Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle Reviews 2023

Your bread and butter in airsoft is your airsoft rifle. While playing airsoft, some factors determine whether you win or lose. These include your ability to coordinate attacks, and shooting techniques, and acquire optimum positioning while on the battlefield.

However, you cannot face a skilled opponent in the game without the best gas blowback airsoft rifle. A high-quality airsoft gun is a key deciding factor in the airsoft game.

So, in this article, I’ll review the five best gas blowback airsoft rifles along with a handy guide that will help you make an informed decision.

Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle Reviews

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

DPMS Full Auto SBR

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If you’re looking for a feature-filled CO2-powered rifle, this one is the right choice for you. The DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle comes with a durable synthetic design and can fire BBs at 430 fps. This rifle is powered by two 12g CO2 cartridges place in the 25-round magazines. With this rifle, you can choose between the semi-auto and full-auto firing modes. Additionally, it’s equipped with a thumb-selector style safety for safe and proper handling.


  • 25-round drop out magazine
  • Adjustable stock
  • 4.5 caliber


  • Enhanced security features
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Ideal for beginners and target practice


  • Average customer service

Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

Bushmaster BMPWX

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The Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle is designed to fire up to 1400 rounds per minute and has a durable synthetic design. This gas blowback airsoft has an adjustable stock with six adjustable positions that make the rifle easy to shoulder and handle. It uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges that are placed in the 25 rounds magazine. It also comes with a moveable angled foregrip and Picatinny rail for the limitless mounting of lasers, flashlights, and other accessories.


  • Blowback action
  • 1400 rounds per minute
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Thumb selector style safety


  • Adjustable rear stock
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

Crosman Full Auto CO2-Powered Air Rifle/Pistol

Crosman Full Auto

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If you’re looking for an airsoft rifle to help you improve your shooting skills and accuracy, the Crosman Full Auto CO2-Powered Air Rifle/Pistol is a good bet. With this rifle, you’ll be ready to face your opponents in a matter of seconds, thanks to the 25-round drop-out magazine and 2 12g CO2 cartridges. It can fire up to 1400 rounds per minute and is compatible with the traditional 4.5mm steel BBs. The durable synthetic design withstands continuous use and abuse on rough terrains and other outdoor spaces. Everything that comes with this gas blowback airsoft rifle is higher in quality, making it ideal for accurate shooting and speed. This rifle is also suitable for most types of airsoft battles. What’s more, it has an adjustable stock that makes it easy to handle.


  • Adjustable stock
  • 25-round magazine
  • Up to 430 FPS
  • Two 12g CO2 cartridges


  • 6 position adjustable stock
  • High FPS
  • Ideal for training


  • The magazine could be better

Sig Sauer MPX .177 Cal CO2 Powered SIG20R Red Dot Air Rifle

Sig Sauer MPX

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The Sig Sauer rifle is a well-known airsoft weapon that’s reliable, affordable, and effective in most airsoft games. This gas blowback airsoft rifle is ideal for target practicing and training. It delivers 30 rounds of rapid-firing, simulated performance, and handling for economical, realistic, and tactical training. If you want to achieve peak performance in all your airsoft games, go for this high-quality gas blowback airsoft rifle.


  • 0.177 caliber
  • Up to 575 FPS
  • Synthetic stock type
  • 8-inch rifled steel barrel


  • Lightweight
  • It feels like a real gun
  • Sturdy design


  • It may jam if not properly maintained

How Do Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles Work?

Gas blowback airsoft rifles are the closest you can get to the real gun in the airsoft world. These rifles are powered by compressed gas, giving them an immediate trigger response.

They also feature a gas blowback system which gives a feeling of recoil from shooting a real weapon. Although it may not hit as hard as a firearm, there’s some recoil that sparks an impressive feeling. A gas airsoft rifle is defined by its short, compact, and selective firing modes.

Gas airsoft rifles function using a simple mechanism. The gas is fed into the magazine equipped with a valve to prevent it from escaping. When you pull the trigger, it strikes the latch inside the magazine, which forces pressurized air out of the BB. This creates a rolling motion inside the barrel, which gets the BB out of the barrel towards the target.

However, the shooting accuracy may be affected by the temperatures on the battlefield. If the climate is too hot, the accuracy may not be efficient because all the gas wants to escape due to the heat. Conversely, if it’s too cold, the rifle may not shoot well.

Difference Between AEG and GBBR

The main difference between the two lies in their power source. The AEG system is powered by a battery located in the handguard or buttstock of the gun. The battery powers a motor which then turns a set of gears that move the piston. The piston then creates airflow to push out the BBs through the barrel.

On the other hand, GBBR is powered by gas, either Green gas or CO2, which is placed in the magazines. When you pull the trigger, the gas is released from the magazine, creating airflow for the BBs to get fired through the barrel. The system for GBBR is less complex when compared to AEG because it requires some tech experience.

Pros and Cons of GBBRs

Gas blowback airsoft rifles are easy to take apart and are mostly compatible with real steel parts. They have more realistic weighted magazines that can only allow a realistic capacity of ammo. However, you’ll have an issue with the cooldown. If the weather is cold, the performance will be poor. Fortunately, there are some tricks to heat the magazines and improve accuracy.

Additionally, these rifles have a slightly less consistent FPS output, depending on what you use. Finally, you have to clean and lubricate all moving parts regularly to keep the rifle running smoothly.


Which One is Better: Gas Airsoft Guns or Electric?

Gas airsoft guns are great for realistic and experience actions, while electric-powered guns have an advantage for a higher distance of accuracy.

What is the Best Accuracy for the Airsoft Rifles?

The accuracy of airsoft guns or rifles depends entirely on their ranges. An airsoft gun is said to have high accuracy when it’s in the range of 100ft to 150ft.

Why Does my Airsoft Gun Have an Orange Tip?

Airsoft rifles resemble real firearms due to their similar design. Therefore, there was a need to find an effective method to distinguish them from real weapons. Nowadays, it’s a requirement in the United States for airsoft rifles to have an orange tip to differentiate them from real firearms.

Can Airsoft Guns Use Metal BBs?

It is not advisable to use metallic BBs because you will run your weapon after a few games. These rifles are specially designed to operate with lightweight plastic BBs. Additionally, metal is heavy, and the firing pin can only withstand a plastic pellet; therefore, it will seriously ruin your rifle.

What Does Gas and CO2 Powered Mean?

These rifles depend on high-pressure air of compressed gas to fire BBs and are a more traditional type of airsoft gun. These guns come in both semi-auto and automatic operations.

GBBR Buying Guide

Gas blowback airsoft rifles can cost you a fortune, so you want to be sure that you purchase the right product for you. You should not waste your hard-earned cash on a poor-quality piece of junk; here are some key factors to consider before buying the best gas blowback airsoft rifle.

Feet Per Second

This is a very crucial factor to consider when buying an airsoft gun. FPS shows how fast your rifle will be able to shoot. Always go for a rifle with a higher number of FPS to ensure that you have an advantage over your opponents.


You should always buy a gas blowback gun from a brand that’s officially licensed. The rifle should be a replica of the genuine brand to help you perfect your shooting skills. Make sure you also check the measurements and weight.


The best gas blowback airsoft rifle should come with all the necessary accessories like flashlights and scopes for a more tactical feel and look.


It’s advisable to purchase a gas blowback airsoft rifle that is easy to maintain. This is crucial, especially for beginners looking for a tool-free maintenance rifle. It should be easy to carry while on the battlefield.


Always go for a gas blowback airsoft rifle that’s made of high-quality materials that can withstand continuous use and abuse. This will ensure that your gun lasts longer, even when exposed to harsh conditions.


Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle

Before making a purchase, check the velocity of the shots and the kind of pellets the rifle fires. You should buy a rifle that is easy to use and accurate. This will help you improve your gun handling and shooting skills.


Ultimately, the gas blowback airsoft rifle you choose will depend on your budget. It would help if you compared different airsoft rifles to choose the one that suits you and ensure you check the price before making the final decision.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the best gas blowback airsoft rifle, you have a chance to take your airsoft shooting skills to the best level. If you want to upgrade your airsoft rifle, check out our guide to get the right gas blowback airsoft weapon that will suit all your gaming skills and needs.