Tips To Choose The Best Home Security Camera System

Today, having a video surveillance system or security cameras is an optimal solution to keep out thieves and protect the home and its inhabitants. The constant progress of technology has led the security sector, especially in recent years, to offer the market products increasingly efficient, for all needs and at very competitive prices.

We can meet our security from a single surveillance camera that can buy at a really affordable price complex systems and noted for their efficiency and automation.

In this article we will try to reel off what home security cameras can be found in the market, its different types, and how we choose them . It is a complement to the article of security measures to prevent theft at home .

What advantages do surveillance cameras provide?

The alarm systems  have a dual function: First is deter intrusion into the home and, if this occurs, be able to detect it and notify the person concerned as quickly as possible, but also:

  • Although it may seem a lie, the psychological aspect is important, given that this anti-theft system provides “mental peace of mind” to home users recognizing that they can be warned while trying to enter the home.
  • Discourage the possible theft because they are really visible.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and the price range for sale in the market is large.
  • The surveillance cameras are extremely useful because they allow monitor activities of people who visit your home and office, as well as events. We have a record of what happens.
  • Collect evidence of possible crimes – robberies practiced in the home.
  • It can help you make good and fair decisions when resolving disputes, both domestically and professionally. we have images to resolve disputes.

Everything is not so pretty, it must be said that there are some disadvantages how; privacy issues, complex installations are not cheap, you can not stop theft “in situ” it is a measure of notification and registration, and being an electronic system, in the worst case, as we have hackers .

Buying Guide – What is the best security system on the market?

Today’s security systems have evolved significantly, both in the control capacity they offer and how much the equipment costs compared to what was usual. Something in which Wifi technology has made a difference, along with GSM systems and the other advances we find in this system.

If you really want to know what you can find in these products, follow the advice in our guide to buy the best security system on the market, adapted to your needs.

Basic Security System

If we have to start valuing these systems, any comparison of security systems must begin by assessing the basic system of operation and connection of the equipment. This is a section in which traditional wired systems persist, but have been surpassed by wireless systems, both based on GSM technology and Wifi format.

In the case of GSM models, these products have external connectivity based on the connectivity formats using conventional mobile telephony, which send alerts to our mobile. In this case we do not have cameras, but presence detectors and other elements that are activated when necessary. Once activated, we receive a message that tells us about the problem or the alarm.

If we look for something more advanced, in Wi-Fi models we have the alternative. These wifi models are based on high quality cameras, which offer us a quality image directly on our mobile or PC. Something that also facilitates the installation and assembly of the product is determined by a wide configuration, since it can be mounted indoors or outdoors, thanks to the resistance of these chambers against dust and moisture.

System elements

One of the advantages of current security systems is their versatility, either in conventional or GSM format, or in the most modern format via Wi-Fi. It is important to verify the elements included in the surveillance system, since if we do not do it properly, we may have problems or lack specific coverage to control the specific areas of your home that may interest you.

Therefore, the first step is to really assess that the game has all the necessary surveillance elements. In this case, it is convenient to start by making a small map of the areas to be controlled, or failing that, to have clear access to our home that requires control. Obviously, the set must include sufficient surveillance elements to control all these areas.

In the case of GSM models, this issue is even more important, since we can control access by doors, windows or by presence sensors, so the possibility of incorporating more accessories is key. The same goes for the presence of cameras for IP products. In both cases, also verify the ability to expand the product if necessary, even once installed.

Product installation

As we have already stated, the installation of the product depends in part on the system offered by it. In any case, if you are looking for a security system, whether economic or conventional, it is important that you have all the necessary elements to make this assembly simple. Some of them we have already mentioned, but we will see what else we should look at.

In the GSM type models, the control unit must be easy to install and must also have adequate connectivity with the different elements, so that we do not have any more problems when it is assembled. In case the assembly is without cables, verify that the product does not generate inconveniences regarding the scope of the piece so that you do not have problems due to the distance.

The same applies to Wifi models, in which the range must be perfect to work without problems. In these cases, it is necessary to properly verify the scope of the product, so as to ensure the necessary network and connection of the product. Do not forget to check the mounting system of the cameras, so that they are firm and well mounted on the wall.

The Best Security Systems

The times of security systems at the price of gold are over. Nowadays we can have cheap, quality security systems that, thanks to their connectivity, allow us to control what we need in a simple way. If you want to know what is the best security system on the market, we offer you some of the best security systems of 2020, with which you can keep everything under control without worry.

Types of security cameras

Technology market offers a wide range of possibilities, from the most modern with wifi until they are just for show, and the different types of surveillance cameras according to their features and capabilities:

1. Indoor Camera

They are the simplest that we can find in the market and the cheapest because they do not need as many mechanisms and protections as those used abroad.

2.- Cameras with movement and zoom

Are often used in large spaces with a central security where a person monitors and monitors the cameras. These robotic cameras  that have the properties of movement on pan, tilt and zoom.

3. Infrared cameras or night vision

Such instruments are used in surveillance where there are spaces in low light . Usually record all day and night automatically turns its infrared with a vision in black and white. They are the most expensive in the market for night vision LED .

They are used as video surveillance cameras within a CCTV installation  … What is a CCTV system? They are the acronym for CCTV , which forms video surveillance technology to monitor a variety of activities and environments where their components are linked together.

A CCTV installation will allow you to view the images received from one or several cameras on a monitor and store them on a recording device. An example of a CCTV system in outline format would be:

4. Hidden Cameras

They are called spy cameras to monitor and monitor a home office or business 100% passing unnoticed. They are introduced into some object how; motion sensors, smoke detectors, plugs … etc.

5.- IP Cameras

The IP camera , are those that connect directly to the Internet showing the image you see. They are the most used and sold in the market since they currently also incorporate Wi-Fi and you can manage them and see the images they capture from your computer, smartphone or tablet .

The main advantage of the IP camera is that it is a device monitoring via video allowing view images in real time remotely via an IP connection to the Internet address.

We can find them for sale with technical specifications of normal consumption, for home, or more developed for professionals.

As we can see in the following image there are a lot of shapes and models, which also include other functions such as wifi ip camera 

6. vandal Cameras

They are used in public transit areas vulnerable to theft and possible attacks. It is mounted on a fixed and sturdy casing. It is often used in warehouses, parking, discos, public roads and in general in any outdoor space.

7. wifi or wireless cameras

They are those that are not directly connected by a cable. Usually has a battery that operates and transmit data via WiFi .

Are used indoors, for example, to see how are the kids or baby, and technology has been incorporated into the IP cameras to work directly with online monitoring.

8.- Outdoor cameras

These cameras are designed to withstand weather action (rain, wind … ect) and are used in space to the outdoors. When we buy an outdoor camera, the price is usually more expensive, mainly because of the protective case.

9.- All-in-one cameras

With advances in technology there has been a cheapening on the type of camera you can find in a store, so we have incorporated various elements that can have more features.

For example, there are models that are both indoor and outdoor, that use Wi-Fi, and monitoring is via the Internet, whether on a computer or mobile phone. In the end we can have a security installation with cameras as complex as we want and more if we use home automation in the home installation .

They are also classified and distinguished by shape, which can mainly be as follows, although currently imagination goes a long way in their designs:

  • Cameras cube (for inside)
  • Box cameras (Indoor)
  • Bullet cameras (For outdoor)
  • Dome cameras (interior and exterior)

How to use a security system

Due to the insecurity that is present in society today, every day people want to monitor their homes to ensure that everything is in order. Security cameras are a great option to carry out this demand. Here are some simple steps that will help you know how to use these technological devices.

Prepare your home for installation

Before acquiring your security system, you must distinguish which places in the house need to be constantly monitored. Therefore, you should give priority to outdoor spaces, as they are more prone to some kind of assault. Locate the cameras at a high angle where you have the ability to view doors and open spaces.

Check that each accessory and cable are in the package

Generally, all security kits include between 2 and 3 cameras, connection wiring and a DVD recorder where images will be stored. Without each of these accessories, the system will be incomplete, so it will not be able to function properly monitoring your preferred spaces. Hence it is important to verify that all cables and accessories are in the package.

Build kit cameras

The cameras are mostly disassembled in the package to avoid any damage that may occur during shipping. Review the instruction manual where you will be told in sections how you should assemble your cameras properly.

Install the camera stand

Currently, online stores offer several models of safety kits. There are cameras that require a support base, and others that are attached to the ceiling. According to your system, build the bases required by the cameras and fix them tightly on the ceiling; otherwise, if they are sticky, measure the diameter of your device and cut a hole in the ceiling where they will be installed.

Connect the corresponding wires to each input

As mentioned earlier, all security packages include a recording DVD. Once you have placed the cameras in their designated place, proceed to the wiring connection. Put each cable in the corresponding entrance, guided by the illustrative labels. All cameras must output the signal to the DVD and from there go to the computer where the captured images are appreciated.

Download the right software

Each brand of security cameras works with an independent program according to the device model. Enter the official brand site and download the appropriate driver software for your system. This will allow you to directly observe the images captured by the cameras, in addition to other functions included such as video editing and image quality, among others.

Synchronize the cameras with your computer

Upon completion of the download and installation of the software on your computer, continue with the synchronization of all cameras. Turn on the devices and wait a few minutes. Each of them must be connected to the store that receives the images. This in turn emits a signal to the computer where the program will be responsible for decoding it on the network to prevent images from being public.

Recommendations and advice

The indoor surveillance camera is recommended to be installed in the  first room  accessed from the outside, so if unauthorized access is received, it would be reflected in the device and these images can be accessed.

Door and window opening sensors can be placed in the  main access to the home  and in a window or door that leads to a common place, such as a patio. In this way, the potential of this type of devices can be used to control access to housing.

Another use of the aforementioned sensors for opening doors and windows may be to control the opening of a drawer, closet and room where we have  valuable products  and we are interested in having specially controlled.

Place the motion sensors near the main doors or at some  points that you want to protect  (such as cabinets, safes, etc.)

Complement the safety elements  with bulbs or intelligent vacuum robots, whose on / off can be operated from a distance. It can be a good idea for its deterrent effect,  simulating the presence  of people at home.

When you are away from home, not only the threat of intrusions, also  possible incidents such  as a water leak can tarnish the rest days. With the installation of a humidity sensor, the event information can be received on the mobile.

What you need to buy a security camera system for home

Before purchasing a system video surveillance you must think and plan well what we really need to recognize what areas we need to monitor and economic budget have. We can follow the following steps

  1. What functions need ? … Decide if you want to avoid intrusions only or also use the system in case of mugging, medical emergencies or control inputs (family, children, employees, etc.)
  2. We have to determine the type of control we need . If you only want images to be recorded or want to see what is happening through Movable or other device.
  3. To mount a security system is important to point out the weaknesses of the house on a small scheme – sketches, ie the main entrances; doors, windows, garage, balconies …
  4. Look at possible camera locations . For example, if there are places that can access but there is nothing of value (A bathhouse in the garden tackle or an independent garage) … you must think if these areas really need security.
  5. You should consider the number of home users . The installation must be practical and its activation or deactivation also; either with a remote control, by voice, keyboard, by mobile … etc.
  6. Look at the image quality, better if it is HD 1080P.
  7. Finally, you must determine the degree of action, ie, if a theft occurs How will I be notified. Whether by SMS to the mobile, it is through an audible alarm or a system connected to a CRA (Alert reception center) that connects the police.