What are the Best Generators For The Money?

Whether it’s for business or home use, finding the perfect generator for the money can be a daunting task. That’s why we have reviewed the 3 top-rated portable generators for an easy choice.

Electricity is one of the major resources being depended on by almost the whole population on earth. A 10 minutes blackout can cause panic and a major indent in the financial progress of a business.

This is why you need to choose the best generator for the money to keep losses from abiding with you.

Generators do not only keep businesses afloat during blackouts, but also keep homesteads and residential areas lit.

A person managing a residential area should have an emergency generator that will keep the place cozy until the power comes back.

Because there are lots of generators in the market, getting the right one for you is a task that will take you ages to complete. To save you the trouble, we have listed the top-rated portable generators in the market for you to choose from below:

Best Generators for the Money 2021

Westinghouse Wh7500e Gas Powered Portable Generator

This Westinghouse generator uses gas as fuel to power it. The gasoline engine is a 4-stroke, 420cc overhead valve engine. It cannot collapse easily after a huge current withdrawal.

Best Generator for The Money Review Best Portable Generators


The generator has an electric and manual start. You can always go down to the shed with the generator and start it whenever it has failed to start automatically.

It is capable of producing a stable power of 7,500watts as long as it is running. The startup power is about 9,000 watts. This is enough to start up the lighting system in a big building without dimming or blowing up stuff.

The noise always being produced by generators, so loud that it causes discomfort to people is nothing for you to worry about. This generator uses the Pulse-Flo muffler to silence the system to a humming sound.

This model of the Westinghouse generators is fitted with an easy control center. You can operate the generator at ease, even if it’s the first time that you are using it.

The control center is fitted with an LCD hour meter. You get to know the power usage and total run time from the readings of the LCD meter, making it one of the best generators.

All the parts of the generator that carry currents are insulated totally to prevent the generator from getting short-circuited by bad weather and spillage.

Even if the generator is used out in the open when it rains, it can still work perfectly as if there is nothing happening. It is, however, important to keep the generator away from bad weather so that it could last long and avoid rusty parts.

The generator has four 120-volt and one 120/240-volt twist outlets. You can, therefore, decide how you are going to supply the power according to the electrical appliances being used in the building.


After the generator breaks down, it takes a lot of time to be repaired. Most of the users say that the generator was retained at the repair shop for a couple of weeks before it was returned to them.

The generator is one of the most complex models; control panel, LCD display, and other features. Diagnosing the generator takes forever before you are really sure where the problem lies.

Yamaha EF2000iS Gas Powered Portable Generator

When you are choosing a portable generator for your home, this is one of the generators you might want to consider.


The generator is the best one to use in your households without getting any surges that would blow up every electric appliance that is switched on.

The generator can produce a stable 1600-watt power as long as the tank has got gas. It can produce a maximum of 2,000 watts and 13-16A at 120V alternating current.

This Yamaha generator is fitted with a super quiet muffler that keeps the generator humming instead of producing much noise like a chainsaw.

It is fitted with a USFS approved spark arrestor of 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load.

If there comes a time that there are many users than usual, then you will be saved by the smart throttle that is fitted in the generator.

The throttle increases the engine speed as the load increases.

The power is therefore maintained at a stable rate and you will not experience the dimming and brightening off lights when generators cannot take the load.

The generator also has an inverter system with a pulse width modulation. Total control of the engine speed is achieved and the stability of the power produced is also improved with this system, something that qualifies it as one of the best generators for the money.

The generator is also CARB compliant. You can freely distribute it within the California state. The generator is also environmental friendly; the system reduces the amount of carbon emission that is produced by the generator and exposed to the atmosphere.

The portability of this generator is something that you will also want to take note of. This feature is what made this generator shoot up the charts through the portable generator ratings online. It is highly portable hence you can take it with you on camping trips and similar occasions.

The 2,000 watts rating is the startup power of the generator. That is a good power level for small scale residential areas hence it will not destroy your equipment.


The generator should not be left unused for a long period of time. The generator breaks down after a long time of being unused. Users should be switching it on for a couple of minutes occasionally to prevent the generator from dying off.

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator

Nobody likes frequent maintenance checks that cost you more than your rent. This is why this is one of the best generators for the money on the market.

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable


The generator has an auto-shutdown feature that switches of the generator when the oil is too low to lubricate the whole engine.

It has a 4-gallon tank installed in it. The tank can hold fuel that is enough to keep the generator going for up to 8 hours.

This DuroMaxx Generator is fitted with an electric key start with a battery.

The moment you experience a blackout; you will have a short-lived moment of a power outage before the generator kicks in.

You also do not need to worry about the environmental effects that will be caused by the use of the generator.

The generator is EPA approved, meaning that it has the standards of a generator that cannot tamper with the healthy composition of the air in the atmosphere.

The highest the generator can reach during an electrical surge is 4,400 watts. It, however, produces a stable power output of 3,500 watts. You can use it on multiple households safely without experiencing numerous electrical surges.

The generator is fitted with wheels to reduce the load on the hands when you are moving it from place to place.

This generator gives you the value for your money due to its high portability for it can provide power anywhere you are.


The electric starter fails after a few months of usage. It is the only part of the machine that requires special attention and requires to be monitored from time to time as the generator breaks down.

This is, however, a small inconvenience since other generators give you a couple more reasons to get mad.

Best Generator for the Money Buying Guide

In this portable generator buying guide, you get to know what you need to be looking for when you are trying to choose the best generator for the money.

Some of the qualities that you need to recognize first include;

  • Portability: The generator needs to be highly portable to give you value for your money. A generator can be big but also portable, so choose the one that is highly portable, no matter how big it is.
  • Power output: The amount of power a generator produces matters highly. Choose the generator that can produce enough power to power up your building without blowing up the electrical appliances in the households.
  • Environmental impact: it is always good to keep the environment clean and healthy. The best generator for you should not pollute the environment with air pollutants.
  • Price: You need to purchase a generator that is within your budget but is capable of performing the required task. There is no need to purchase a generator that is going to let you down the moment you start using it just because it is cheap.
  • Stability: The best portable home generator should be able to provide a stable power output as you use it.

Most of the generators being produced these days have a high power fluctuation. This destroys very many household appliances that use electricity and you should try to avoid such types of generators because they will lead you to major losses.

Every generator has its own advantage over the other. When you are choosing portable generators to use in powering your building, there are certain features you need to look for so that you do not dive into a lake of losses because of the generator.

Make this best generator for the money post your guide when choosing the best generator for your home and business use.