What are the Best Humidifiers for 2022?

The best humidifier is a chic way to beat one of the most brutal outcomes of rock bottom winter temperatures: persistently dry air.

In this guide, we take a look at what to look for in thebest room humidifiers and reveal our top five picks.

Read on.

Best Humidifier Reviews

We have scoured the markets and handpicked our best 5models.

This section is dedicated to these best humidifier reviews.

Go through them before picking the best fit for your roommoisture needs.

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom Large Room Home

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A mist output of 12 gallons per 24/hrs (500 ML/hr) means that this is one of the best humidifiers for large rooms (spaces as huge as 753 sq. ft).

The 1.5 gal tank runs non-stop for 36 hours (low mistsetting) meaning you wont be waking up in the middle of the night forrefilling.


This humidifier is a solid choice for those who are after aunit that gets the job done in big rooms.

There are three mist settings (high, medium, low) as well asa built-in moisture level sensor that gauges current humidity level and automaticallyadjusts it to bring more comfort.

This ultrasonic model comes in both cool and warm mistoptions and has a safety auto-off when empty, practical remote control and canbe preset (has a timer).

You will also treasure its easy-to-clean tank design.

Rounding off what is one of the most loved models in ourhumidifier reviews is a soundless operation and a light-off option to help yousleep tight throughout the night.


  • Super quiet.
  • Charming looks.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Higher mist settings use more water.

Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Shark HE601 Air Purifier 6 True HEPA Covers up to 1200 Sq

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This is the No. 1 best-selling humidifier in the category ofhumidifiers upgraded with germ-killing abilities (uses UV technology to wipeout organisms).

Its not just about germ killing, though and has a robust,steady mist-output and an ultra-quiet function (thanks to the QuietCaretechnology).


This Energy Star appliance is a sure bet if youre lookingfor the best humidifier for rooms up to 360 square feet.

It offers 3 three different powerful, steady mist-outputsettings to choose from, as well as a break-resistant water tank which hasfurther been made so easy to fill and clean.

Plus, the reservoir runs for 24 uninterrupted hours(maximum) per filling.

This cool mist humidifier comes with a self-regulating evaporative system so it will never add more moisture than necessary to the air (research shows that your respiratory function may be severely hampered by excessive humidity).

It, however, doesnt come with extras such as a timer, humidistat,or even an auto shut-off.


  • Top-quality Honeywell construction.
  • Convenient wide tank opening.
  • Powerful Antimicrobial- kills up to 99.99%of all germs.


  • Very few bells and whistles.

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

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Do you suffer persistent respiratory discomforts because ofthe dry air that comes with winter?

The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier features a medicine cup whereyou can add Vicks VapoSteam to ease  coughs, nasal congestion, and such irritations. 

You can as well add Kaz Inhalent to create a medicated steamthat soothes.


This gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

Most outstanding is the pleasantly glowing nightlight, 2 comfortmist settings, and an elegant, extra-large display (shows accurate temperatureand humidity levels).

As a bonus, this model will, according to the company killup to 99.9% of all the bacteria that typically live in the water held by thereservoir.

The 1-gallon tank capacity means it will work for 12 hours(low setting) without stopping and is again a breeze to fill- simply put waterand replace the cap by turning it clockwise firmly.

The other thing we like is that its filter-free so youwont be spending more bucks on filters.

If you have limited space, this is compact and could be asensible solution.

Its at its best when deployed in medium to large spaces (upto 400 square feet).


  • Functional auto-shutoff (when the tank runsempty).
  • Accepts VapoPads for soothing mist.
  • Filter-free


  • No humidistat.

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifiers

LED Humidifiers for Home Large Room Bedroom 5.5L Big Capacity

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This top-class model is best for your toddlers bedroom orother areas where noise is upsetting such as offices or a study room.

Its 27dB noise level makes it unbeatable for such spaces.


Its a great machine that features a 360° rotatable moisturenozzle that sprays continuous mist to all directions (the maximum area is215-430 sq. ft).

Best of all, the mist is enveloping and gentler and willhelp your baby experience deep, restful sleep.

Did I mention that it runs without a light at night to stimulategood sleep?

It still offers a reasonably-sized tank (1.06 gallons/4L) whichmanages a 12-50 hours uninterrupted humidification operation.

The auto shut-off will put it off when the water is drained.

Finally, the dial knob control makes setting up requiredhumidity levels effortless (choose between Min and Max as per your needs).


  • The Nano-coated circuit boards are protected fromdamage by moisture.
  • Easy to handle tank.
  • Dim at night.


  • No major concern.

Honeywell HEV685W Top Fill Console Humidifier

Honeywell HEV685W

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This magical humidifier is a darling to many users in theconsole humidifier category, thanks to its adjustable humidistat (with low,high, and medium-speed settings).

It automatically comes on/off to preserve wonderful humiditylevels in all your rooms and could be the best home humidifier.


Due to its unrelenting moisture output and the premiumfilter, the Honeywell HEV685W acts with great speed and brings healthier airthan most other models. 

And while others require that you remove the tank to fill,this units top-fill design means you can refill the two 1.5-gallon tanks witha regular watering can!

The other very attractive feature is the antimicrobial property(restrains mold, algae, fungi, and more) in the filter - this explains why youbreathe cleaner air here.

There are other cool extras including a refill light (towarn you about low water levels) and humidity reached indicator (shows ifcritical humidity levels have been reached/exceeded).

Its white exterior looks stunning too.

It runs for up to 24 hours for spaces 2000 sq.ft and aboveon full tank.


  • Intuitive controls.
  • Top filling tanks.
  • Admirably quiet.


  • Lacks a remote control. 

Why buying the best humidifier could be a smart decision

Gone are the days when people would rely exclusively on oldschool methods such as boiling water on stoves or placing bowls (full of water)in strategic locations to increase humidity.

And if youve spent some time researching online lately, youknow that top-rated humidifiers are the newest trend, and for a goodreason:

They discharge moisture in an instant into theair when the cold winter air becomes dryer (wintertime humidity is naturallylow and the little remaining moisture is quickly swallowed up bythe air).

According to scientific tests, humidifiers have the abilityto raise (and maintain) the room humidity at between 30 and 50 percentwhich is the EPA recommended range.

There are abundant perks to reap when you keep yourenvironment appropriately humidified not least improved air quality and reducedexposure to dry-air triggered health issues such as respiratory ailments.

Types of humidifiers

Humidifiers come in 5 types: Evaporative, ultrasonic,vaporizers, impeller, and central humidifiers.

Each kind has pros and cons to consider.

Take a look:

Evaporative humidifiers

These evaporate moisture into the air from a moistenedfilter. Fans drive the moisturizing process.

Pro: Affordable.

Cons: Efficientfor limited rooms, experience faster mold growth.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

These moisturize via ultrasonic vibrations (sound waves withhigher frequencies).

Pros: Safe forchildren (more on this shortly), whisper-quiet.

Cons: May intensifyyour asthma and related diseases.


These heat the water to form moisture which they vent assteam.

Pros: bargainprices.

Cons: can burnkids/pets (more on this in a moment).

Impeller humidifiers

Make moisture using disks that rotate at high speed.

Pros: Safe forchildren/pets (like ultrasonic).

Cons: best forsmall spaces.

Central humidifiers

These are physically hooked up to your homes centralheating/air conditioning system and the plumbing network.

Pros: Moisturizethe whole house.

Cons: Priciest,could burn toddlers/four-legged friends.

Also note that in terms of sizes, humidifiers can be portable (carried along and placed on desks/tables) or console (larger, kept on the floor).

Why are humidifiers said to be safe/unsafe for babies/ furry friends?

To answer you adequately, perhaps I should explain thedifference between warm and cool mist first.

The thing is, humidifiers expel either warm mist (warmmoisture from pre-heated water) or cool mist (cool/room temperaturespray).

The former happens in humidifiers that have a water heatingsystem incorporated such as vaporizers.

Consequently, your baby/pet is likely to get burned if they come into contact with these hot humidifiers (the tank could be holding boiling hot water).

For this reason, youre safer with humidifiers using non-heating systems such as ultrasonic units (these engulf your rooms with cool air) if youre a proud parent or pet owner because they will scald never them.

The best humidifier buying guide

You know the modern-day humidifier types but what else should you worry about when you shop for a model to thwart muggy humidity and its miserable effects including chapped lips?

Below we break down the other foundational considerations tohelp you choose the right humidifier for your home or office:

Your room size matters

For expanded spaces, pick central systems or at leastconsole humidifiers (these can excellently humidify spaces up to 3000 sq. ft,sometimes more)

On the other hand, personal humidifiers are ideal for small-sized offices, bedrooms, kitchens, condos etc.

Check its humidification capacity

The next pivotal consideration is the moisture output(the amount of mist it unleashes in 24 hours).

Bigger whole-home humidifiers can output even more than 9gallons/day while portable humidifiers discharge 0.5 to 9 gallons per 24 hours.

The output tells you about its ability to humidify certainsquare footage/rooms optimally, which is what you want.

The tank size (and design) could be crucial too

The capacity of water in the built-in tank/reservoir determines whether it will run throughout the night (without refilling) for quality sleep time.

Overall, youre better off with models with bigger tanks.

Still, on the tank, be sure that its super-easy to clean (you dont want any deposits or mold and bacteria in there) and refill when necessary.

Its operational ease is also worth checking

Keep off units with substandard controls that malfunctionevery now and then, hard-to-read displays, and other awkward settings.

Its also important to see to it that the product you end upis easy to move from one room to the next (think caster wheels).

Other than the above….

Look for helpful features

The following features could be advantageous…

  • Ahumidistat- This shuts off your humidifier when humidity reaches a presetlevel to prevent over humidification (over-humidified air causes ills such asmold growth, respiratory issues for infants, and more).
  • Cool andwarm mist- Having both features could be nice if youre torn between thetwo mists.
  • Adjustablemist mode- This makes humidification extremely precise becauseyou can change mist output as per your needs.
  • Whisper-quietfan - Noise can interrupt your sleep or hamper your concentration.
  • Changingmood lights- Colorful lighting brings a soothing ambiance at bedtime.
  • Autoshut-off protection -This shuts off your humidifier automatically if thereservoir goes out of water.
  • Essentialoil tool: With this provision, you can add your favorite essential oils tothe unit to supply a clean, fresh-smelling aroma to your rooms.

Wrapping it up

Best Humidifiers Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

There are plenty of methods to counteractthe parched winter humidity but some ways are easier - and sounder - thanothers.

The best humidifier is among the trendiest and most powerfulsolutions to air parchedness because of plummeting wintertime temperatures.

Indeed, unlike most of the traditional methods, here you stand to gain in many other ways including having your rooms feel warmer and preventing the saturation of germs in the air (this study found that bringing humidity to 43% makes germs ineffective).

In short, no matter where you live, the best humidifier is a priceless tool to add to your space during the cold winter months.