Best Lightweight Strollers for Toddlers Reviews

Taking your baby out for a walk should not be something that worries you with every step you make.

To ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe from harsh weather, you need to use the best travel strollers.

The best stroller should be light so that you can have maximum control. Lightweight strollers are great for trips; you will have a place to put the baby in for a nap when you are on the road.

Some of the Best Lightweight Strollers for Toddlers

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe Stroller, Ella

This is the best lightweight stroller for toddlers for you to use when you do not want any extra weight when you are on the road.

The stroller is fitted with a new type of brake for ease of halting. The brakes work perfectly and hence you will not have to disturb the baby’s peace with an abrupt stop.

Best Lightweight Strollers for Toddlers - Best Travel Strollers

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Its weight is just 13.4 pounds (6 kilos). With this kind of weight, you will find it easy to handle the stroller. The weight is also ample enough to make the stroller retain its position when a swift breeze passes by and you have removed the baby from it.

One of the best lightweight strollers for travel, Uppababy is reinforced with a strong aluminum frame. The aluminum metal does not oxidize in normal conditions, so you are going to enjoy a rust free trip. A rust-free trip means no residue that will harm the baby while you are on the road.

Using the stroller is also something simple. You can easily open the canopy and place your baby comfortably without any complications.

Even when you feel like the canopy will not be in use, you can remove it and use the stroller free of the canopy.

The seat pad and fabrics are also removable. You can take them out for washing and airing whenever you need to. The stroller is, therefore, easier to clean than most of the others in the market.

The stroller has a wonderful sunshade that you can extend down to the level you need. The sunshade will keep the baby safe from the harmful rays of the sun while the body indulges in some vitamin K.


The weight of the stroller is ideal for great control, but the design is flawed limiting the control that you have on the stroller. The light weight stroller has a stiff nature that most of the users find annoying.

The more the weight present on the stroller, the harder it becomes for you to maneuver it. Most of the people who have used it stopped using it after their babies gained twice their weight.

Maclaren Volo Stroller, Black

When usability is at the top of your priority list when you are trying to find the best lightweight travel stroller, then the Maclaren Volo Stroller is the best light stroller for you.

The stroller has a weight of only 9.8lbs, which is roughly four kilos. This small weight gives you control of the stroller even when the baby is weighing five times more. The weight also ensures that you can push the stroller without having to deal with more weight than that of the child.

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The stroller can manage to hold a great deal of weight. You can carry a toddler who has a weight of up to 55 pounds without breaking the stroller.

A UPF 50+ canopy is also included in the features of the stroller. The canopy can be extended down to a position that the sun will not affect the baby.

Apart from the canopy, you also get a built-in sun visor. The sun visor protects your child from the sun’s rays too.

A Multi-position seat with extendable leg rest is present in the stroller. You can adjust the feature to cope with your child’s height, making this the best lightweight stroller for travel for a child of any age.

The best lightweight stroller for toddlers consists of replaceable parts, which you can service at the comfort of your home. They have a simple replacement procedure that you can follow to repair the stroller anytime it breaks down.

You will also get a premium transparent rain cover with the stroller. The rain cover is also wind resistant, ensuring that the baby will not be affected by the rain in any way.

A head hugger, shoulder pads, and buggy ID tag are also some of the things that you get when you purchase the stroller. They will ensure that your baby enjoys every second in the stroller.


Some of the features of the stroller have been reported to malfunction. The straps, for example, are hard to adjust. Users are usually forced to leave a tight strap around their babies once they tighten them with great force by mistake.

Though the tightness won’t harm the baby, it may cause some discomfort to the baby and you will end up irritating the baby and make strollers a nightmare for the child.

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller, Denny

The UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller is a light travel stroller that you will find useful in your day-to-day travel.

It has a new type of mesh seat that allows the oxygen level in the stroller to be balanced and does not add any extra weight to the stroller. You can cover the top part of the stroller when the child is asleep and he/ she will still get enough air inside.

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Travel Stroller

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The stroller weighs about 10.7 pounds. You can handle the stroller easily and carry it with ease when not in use. The weight adds some stability to the stroller. You can, therefore, let go of the stroller for a second without worrying about it flying away in the slightest breeze.

The canopy can easily be adjusted to the required level. When not in use, you can remove it for washing and safekeeping.

The sunshade included in the product is also capable of absorbing most of the harmful UV rays from the sun on a hot day. Your child is still going to enjoy a bit of sunshine while being protected from any harmful rays.

The fabrics can also be removed. You can take them out too for washing when the stroller is not in use; hence, they are the best lightweight strollers for travel to use on a muddy road.

The fabrics are super fine; your child is going to have a really comfortable stay in the stroller.

The reinforcement on the stroller makes it ideal for use with babies who have any value of weight within their normal weight capacity. You can use the stroller until your baby has attained an age that graduates them from being carried in the stroller anymore.


The stroller’s design is not ideal for heavy weight babies. If your baby is heavier than usual, the stroller won’t be the very comfortable.

The straps might not hold the heavy babies tight enough for the baby to retain an upright position.

This limits the number of people who can use the stroller without experiencing any problems.

Best Lightweight Strollers Buying Guide

Getting the best lightweight stroller for toddlers occasions for your child is not supposed to be a hard task.

Here are some of the aspects that you should look for in order for you to find a light stroller for travel:

  • Comfortability: The idea is to get the best baby stroller that your child will be comfortable in. You should get a stroller that will hold the baby in an upright and comfortable position.
  • Light weight: Go for a stroller that does not weigh more than 20 pounds. The heavier ones are hard to control and you will have a really hard time trying to hold on to it because you are always going to tire off.
  • Sunshade: The stroller should have a sunshade that is going to keep your baby protected from the sun’s rays. With this, you can take the baby anywhere in the hottest day and you should, therefore, go for this type of stroller.
  • Stability: Choose the most stable lightweight stroller you can find. Stability is a key aspect that you need to see in a stroller before you purchase it. You will otherwise risk injuring your child with a fallen stroller.
  • Price: You need to choose a stroller that can fall in your budget but gives you more than you paid for. There is no reason to buy an expensive stroller that is just the same as the rest of the cheaper strollers.

Even if you have never used a lightweight double stroller for travel before, once you get used to it, you will never leave the house without one. This is provided you have the best lightweight stroller for toddlers like the ones listed above.