Best Hover Mower 2023 – (Hover Lawnmowers Reviewed)

Every homeowner wants a lush green lawn. However, to keep your grass in top shape, you need to cut and trim it at regular intervals; thus, lawn mowing is a crucial part of lawn care maintenance.

Regular lawn mowing is key in preventing your yard from looking unattractive and unkempt. Nowadays, there are several lawn mowing tools available out there, and each has its perks.

If you own a medium or large-sized lawn, you’ll need to invest in a self-propelled mower or riding mower. But if you need a tool to maintain a small-sized lawn, a hover mower does the trick. They are designed to move in multiple directions and suit awkwardly shaped lawns.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the five best hover mowers and a buying guide to help you find a product that suits your mowing needs.

Best Hover Mower Reviews

Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp 11-Inch Electric Hover Mower

Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp 11-Inch Electric Hover Mower

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The Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E is designed with ease of use and maneuverability in mind. It has a robust motor that offers 7000 rounds per minute and 10 amps of power. It comes with an 11-inch blade hub and is equipped with three blades at the base. It is equipped with a safety button that stops blade rotations once it’s released. This minimizes the risk of injuries while operating the tool.


  • 3 rotating blades
  • 10-amp electric motor
  • 11-inch wide


  • Lightweight design
  • It comes with 30 replacement blades
  • Ideal for sloppy turf
  • Easy start and stop


  • Cutting height isn’t adjustable

Bluebird Turf Products HM200 Hover Mower

Bluebird Turf Products

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This hover mower comes with an amazing combination of sturdy steel handles and a feather-light floating deck. It has a working width of 20 inches, making it a versatile and durable machine. It’s equipped with three blades at the base of the spinning hub that’s wear-resistant. The deck is made of high-density polyethylene, which makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver. The best part about this machine is that it has the option to switch between three speeds.


  • High-density polyethylene
  • Steel handle
  • 41.5 lbs
  • 20-inch cutting width


  • 3-year warranty
  • Durable construction
  • Extensive cutting range
  • Powerful engine
  • Lightweight design


  • Engine start-off is a bit noisy

Flymo Glider Compact 330AX Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower

Flymo EasiGlide Plus 360V Hover Collect Lawn Mower

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The Flymo Glider Compact 330AX Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower comes as a unique electric hover mower that is powered by a 1700W motor. The fan and blades are powered by the motor, making your mowing journey easy and effortless. It has a compact design that allows you to cut close to fences and walls. It has handles that fold neatly over the mower for tidy and neat storage.


  • 33 cm cutting width
  • 22L collector volume
  • 1700W motor
  • Foldable handles
  • 10 M cable


  • Powerful motor
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Big grass box
  • Easy to store


  • Complex assembly

Bluebird Turf Products HM160 Hover Mower

Bluebird Turf Products HM160

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The Bluebird Turf Products HM160 Hover Mower is yet another powerful tool from Bluebird. It comes with 3 stainless steel blades that can be easily replaced and have a 16-inch cutting width. However, you don’t need to replace them frequently since they have sharp edges and are hard-wearing, and don’t get damaged easily.


  • High-density polyethylene deck
  • Spring load belt idler
  • 16 inches cutting width
  • Gas-powered


  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Adjustable cutting range
  • Durable construction


  • The engine is not so powerful

McGregor 30cm Hover Collect Lawnmower

McGregor 30cm Hover Collect Lawnmower

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If you’re looking for the best hover mower that is lightweight and easy to move, this is a good bet. The McGregor 30cm Hover Collect Lawnmower is strong enough to handle thick grass, thanks to its powerful 1450-watt electric motor and a 20-liter collection box when the grass is dry. With this machine, you’re guaranteed a lush green lawn season after season.


  • 30 cm cutting width
  • Electric power
  • 1450 watts motor
  • 20 liters grass box capacity
  • Steel blade


  • Easy to use
  • Effective on dry grass
  • Precise cut
  • Extremely lightweight


  • The length of the power cord could be longer

What is a Hover Mower?

This is a type of lawnmower that uses an impeller above its spinning blade. Once the machine is activated, the air is driven downward, creating some air cushion, making the hover mower a little raised from the ground. Therefore, the user has an easier time moving the mower over the grass.

A quality hover mower should be light so that it can create an air cushion easily. Therefore, it is equipped with an electric motor and a plastic body. A hover mower works best in waterfronts, high-weeded areas, or steep slopes.

Tips for Keeping Your Hover Mower in Top Shape

  • Remove any pebbles or stones from your lawn before mowing since they can damage the blades of your hover mower.
  • When starting up the hover mower, tilt it to the side or a fraction backward. This will allow the blades to remove any remaining debris left during the previous cut and will enable the airflow needed for the tool to hover.
  • If the machine is equipped with a collector, ensure you walk in a straight line. By doing this, the grass clippings will be deposited in the collector bag.
  • Never mow over hard surfaces like paths, slabs, or patios. Instead, save your blades and use a weed eater or trimmer to finish the job.
  • Always keep the cables safe.


How Long Does a Hover Mower Last?

Quality hover mowers have a life expectancy of between 8 to 10 years on average. However, this is dependent on the usage, manufacturer, and size. Generally, the number of years it lasts depends on proper care and maintenance. Poorly maintained mowers will only last for 4 to 5 years.

How Do I Adjust the Height of the Blades?

This varies depending on the hover mower brand, and generally, you cannot fully adjust the height of the mower. If the height is important to you, invest in a cylinder mower or a wheeled rotary mower. With most hover mowers, you can adjust the cutting height by removing or adding spacers between the mower deck and the blade or a central adjustment lever. However, before changing anything, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Should I Store My Hover Mower?

The best part about hover mowers is that they can be hung on walls or folded and occupies very little space. However, they should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Why is My Hover Mower not Hovering?

Always keep in mind that a hover mower can only float if there is sufficient air cushion underneath. Therefore, if anything is hindering the generation of the air cushion, the mower will not hover. Ensure that your lawn is not too wet and there’s no grass under the machine.

Hover Lawn Mower Buying Guide

There are several hover mowers available in the market with different capabilities and features. Fortunately, we’ve listed some crucial factors you should be keen on when looking for a hover mower.


Since you need an easy-to-maneuver machine, you should choose one that’s lightweight and easy to move. However, ensure that its lightweight design does not compromise the function of the tool.

Blade Materials

If your lawn has sticks and plastics, plastic blades will work best for you. However, if you need to make sharp and precise cuts and have pieces of wood on the lawn, look for stainless steel blades since they will make lawn maintenance easy for you.

Power Source

If you have a small lawn, an electric mower is the best bet since they are easy to maintain and lightweight. However, for moderate to large lawns, invest in a gas-powered hover mower since they are not restricted by cable and can move around easily.


Your machine works as well as the engine that powers it. Therefore, the higher the engine horsepower, the better the hover mower. If you own a large lawn or backyard, you don’t want to cut the grass every day. Therefore, go for a powerful mower that gives you precise cuts and reduces the need to trim often.

Cutting Width

Most hover mowers have cutting widths ranging from 12” to 21”. Hover mowers with smaller widths only cover a small area at a time but are easy to handle and maneuver than larger models. However, you will spend more time mowing.


A hover mower should be strong enough to withstand continuous use and abuse. The continuous dragging can wear off your machine, so it’s important to choose one with sturdy construction. Every homeowner needs a quality product that can pass the test of time and is very handy when exposed to regular use.

Best Hover Mower Reviews and Buying Guide


Before making the final decision, consider the terrain of your garden. Check if it’s a flat one or a hilly one with several obstacles. For this reason, look for one that suits your lawn and has enough power to handle any terrain.

Convenient to Use and Store

Mowing is a continuous task. Therefore, go for a hover mower with an ergonomic design and is equipped with a comfortable handle. You should not opt for a lawnmower that is too heavy to store or maintain.

Do hover mowers work on uneven ground?

Hover mowers are generally a good option for uneven ground. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and they don’t have wheels that can scalp the lawn when one wheel hits a bump.

Hover mowers can cut the grass in all directions, not just in a straight line, which is useful if you have a curving outline to your grass or many nooks and crannies of grass.

However, it is important to note that when crossing any graveled area, the switch bar lever should be released to turn off the hover grass cutter, as the stones can be picked up and thrown by the rotating blades.


Hover mowers provide a better alternative to traditional lawnmowers since they are easy to carry over sloped turf and light in weight.

Choosing the right product for your needs can be challenging. Thankfully, we’ve reviewed the best hover mowers out there and some crucial tips to help you choose the right product. Good luck!