the benefits and what to look out for when buying a running shoe for heavy runners let us look at the available types with the reviews of each.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Brooks Ghost 14 Women's Neutral Running Shoe

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Brook is an American company known for making high-quality running shoes.

If you are looking for comfort, you have landed a great deal. These women’s shoes are made with a balanced soft cushioning that provides the right softness underfoot, making them the best running shoes for overweight ladies.

It is lighter than ever, so you will not have it to blame if you fail to achieve your goal in the running.

Its soft, secure fit is responsible for comfort. Although it is weak, the softness does not take away its durability.

You can use them to run on the road, and streets and even go with them to the gym.

The sole is sturdy to protect you from foreign objects like thorns and broken glass on the road. Make your running experience a better one with this pair from Brooks.


  • They are super comfortable
  • Provide arch support
  • Protect you from foot pain


  • Are suitable for short runs since they hurt

ASICS Men Gel-Kayano 26 (4E) Running Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 26 Long Sleeve Running Shoes

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Asics made this shoe with coverage of long-distance in mind. They used a lightweight material to ensure that you cover your desired number of kilometers.

The forefoot and rearfoot have dense material and high cushioning to ensure comfort and shock absorption.

The EVA sock liner is responsible for bouncing and cushioning, and the trusstic system technology used in its making works well in giving the shoe stability. It is usually a worry that most heavy runners have, so worry no more.

It has a well-padded midsole to help control rotation and give the shoe a perfect fit.

The Dilomax midsole has a combination of two dense materials to offer smooth overpronation and reduce the risk of flat feet.

The rubber sponge is responsible for its durability. One crucial feature that makes this shoe unique is that it has added reflective details to make you see better in the dark.


  • Has a breathable mesh upper material
  • Provide arch support
  • Lightweight


  • Has a thin insole that does not provide comfort

ASICS Women GT-2000 8 Running Shoes

ASICS Women's GT-2000 8 Running Shoes

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This beautiful women’s shoe is made in the United States by Asics.

The top is made of synthetic and mesh, which are excellent materials for breathability, so you do not have to worry about your feet getting wet from sweat. The top mesh is also very lightweight, and this makes this shoe the best running shoe for overweight ladies.

The combination of Dynamic Duomax and Trusstic System technology in the midsole is responsible for the support and stability that your feet get. The midsole is well cushioned for shock absorption and to provide comfort.

Asics women’s GT-200o 8 running shoe has a synthetic sole that makes the shoe durable and protects the runner from getting injured by objects like thorns.


  • The shoe fits perfectly
  • It is durable
  • They are lightweight


  • They are hard to find

Benefits of getting running shoes for heavy runners

You cannot compare shoes for running for heavy runners with other ordinary shoes because they come with special features to suit the runners. Some of them are:


Cushioning offers comfort and stability, and this is what most heavy runners are looking for. The best running shoes are generously padded and have high arches to provide support and durability.

However, these shoes are for people who have rigid or are under pronators, so runners who overpronate do not get to benefit from them. Most heavy runners prefer them because they keep their feet secure and free from injuries.


Most running shoes for heavy runners have a firmer midsole. This provides a base for better stability, and the runner will not be likely to compress them.

For your shoes to last longer, make sure you have several pairs to keep changing as you go for runs so that you do not rely on one pair.


You already have a lot of weight, and heavy shoes will only make you tired after running for one if not half a kilometer.

These shoes for heavy runners help you achieve your goal in running, which might be 4 kilometers or even more


This solely depends on the type of surface of the environment you are running on or the terrain. Some terrains are slippery, and the wrong outsole can lead to you falling.

Falls may lead to soft tissue injury or and that might be the end of your weight loss journey or keeping fit journey.


It seems like an obvious factor, but it is overlooked by many. A running shoe for heavy runners should not be too big; otherwise, your feet will be sliding inside the shoe, and this will increase the chances of you getting blisters.

Likewise, getting a trainer that is too small will squeeze your toes, and this might cause injury.

Poor-fitting shoes may also be the reason for those toenails that bruise and bleed underneath the nail plate. The only sure way you can know if a shoe fits well is if you fit it before buying.


Support is determined by the type of ground you are running on and the distance. The manufacturers mix different materials like cushioning and padding to offer adequate support.

If you are doing long-distance runs, you will need more significant support because the muscle loses a lot of energy after some time. Heavy runners need shoes that offer more support because they insert more pressure on the pump.

Running Shoes for Heavy Runners Buying Guide


When it comes to comfort, every part of the shoe plays a significant role in ensuring this is achieved. Why would you want to run in an uncomfortable shoe?

Some factors that contribute to the comfort of the shoe are a perfect fit, cushioning, the seamless upper, and the insole and midsole. Did I forget to mention the outsole, do not forget as well.


Make sure you get a type of shoe that is well-ventilated, with a mesh or knitted upper to be able to allow air in and out of the shoe.  Otherwise, your feet will end up attracting bad odors, and you will end up keeping them away from you. I doubt if you will want to pick it up again for a run.

Cushioning of the footbed

Cushions act as shock absorbers, and this is very important for heavy runners. Without properly cushioned shoes, they will experience foot pains and suffer from blisters.


You need to know the type of terrain you will be running on. A slippery terrain or one with downhills will call for a shoe with a slip-resistant sole to prevent slipping.

The outer sole should also be sturdy to protect you from getting injured by thorns and other foreign objects.

Stability is vital, especially to the big guys, and it depends on how the shoe is designed. You need to make sure that it gives you the right balance and comfort as you run.

The shoe should have a proper construction, a suitable outsole, midsole, and insole to help the runner be confident as they run.


It might rain on the way, or you might step on a pothole full of water. You need a shoe that is waterproof to protect your feet from getting wet. Wet feet can get very uncomfortable, especially when you are running. They also are the cause of bad odors.


I always prefer buying durable shoes. Runners are usually rough with their boots, and this makes them wear out very quickly.

For heavy runners, this happens very fast because of the more pressure they insert on the shoe as they run. It is not fun to see a shoe you bought with your hard-earned money fall apart a month or two after purchasing them.


Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners Reviews

Be sure to spend an extra coin if you want to get a high-quality shoe. Since heavy runners insert more pressure on shoes as they run, they will need a pump with more cushioning for shock absorption and to hold their weight.

The lightweight and proper fitting can help you run for longer kilometers so and achieve your goal.