Best Hedge Shears – Reviews and Tips for 2022

When reviewing the best hedge shears, we take pride in being an authoritative figure and professional service when it comes to the products.

We look at things like the blade quality, size, and length of the shears, the cheaper option for someone who doesn’t have a large budget, the most professional shears to use on a landscaping job, manufacturer’s warranties, and safety mechanisms.

When researching we look at buyers’ reviews, manufacturer FAQs, industry magazines, the internet and online groups to pass on and aggregate the data for items like hedge shears. We use this information to pass onto you, the buyer, in hopes that you will find something that you are looking for and can help you maintain your little village. After all, this article is here to help you find the best shears for the job.

ShearsMax. LengthBlade SizePrice
THANOS Hedge Shears23.6''11‘’View
gonicc Professional Shears46"13"View
Okatsune Precision Shears22"7"View
Corona HS 395026"8.5" View
Fiskars Garden 392861-100223"10"View
GARTOL Garden Hedge Shears23"9"View

Best Shears for Hedges Reviewed

Hedge shears have different uses such as trimming hedges, shrubs, and other plants with a bladed or scissor-like shape.

The operative word is “hedge,” which is why a different tool or style of tool is required depending on the plant.

Scissor-style shears will be the better choice for smaller plants or light pruning, while bladed types will be better for larger shrubs or heavier pruning jobs.

The following are some of the best prunning shears for hedges you can buy;

THANOS Telescopic Hedge Shears – Great Manual Shears

THANOS Hedge Shear

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The Thanos quality steel shears are made from a high carbon SK-5 steel staying sharp and cutting through anything with ease. The Thanos shears are sharp for very long periods of time, in turn reducing any sap and gum leakage.

The shears are equipped with adjustable blade tension with a retractable looper designed with a pivot bolt point allowing you to easily control the tension of the blades so that you can trim simple or more complex plants. The Thanos Shears are great for shaping and maintaining existing hedges.

They do well against weeds, border management, any cutting back of overgrown shrub and tame soft plants with ease. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty and / or a refund if there are issues with their product. The clippers offer a telescopic design so that you can adjust the length from 15.7-23.6 for the more hard to reach areas or twigs. The handles are made of aluminium alloy and rubber and have a non-slip handle which is of high quality.

Their long handles means the balance of the shears is proportionate and lightweight producing sharp cutting results. These are high quality shears that aren’t made to be looked over.

  • High Carbon Steel Blades
  • Easily Tackle Different Garden Uses
  • Handles Extend From – 15.7-23.6”
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Retractable Looper

Gonicc Adjustable 33″ – Professional Hedge Shears

gonicc Professional Adjustable 33 inch plus  13 inch Hedge Shears

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The Gonicc Professional Adjustable 33” shears are the ideal tool for trimming shrubs and shaping your decorative plants. These shears can extend to a total length of 46” making them ideal for longer, harder-to-reach jobs. They are made from an aluminum alloy with rubber, non-slip handles making them ideal for any job that you throw at them.

What makes these shears stand out is the adjustable handles, allowing the user to trim the edges and corners of hard-to-reach areas. The second is the carbon steel blade with adjustable tension making easy work of any bush or shrub.  The only tips the manufacture gives when finishing with these blades is that you oil and wipe them down after use. It makes sense if you don’t want your new shears to rust.

The unique design of the blades allows sustained cutting for longer and being lighter in weight-reducing fatigue for the user. This tool will trim the diameter of roughly 1-2 inches with ease. All in all you cannot go wrong with these shears. When you use these shears you’ll want to use these over trimmers as they are much lighter weight and more versatile for many jobs. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Adjustable 33″+ 13″ Hedge Shears
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • SK-5 High Carbon Steel Blades
  • Blade Length – 13.5″
  • Will cut through undergrowth with ease

Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears – Japanese Made Hedge Shears

Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

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These short garden shears are used by professional gardeners throughout Japan and all over the world. The maker, Okatsune was established in 1925 in Hiroshima, Japan and has been specialized for making shears. One of the best shear makers in Japan. These will help out any business owner looking to get shears that will destroy wood and cut through bamboo. There are many videos of hedge shears being used and this one will feature in many. The flexibility these shears afford keeps the blade so sharp and pristine helping the wood avoid diseases and other nasty infections that can come from shearing.

After an hours work your arms and shoulders will feel brand new. These blades stay sharp through the heaviest of cutting and more importantly, can be sharpened. They are razor sharp and super lightweight. We mention a lot about hot knives and cutting through things like butter, but these ones are definitely up there. After using these shears it will never be a chore again.

Delivery is outstanding with these guys and the cutter comes in a full scabbard. The blade is very, very well made and is like a pair of barber scissors, smooth and precise. After doing any sort of shrubbery work, make sure to clean and oil the blades to keep them in tip top condition.

  • These short garden shears are used by professioanl gardeners throughout Japan.
  • The handles are made of slick Japanese White Oak
  • Total Length:21in(535mm)
  • Blade Length – 6.9″

Tabor Tools – A Great Professional Pick

TABOR TOOLS B212A Telescopic Hedge Shears

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A very attractive feature is the shock-absorbing bumpers and the wavy curved design of the blade. The bumpers will remove any friction created between the blade and bush/shrub and will feel like you’re cutting through butter. These absorbers also remove the aches and pains from any joints you would get using another pair of shears. The no-slip grip ensures you are comfortable and having a painless free time maintaining your garden.

The blades have a wavy design which aids the cutting process by slicing through any hard to manage bushes. The blade being designed this way so plants have a higher chance of growing back. The blade also comes with adjustable blade tension, letting you adjust the pressure that the blades apply when cutting through. These clippers deliver exceptional performance and are reliable in every aspect of cutting. They have an excellent customer support team and are able to fix a multitude of issues if any arise.

These shears make a complete joke out of wooden branches and slice through them like butter and with their ergonomic handles, they really are shrub eating monsters. these shears allow you to maximize your effort according to the toughness of the shrubbery you’re attacking.

  • Material: Steel
  • Low Friction Coating
  • Shock-Guard Bumpers
  • Wavy Blade Design
  • Extendable Handles
  • Blade Length – closed position 25″
  • Extended mode – 33″.

Fiskars Garden Powergear 2 Hedge Shears – Ease Of Use

Fiskars Garden 392861-1002 Powergear2 Hedge Shears

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Fiskars is a brand that promotes achievement and expression by focusing on innovative tools making gardening easier. They do just that with the Powergear Hedge Shears. They are equipped with 8 inch steel blades, ergonomic handles, patented gear technology and a low resistance friction coating on the blades. These shears make cutting and trimming shrubs so much easier.

They have some of the most comfy handles which extend slightly longer than other handles. They also have softgrip touchpoints to help prevent blisters. If you are using a chainsaw to cut through shrubs and other small bushes, stop where you are. These blades can replace the need for any bigger machine when it comes to maintenance.

You will get years and years of use with these to maintain your gardens and trim your plants. After years of usage you will still get power out of these blades with a flick of your wrist.

These are a medium sized shear and they aren’t too heavy. Usually they are meant for cutting diameters ½ an inch thick. They are not too tiring to hold for hours and have a comfy grip. Fiskars have established themselves as an awesome brand, one you can trust to produce tools you can use for any job around the garden.

  • Color: Green and gray
  • Material: Carbon Steel Blade
  • Nonslip and Comfortable Handles
  • Size: Lopper- 28″ (Total length)×3.2″ (Blade length)×5.5″ (Handle length)
  • Hedge shear- 23″ (Total length)×8.3″ (Blade length)×5.5″ (Handle length)
  • Pruner shear– 8″ (Total length)×2.8″ (Blade length)×4.3″ (Handle length)

Hortem 3 piece Garden Shear Set – Best Value For Money

Hortem 3PCS Garden Shears Set with 28 inch Tree Loppers

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When it comes to the best shear deal in town, Hortem’s 3 piece garden set takes the cake. The 3 piece pack will sit nicely in any enthusiast gardeners shed and help make maintaining your hedge a breeze. The shears have a 23-inch steel blade with a bypass pruner making cutting the smaller, more detailed branches easier. These blades are excellent and shaping hedges and bushes while being designed to cut through smaller materials as well.

The heavy-duty loppers can cut through 2 inches thick with a big chop so with this set not only can you maintain your hedge, but other areas of the garden as well.

The best hedge cutting shears are super heavy duty and have excellent sharp blades. They have a soft grip which makes gardening more pleasurable and can easily fix up any garden. The shears are as pictured. All in all if you want the best deal on a set of shears and other garden tools, these are the ones to grab. Good quality for an even better price.

  • Color: Green and gray
  • Material: Carbon Steel Blade
  • Nonslip and Comfortable Handles
  • Size: Lopper- 28″ (Total length)×3.2″ (Blade length)×5.5″ (Handle length)
  • Hedge shear- 23″ (Total length)×8.3″ (Blade length)×5.5″ (Handle length)
  • Pruner shear– 8″ (Total length)×2.8″ (Blade length)×4.3″ (Handle length)

CORONA HS 3950 – The Heavy Duty Shears

Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear

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The lightweight steel handles equipped on the Corona increase the length from 15 to 26 inches. They are designed with forged high carbon 8.5” blades and are made for durability and strength. Their shock stop bumper reduces arm and shoulder fatigue meaning you can cut for longer. They are equipped with a precision-made pivot bolt aiding the cutting process. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Corona tools are a Californian company which made their stand in 1920. They revolutionised the gardening industry with tools that withheld the test of time. From shaping large shrubs and hedges to trimming areas where there are ornaments the Corona HS3950 does it all. Their products carry a lifetime warranty, although due to the quality we doubt you’ll ever need to turn these in.

The best garden hedge shears allow the user to sharpen them with a sharpening stone or another commercial sharpener. These blades will withstand anything you throw at them. We have had people rave about how these shears last years and years with good maintenance and they order a second pair because they were just so good. These are great for trees and limbs that would otherwise need a larger looper. These are heavy duty shears that will last a lifetime.

  • Lightweight steel handles with comfort grips extend from 15-Inch to 26″
  • 8.5″ forged high carbon steel blades for durability and strength
  • ShockStop bumper reduces and arm and shoulder fatigue
  • Precision made pivot bolt provides smooth cutting action
  • Limited lifetime warranty

OARA Garden Hedge Shears – Most Compact Shears

OARA Garden Hedge Shears forTrimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes

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With a 21 inch length, these shears are compact and easy to use for any enthusiast gardener or someone wanting to manage their garden. The blades are excellent and sharp trimming through bushes and shrub easily. The curved shape of the blade makes cutting super easy and efficient to use and coupled with a sharp blade, you just cannot do any wrong.

These shears are ideal for small maintenance and a lightweight option. They are very well made and are used for general maintenance. The blades cannot be replaced however the manufacturer looks like they will refund and resupply any issues after using the shears. That’s customer service if we have ever seen it.

The blade is made from carbon steel weighs 2.1lb, making it a great alternative to electric trimmers that you may only use once or twice a week. The product comes as expected and is very strong and has excellent quality. These shears are mainly used for cutting tree branches, trimming garden bushes and general maintenance.

The shears for the money are very easy to use due to the lightweight and smooth cutting branches without sudden clicks. The razors made of durable steel enabling them to cope with quite thick branches which do not require additional sharpening for a very long time.

  • Teflon Coating
  • Very High Quality Steel
  • Full Refund Warranty
  • 22 Inches Long
  • Heavy Duty Shears

WilFiks Hedge Shears – The Most Comfortable Pair of Shears

WilFiks Hedge Shears for Professional Gardening and Landscaping

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The WILFIKS hedge shears have some style, comfortability and quality in one. The hedge clippers will take your cutting needs to the extreme with shrubs, bushes and grass gets destroyed with the razor-sharp carbon steel blades.

Their durable construction with hardened steel blades produces the smoothest cuts through bushes that we have seen. It makes light work of twigs, branches and other shrub producing a healthier and prettier landscaping environment. The shock-absorbing design on the handles reduces any fatigue and any aches and pains.

The best value hedge shears have a very well-made ergonomic design with soft grip handles which make cutting a breeze. They reduce any sort of calluses build-up so you can enjoy your gardening hobby or maintain your property.

The blades on the shears are very easy to clean and do well in any situation being very sharp and easy to maintain with just a simple twist you can adjust the tension of the blade allowing you to prune different types of plants. The blades are equipped with rubberized grips.

  •  25 Inches
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy To Clean & Sharpen
  • Adjustable Blade Tension

Buying the best shears you can

Having good hedge shears means your work of maintaining and styling your hedges is much easier to manage. It allows easy cutting and effective work on stubborn shrubs and bushes while cutting through branches. A good pair of shears makes light work on any hedge allowing you to clear limbs that are otherwise a nuisance. For a hedge to maintain its shape and continue to be a healthy plant, you must have sharp and quality blades.

How do you use hedge shears?

Hedge shears in the correct circumstances are the best tool for the job and are a must. In the wrong instances, you may be unequipped to do your job. Even the highest quality of tool might not be correct in your case, so it’s good to choose the correct tool for the job. Using your hedge shears to maintain your garden and help you out with activities like maintaining your hedge are essential Without these shears there is absolutely no way you will get a good result unless you hire a professional. Larger shears make you want to just start cutting but you need to have a plan in mind to keep your bushes looking sharp.

Best Hedge Shears - Reviews and Tips

Final Thoughts

Investing in quality gardening tools is your only option when it comes to maintaining hedges the size of a human. Safety and ease of use is a huge consideration when it comes to shears and it’s imperative that you do the correct research as a buyer when it comes to these sorts of tools. Hedge shears are a thing that can last you a lifetime, or a shorter time if you are using them daily. A good pair of shears will last you years and you can’t go wrong with My Villages top 10 lists. With the assistance of a good pair of shears, you will be able to turn a chore into something more enjoyable.

Hedge Shears are one of the best tools in your arsenal to keep your hedge looking beautiful and tidy. Whatever your cutting needs you to need to have the best hedge shears that you can rely on. Now there are many tools that you can use for the job including Electrical Hedge Shears. Having the best tools for maintaining your hedge will save you time and energy in your trimming experience. Whether you’re an enthusiast gardener or a professional landscaper, everyone knows that a great pair of shears is a must. Thankfully there is a wide range of shears that you can find and review.