Best Pull-Behind Sprayers Reviews 2022

What is the best pull-behind sprayer? No one hates a beautiful, weed-free, and green yard, but it takes some effort to achieve that.

If you’re a gardener, estate manager, or agriculturalist, you know it can be tough to keep your garden in top shape season after season. With a large garden, some gardening tasks like spraying can take longer without the necessary tools.

Whether you’re spraying weed killers, insecticides, or fertilizer on your yard, a tow-behind sprayer can help you complete the task with ease.

Choosing the right tow-behind sprayer for your needs can be challenging because they come in various models and capabilities.

Fortunately, we’ve reviewed the 5 best pull-behind sprayers and a handy buying guide that will help you make an informed purchase.

Best Tow-Behind Sprayer Reviews

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

If you’re looking for a specific spot sprayer and broad coverage gardening, this is a good bet. This is because it’s both a spot sprayer tow-behind and a broadcast. This tool comes with a 12 V open-flow pump that gives you a 100% work cycle. It has a 21-gallon plastic tank with a UV-resistant material that’s compatible with any pesticide and climate.


  • 12 volt DC
  • 12-gallon capacity
  • 12 “ pneumatic wheels
  • Retractable tow bar


  • Excellent stability
  • Large storage tank
  • Large fill neck for easy filling
  • Sturdy industrial-grade pump


  • Requires some assembly

Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Are you looking for a quality yet affordable sprayer? Look no further! The Ironton Tow-Behind comes with a 13-gallon plastic-made tank that’s coated with UV-resistant material. It has an industrial-grade pump that has a chemical-resistant coating and is built to last. This broadcast spray is great for ornamental flowers and yards. The storage tank comes with a 7.5” tank lid that allows you to fill without spilling.


  • 11-foot PVC hose
  • 12 volt DC
  • 1 GPM Ironton pump
  • 10” pneumatic tires



  • The hitch is hard to attach

Chapin 97600 15-Gallon, 12-Volt EZ Tow Dripless Fertilizer, Herbicide, and Pesticide Sprayer

The Chapin 97600 has a 15 ft hose that can cover 30 feet vertically and 18 feet horizontally, meaning that you don’t have to spend the entire morning watering your lawn. It has an adjustable boom area that can be adjusted to cater to spot spraying. This way, you don’t need multiple purchases for specific sites you need to be covered. It has pneumatic tires that move with ease, even in the toughest terrains. The 5-inch wide mouth opening allows easy filling and cleaning. Additionally, it’s equipped with a pressure gauge that’s placed conveniently on top of the sprayer.


  • 15-foot PVC reinforced hose
  • 18-inch brass band
  • 70 PSI pressure rating
  • Xtreme Dripless shut-off


  • Perfect for residential and commercial use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Strong wheels
  • Convenient fluid monitoring


  • Assembling the boom/ sprayer bar can be tough

Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer

The Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer comes with a corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank. It has 3 flat-free tires and a handheld spray wand that makes transportation less challenging. The spray pattern is compact and useful enough to place on the boom. This model has a universal tow hitch, making it easy to hook to any tractor or ATV. It has a telephone cord design for easy storage and 30 feet of reach.


  • 15 gallons capacity
  • Universal hitch
  • Battery-powered
  • 10” flat-free tires


  • Extendable booms
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Large tires
  • Durable construction


  • A bit expensive

Chapin International 97700N EZ Dripless Tow-Behind Sprayer

This 25-gallon tank capacity sprayer can be easily attached to any UTV, ATV, or lawn tractor. The tank comes with a 5-inch mouth opening that’s easy to refill. The drain plug makes the sprayer easy to clean. Its heavy-duty tank is chemical-resistant and guarantees durability regardless of the chemical you use. With its 12-volt diaphragm pump, you can easily fumigate every corner of your garden.


  • 5” wide mouth
  • Durable steel frame trailer
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Adjustable hitch
  • Pressure gauge


  • High-performance pump
  • Easy to fill, mix, and clean
  • Durable and easy to maintain


  • The wheel bearings aren’t strong enough

What is a Tow-Behind Sprayer?

Whether it’s a large lawn, farmland, or garden, you need to protect and nurture it. You have to water it regularly and spray a dose of pesticides, among others. This process can be hectic, especially when doing it manually. This is where a pull-behind sprayer comes in handy. This equipment disperses water and other chemicals on gardens and farmlands. It comes in different models and sizes, and all you need is to attach it to a vehicle.

Types of Pull/Tow-Behind Sprayer

ATV Mounted Sprayer

These machines are ideal for agricultural or off-road purposes. If you have a large garden, this is an excellent option because it accesses hard-to-reach places. They are highly portable and attach quickly to the ATV. It’s easy to use and comes with a storage tank capacity of 22 to 25 gallons.

Lawn Tractor Sprayer

This is an excellent option for residential purposes. The storage tank is placed on a dedicated frame with wheels and can be attached to a lawn tractor to get started. It has a storage tank capacity of 55-100 gallons. Its spray pump is powered by a gas motor centrifugal pump or a 12 V electric diaphragm pump.

UTV Mounted Sprayer

These sprayers have a similar design to ATVs but have a large storage capacity. They can be mounted on a larger vehicle or tractor and have a 25-200 gallon storage capacity. They are equipped with a powerful compressor to spray at a larger distance.

Maintenance Tips for Pull-Behind Sprayer

You can enhance the functionality and life of a tow-behind sprayer by using the following tips:

  • Read the manufacturer’s manual and follow proper cleaning and safety guidelines.
  • Do random checkups on nozzles and filters to prevent any clogging. You should not operate the sprayer with a clogged nozzle since it creates unnecessary pressure on the motor.
  • Always operate the machine with flow rate and operating pressure.
  • Make sure you drain the sprayer before long-term storage.
  • Keep it under a shade when not in use.
  • Clean the pump and engine after an operation. This prevents obstruction or corrosion to the plumbing lines.
  • Drive slowly on uneven or bumpy surfaces. Ensure you fill the storage tank to the required mark.
  • Use the proper attachment to hook the sprayer with an ATV or tractor. For proper attachment, use the necessary cables from the tractor battery outlet to the sprinkler input.

Tow-Behind Sprayer Buying Guide

Although using a pull-behind sprayer has amazing benefits, not all sprayers can suit your needs. Fortunately, there are some key factors you should consider to find the right tool for your garden.

Tank Sizes

The tank size you choose will depend on your purpose. Usually, a compact tool is handy for weight and price. A tool with a 13-15 gallons storage capacity is sufficient for a small backyard and garden. For large gardens, look for a tank of 20-25 gallons. Additionally, a pull-behind sprayer of 100-gallon is available for industrial purposes.

Tank Material

This is a crucial element of a tank, especially if you want to use it for pesticides or herbicides in your yard. Some chemicals might react with the tank material and damage your tool. Make sure you choose a sprayer made of stainless steel for increased durability. However, stainless steel comes with a higher price tag.

Spray Width

This shows the lawn area a sprayer can cover and usually ranges from 40″ to 120″. Look for a sprayer that comes with a high width since wide width means less spraying time. Moreover, you need a different nozzle size for various chemicals. Therefore, look for a sprayer with an adjustable nozzle. This will help you to customize the nose to suit your needs.

Frame Materials

If you’re looking for a trailer model, you need to check the frame materials before making a purchase. Most tow-behind trailer models have steel frames. Therefore, you should ensure that it has some form of protective coating to prevent rusting. Additionally, powder-coated frames have excellent rust-resistant capabilities.


Go for models with air-filled wheels. A sprayer with a 10-inch tire is an excellent choice since it helps reduce friction and vibration. The tires should have quality tread for traction. This tread allows the tires to move on loose soil and grass when driving uphill.

Spray Wand

A spray wand is attached to your hose and is used to spray flowerbeds by hand. However, most models have gun clip mounts on the tank. You should position the wand in the clips and choose a spraying width that suits your application.

Hose Length

Your hose length allows you to use the spray wand up to 30 ft away from the tank. Most pull-behind sprayers come with a 15-foot hose. It’s advisable to go for a model with a telephone-cable-style hose for extra length and easy storage.

Diaphragm Pump

The diaphragm pump offers the suction that discharges chemicals through the booms and sprays wand. Most models have 12-volt compatibility for connecting to the ATV. Go for pumps with flow rates above 1.0-GPM and 45-Psi.

Pressure Gauge

Most quality tow-behind sprayers come with a pressure gauge connected to the diaphragm pump. This indicator helps you determine the tank’s pressure and if the system is leaking or working. The pressure gauge is not a must-have, but it’s a great addition when working with harmful chemicals.

Best Pull-Behind Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide


Maintaining your yard shouldn’t be a strenuous task. So if you still don’t know how to get the best pull-behind sprayer, this article will sort you out. The products reviewed above offer excellent flexibility and can be attached to various powered vehicles and tractors.