Best Paintball Tank Regulator Reviews 2023

If you have older paintball guns that do not have regulators, you probably know the purpose paintball tank regulators serve. However, not all regulators will suit your paintball tank. You need a well-built device that will promise an accurate readout.

So, you have your paintball gun and paintball tank ready, and all that’s stopping you from facing your opponents and having some fun is the fact that you have not invested in the right paintball tank regulator for your paintball tank. No worries, this article will help you choose the best paintball tank regulator out there and find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Paintball Tank Regulator Max PressurePrice
IORMAN Universal Paintball Air Tank Regulator4500 PSIView
Outdoor Guy Air Tank Regulator4500 PSIView
Ninja Paintball Reg Regulator4500 PSIView
Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulators4500 PSIView
HPDAVV Paintball Air Tank Regulator3000 PSIView

What Is A Paintball Tank Regulator?

A paintball tank regulator controls the air pressure of the paintball tank. It is designed to control the amount of air needed for shots. Additionally, you can use the regulator to check the gas pressure through the gauge.

Benefits of Using a Regulator

Although most modern paintball markers are equipped with regulators, you will need to invest in one if you have an older style paintball marker. Here are some of the benefits of a paintball tank regulator:

  • Air Supply: A paintball tank regulator delivers the air and ensures that the pressure is predictable. This gives each shot a consistent velocity.
  • Accuracy: If you prefer setting up your paintball system with two regulators, although it’s expensive, the regulator will minimize the velocity variance and provide extra consistency per shot.
  • Pressure Buffer: If you’re not operating on full pressure, you can have a buffer that helps to minimize the shoot-down effect, making shots lose range due to insufficient air.

How to Install Your Paintball Tank Regulator

Now that you have a regulator, it’s time to install it in your marker. If you’ve already picked up your regulator, you have an idea where to mount it. There are a few steps involved in order to get the best out of your tank.

  • First, air up your gun with the CO2 tank and adjust the velocity screw to its lowest setting.
  • Make some shots severally to ensure that your hopper is empty of paintballs. At this point, you’re firing air through the marker.
  • If the gun performed well, lower the regulator’s output and fire the same amounts of shots again.
  • Repeat this process until your marker refuses to re-cock itself.
  • Continue firing and if it fails to cock after some shots, increase the output pressure and fire another round of shots.
  • Keep increasing the pressure until your paintball marker starts to work correctly again.
  • These steps are supposed to ensure you get the best pressure possible. Now load paintballs into the hopper and start using your gun.

If you want to use two regulators, the setup process is the same as that of a single unit. However, the dual setup needs a downward regulator and an upstream regulator. The downstream regular is closer to the marker, while the upstream regulator is the one that feeds the downstream regulator. However, if your gun pressure is less than 600psi, don’t add a second regulator.

How to Remove Regulator from Paintball Tank

A paintball regulator is a crucial part of your paintball marker, especially if you want to improve your gaming skills. But if you ever want to replace your regulator, here’s how to remove it without damaging this crucial piece of equipment.

  • Release compressed air.
  • Remove the gauge.
  • Put two slabs of wood around the regulator inside of the vice and lock it in.
  • Using a strap wrench turn the regulator and continue spinning until it’s detached from the paintball tank.

Paintball Regulator Buying Guide

While looking for the right paintball tank regulator, it is crucial to consider some specifics. This will ensure you get a quality regulator that will suit you in the paintball world. Here are some factors you should keep in mind:

Built Quality

What is the build quality of your regulator? Does it feel cheap, or is it well-made? Mostly, a well-made paintball regulator will cost you more, but it will perform well. You should ensure that your favorite regulator doesn’t leak and offers better pressure.

Efficient PSI

Ensure you choose a regulator which can supply sufficient PSI; this will help you hit your targets with accuracy and precise shots.

Built-In Pressure Gauge

Go for a paintball tank regulator that comes with a built-in pressure gauge. This is an excellent addition since it gives you access to the pressure being used. This will also allow you to note any pressure drops during use. Ensure you choose one with a built-in pressure gauge.


When looking for the right paintball tank regulator, you need to choose one with a durable design. It should be able to withstand continuous use and abuse, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Ensure that your paintball tank regulator can withstand sand and water.

Best Paintball Regulator Reviews

IORMAN Universal 4500PSI Paintball Air Tank Regulator & Valve Guage

IORMAN Universal 4500PSI Paintball Air

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This paintball tank regulator has a maximum input of 4500 PSI, and the unit’s output is fixed at 800 PSI. The IORMAN Universal 4500PSI Paintball Air Tank Regulator & Valve Guage uses 5/8 threading that makes sure it fits in most air tanks on the market. If you want a paintball tank regulator that’s well-built and solid, this is a good bet. It also comes with 3k and 7.5k burst disks. Additionally, it is easy and fast to refill and doesn’t leak.


  • 4500PSI
  • 4 color options
  • 3k and 7.5k burst disk
  • 8mm quick disconnect male foster


  • Lightweight design
  • High airflow rate
  • Fast installation
  • Leakproof


  • Low input pressure

Outdoor Guy 4500PSI Air Tank Regulator Output Pressure

Outdoor Guy 4500PSI Air Tank Regulator Output Pressure

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The Outdoor Guy 4500PSI Air Tank Regulator uses standard 5/8ths threading to fit in most high-pressure air tanks. You can easily set the output pressure to 800, 1200, 1800, or 2200PSI. This regulator has a lightweight design with a built-in easy-to-read gauge for your convenience. It promises a high rate of airflow and is easy to rebuild. The Outdoor Guy’s regulator doesn’t compromise on its build quality, and the device feels solid to hold, yet it weighs 4 ounces. The pressure readout is accurate, and the unit is very accurate.


  • Plastic thread cap
  • 4 ounces weight
  • 4500 PSI


  • Lightweight and easy to rebuild
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • High-quality build


  • You may need an additional O-ring

Ninja Paintball Reg Regulator – 4500 psi

Ninja Paintball Reg Regulator - 4500 psi

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Are you looking for an adjustable paintball regulator to take your paintballing to the next level? Look no further. The Ninja Paintball Reg Regulator – 4500 psi comes with impressive features to ensure you get the best out of your game. This unit allows you to switch between standard, medium, and low PSI output. With this paintball tank regulator, you don’t need to buy separate spring kits or regulators.


  • 0.26 pounds
  • Black color
  • SRT piston


  • High-quality construction
  • Lightweight
  • Fits in most paintball tanks
  • Affordable


  • Changing the regulator may not be easy

Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulators

Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulators

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The Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulators is well-known for its pretty nice features. It comes with a built-in gauge and a ball valve that opens easily. This unit gives you a chance to switch between low, medium, and standard PSI. You can set the lowest output to between 450 and 550 PSI. The medium can be set to 650 PSI, while the standard output lies between 800 and 900 PSI.


  • 3 color options
  • Mini gauge
  • Rotational collar
  • Aluminum lightweight bonnet


  • One-year warranty
  • Adjustable output pressure
  • Easy to install


  • Quite expensive

HPDAVV Paintball Air Tank Regulator & Valve Gauge

HPDAVV Paintball Air Tank Regulator & Valve Gauge

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The HPDAVV Paintball Air Tank Regulator & Valve Gauge has a decent output and an impressive design. The output pressure can be adjusted from 0 to 2000 PSI and has a 4500 PSI maximum input pressure. Additionally, it comes with a built-in gauge that makes the regulator super reliable.


  • Built-in gauge
  • Rubber fill nipple cover
  • Hard metal alloy built


  • Steady pressure
  • High airflow rate
  • Easy to assemble


  • A bit of leakage


What is the Best Size of Paintball Tank to Buy?

Undoubtedly, the size of your paintball has an impact on your performance. However, the choice of the paintball tank depends on your playing style and needs. If you’re not a regular player, go for a tank with a small gas storage capacity. However, the best size is 48/3000 or 68/4500.

Does Every Tank Come With a Pressure Gauge?

Nowadays, most paintball tanks are equipped with a pressure gauge. But you can replace one with a gauge that suits your needs and style.

What Kind of Regulator Comes With a Tank?

Most regulators equipped in paintball tanks are solid. You may not need to change it soon. However, you need to ensure that it works correctly and has the right amount of air for your paintball marker.

How Many Shots Can I Get from an Average-Sized Tank?

The number of shots is directly related to the size of your tank. A 48CI/3000PSI tank can shoot up to 580 rounds before demanding a refill.

Best Paintball Tank Regulator

Final Thoughts

Now that you have everything you need to know about paintball tank regulators, it’s time to take your paintballing skills to the next level. If you’re new to paintball, this is a good way to improve your performance.