Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms Reviews 2022

While you have plenty of brilliant air cleaners for smaller rooms, the same cannot be said when it comes to larger rooms.

But there are a couple of units that stand out from the crowd and youre likely to get the best large room air purifier from them.

This guide will introduce you to theselarge room air purifiers.

I will also pointout what to look out for when comparing different large room air cleaners.

Come with me.

What is an air purifier?

I dont want to assumethings so lets recap what an air purifier is.

Well, in summary,an air purifier (or air cleaner, if you like) is simply a device built to removes various contaminants from your environmentto help you breathe healthier air.  

They successfully get rid of dust, dust mites, chemicals, odors, mold spores, pet dander, and other airborne toxins to allow you to breathe easy.

But how do they work?

The simply draw in dirty air, decontaminate it- using different technologies-, then release clean air.

Types of air cleaners

Your large room air freshener may function differently from mine.

And it all boilsdown to the type of technology/engineeringits based on.

The following types of air purifiers dominate at this level.

·        HEPA Air Purifiers

These filter impurities using True HEPA filters which are known to capture 99.97% of numerous airborne particles (down to those sized .03 microns).

They also discourage the multiplication and spreading of bacteria and viruses in your environment.

·        UV Light Air Purifiers

These large room air fresheners kill airborne germs and othermicroorganisms using radiation generated by the built-in UV lighting.

Theyre a wonderful choice if youre targetingairborne pathogens including Streptococcus pneumonia (causes pneumonia).

Most are ozone free.

·        Ionizers /Ozone generators

Besides the filters, your large space air purifier might come with an optional ionizer.

Ionizers reduce the prevalence of harmful particles in yourspaces by introducing charged ions/ozone.

On interacting with the ions, particles become heavy andeventually fall from the air.

Some produce ozone to help remove odors.

On the downside, charged particles can potentially irritateyour lungs.

·        Activated carbon air cleaners

These use activated carbon (carbon processed with activatedcharcoal to make it more porous) to eliminate odors, cooking fumes, cigarettesmoke, and chemicals from your air.

Some refer to them as adsorbers since they use adsorption(holding molecules as thin film) to trap particles.

·        Electrostatic Purifiers

These apply an electrostatic charge to particles causingthem to collect onto installed electrostatic plates.

The pollutants are then cleaned off easily.

They also produce ozone and are becoming increasingly rarenowadays.

Large Room Air Purifier Buying Guide

Our large room air purifier reviews are coming next.

But before then, here is what you should have in mind as you search for the best large room air purifier.

1.     Check its capacity (Sq. Ft)

It goes without saying that you want a device thatspowerful enough to expertly clean your spacious living room, bedroom, open basement,office area, and such areas.

You should hence read the manufacturers recommendedoptimal square footage before anything else.

Every large area air purifier will serve best for certain areas and its important that you observe this.

Be prepared to invest in two (or more purifiers) if youcant find one adequately powerful to singularly clean your space.

Other things you can check here are:

  • The CADR rating (dust/pollen/smoke)- Thissimply indicates the cubic footage (of air) your large air purifier canclean in one minute. Higher ratings imply quicker improvement.
  • The number of times it recycles/refreshes air in an hour- Againyou want a large space air purifier thatcirculates clean air more frequently.

2.     How good is it?

Next, the best large room air purifier is definitely going to move a lot of air and deal ruthlessly with pollutants such as:

  • Dust/dust mites.
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores.
  • Plant spores/fungi.
  • Bacteria and viruses.
  • Smoke and smell from tobacco, wood and more.
  • Pet dander/hair.
  • Various household odors - from pets, chemical gases, cooking fumes, and more.

Now, you can easily tell if it does the job byreading the reviews/comments left by previous buyers.

Having said that, most of the units at this levelare louder but you can occasionally stumble on a silent operator…

Again the reviews will help you tell if its quite enough.

3.     What features does the unit have?

Its always nice to have the following features in your aircleaner:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Supporting app.
  • Air quality indicator.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Smart sensors.
  • Timer/scheduler.
  • Automatic operation
  • MultipleFan Speeds.
  • Filter lifetime indicators.
  • Remote control

Most of the units we have covered in our best large room air purifier reviews have some of the aforementioned features.

4.     How much will it cost you to run it?

You dont want an air purifier that drains your pocket socheck its energy usage and included power-saving features (if any).

In general, energy star certified purifiers result in lowerenergy bills.

Also, investigate the pricing (and availability) ofreplacement filters.

5.     Others considerations

  • Aesthetics-is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Portability-How big is it? And does it come with a carrying handle and/or caster wheels tohelp move it?.
  • Warrantyand support- Longer warranty periods and responsive support will give youpeace of mind.

Large room air purifier reviews

Here now are our reviews of the best 5 units for bigger rooms.

Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier (True HEPA)

The Honeywell 50250-S is among the best air purifiers for massive living rooms, master bedrooms, and basements on the account of its performance.

large room air purifier

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The 360 degrees air intake and discharge plus the powerhousefan motor make it extremely good for rooms up to 390 sq. ft. 


The headline features include the 3-speed settings levels- low, medium, and high (this is incredibly powerful) - and surroundseal technology which makes sure particles dont escape around the filters.

Then, it packs a great filtration system - mesh pre-filter (activated) plus true HEPA filter -which helps clean your air so well.

And like I hinted, it draws dirty air in from allsides so it wont be long before you notice a difference in your rooms airquality.

Its a big unit but the handle will help you moveit. 

The indicators inform you about its status and when tochange the pre-filters.

I just wish it had a timer but again you can purchase anaftermarket one.


  • Purifies air impressively.
  • Inexpensive to run- you only need to replace the pre-filters.
  • Easy to learn and operate.
  • Sturdily constructed.


  • A bitpricey.
  • Slightlynoisy on the highest setting.

LEVOIT LV-H133 Air Purifier for Large Room (with True HEPA Filter)

Consider this Levoit air purifier if youre looking for amore affordable unit for your large space.

best large room air purifier

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Its 30% more efficient in cleaning and works 30% fasterthan standard air purifiers and perfectly suits family rooms, bedrooms, andkitchens sized about 360 sq. ft.

The LV-H133 attains a fresh air change an impressive 4.5 times (per hour).


This unit is packed full of pleasant inventions.

From the 3 superpower-like filters (pre-filter,activated carbon filter, and True HEPA filter) to the smart sensor that updatesyou in real-time, I love everything here.

Add the seamless auto setting -adjusts the fan speed automaticallyto battle new pollution like your dogs fart- and you begin to see why its sohighly rated.

You can even control it using your iPhone/ Android phonethanks to the compatible VeSync app. including scheduling it to run for 1,2,3,or more hours.

Plus, its not as noisy as the Honeywell even at the maximum setting.

I am also happy that you can turn off the display lightswhen you want to sleep deeply.

It, however, lacks remote/WiFi connectivity.


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Amazing airflow.
  • Functional auto shut-off timer.
  • Inexpensive filters.


  • A tad bulky.

Honeywell HPA200 Air Purifier, Black

Another magical Honeywell, the HPA200 flawlessly traps germsand is a good choice if you often suffer stubborn allergies.

large air purifier

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The older HPA200 was blamed for being bulky and this timethey have gotten the design right- its a cute, compact unit.

Youll savor the quiet operation and a soothing white noisewhen sleeping.

The manufacturer recommends this product for bedrooms, dorm rooms, bathroom areas, and other spaces up to 310 sq ft.


Its not left behind by its peers and comes with a bunch of practicalsettings.

I had already mentioned about its imposing allergen removalpowers- this is largely due to the fantastic carbon pre-filter.

Of course, the few germs lucky to survive the pre-filter phase meet their match in the HEPA filter.

Overall, the performance is again a joy and it actuallycirculates allergens-free air in the area you deploy it in about 5 times perhour.

It also includes a handy automatic shut-off timeras well as 4 cleaning levels including a dedicated allergen cleaning option.

Having said that, its advisable that you first run it onthe turbo setting to quickly revitalize the air before engaging a lower setting.

The unobtrusive shape/size allows you to place itanywhere including against a wall.


  • Saves on space.
  • Straightforward touch controls.
  • Super quiet.
  • It may be the best large room air purifier for allergies and asthma.


  • Lacks features such as air quality indicators.

Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K Air Purifier with HEPA Air Cleaner

This Whirlpool bested the previous 3 units in coverage(cleans well up to 490 sq.ft) and is ideal for larger rooms and open spaces.

best air purifier for large rooms

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It moves copious amounts of air quietly and sustainsnoticeably low levels of particulate contaminants in rooms where othersstruggle.

Whirlpool filters are generally inexpensive so its by far one of the cheapest units to maintain.

Features of this product

This purifiers 4 fan speeds (including the spectacular Turbooption) help it clear pollutants from your environment pretty quickly.

Air purifiers effective for such large spaces tend to be superloud because of the robust motors.

Well, not this-you barely hear it (the sleep mode isliterary a whisper!).

It uses two filters- a genuine HEPA filter and a charcoalpre-filter to overcome dust, fabric fibers, pollen, pet dander, smoke, odors, moldspores, and everything else.

Away from the high-efficiency purification technology, itfeatures nice touch controls.

The setup is a snap too so it should get down to workimmediately.

It might be worth every penny, the absence of a remotenotwithstanding.


  • Beautiful classic design
  • Quietest operation on the sleep mode
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Easy to install/change filters


  • Draws more energy.
  • Bigger unit.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra-Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Go for this Rabbit MinusA2 if youre after a unit thatperforms gallantly in massive spaces (700 sq. ft)

air purifier for large room

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The innovative six-stage purification system (including a well-thought-out deodorizer) immensely upgrades the quality of the air youre breathing.

Whats more, you can mount it on a wall or place it on atable (or any other flat surface).


The advanced6-level purification means pollutants stand very little chance against thisunit.

In fact, this is the only cleaner in this best large room air purifier list to allow you to activate a customizable filter of choice depending on the prevalent pollution.

You can thus optionally engage a dedicated germs filter, odor remover, pet allergy cleaner, or toxin absorber to trap/repress myriad germs, smells, allergens, and toxins appropriately.

Additionally, the manufacturer has installed the proprietaryBioGS HEPA Filter rather than the conventional True HEPA filter because itcleans efficiently for longer.

The units pioneering BLDC Motor offers an unprecedentedfive speeds while the auto setting works great.

All your dream features are included including a remote, airquality detector, and a built-in handle.

You can access all the controls using the supporting Androidor IOS App.


  • The filters last up to 2 years.
  • Terrific deodorizer.
  • A huge number of options and settings.
  • Excellent app.


  • Pricey unit.
  • The products timer setting only works with the app.

Final thoughts

Best Large Room Air Purifier - Big Rooms Air Cleaners

Cleaning pollution in larger spaces takes more than whatmost small-sized air purifiers can offer.

Luckily, a couple of mind-blowing large space air cleaners are waiting out there.

Admittedly, the variety is somewhat limited (and thatdoesnt make your work any easier) but you should still come out with a solid unit.   

We hope that youll find this guide helpful as you chase the best large room air purifier to fit your personal needs.