Best Garden Hose Under 100 Dollars

There are a lot of garden hoses out there, and it can be hard to know which one to buy. But if you’re looking for the best garden hose under 100 dollars, we’ve got you covered!

The first thing to look for is durability. You want a hose that’s going to last through all of your gardening needs.

But what about flexibility? You don’t want a hose that’s too stiff or too rigid – it should be able to move with you as you work in your garden.

Finally, consider the price point when shopping for a garden hose. The garden hose should be within your budget. If you have less than $75 to spend, go for Flexzilla HFZG575YW-E Garden Lead-in Hose.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the five best garden hoses under $100, along with a handy guide that will help you make a wise decision.

Types of Garden Hoses

Light Duty/ Lightweight Hoses

Lightweight hoses are usually made from vinyl, so they are prone to kinking easily. They generally come with plastic fittings and have thinner diameters but are affordable.

If you’re operating on a budget, have lower water pressure, won’t be using the garden hose regularly, don’t need a long hose, or don’t use a hose nozzle or sprinkler, then a lightweight hose is a great choice.

Expandable Hoses

Expandable hoses are designed to expand up to three times their original length when your tap is on. They have a lightweight design and bright colors. Most have a ½-inch diameter and guarantee a sufficient flow of water compared to non-expandable hoses.

However, after some time, these hoses may stop expanding as expected, making it hard to store and coil. Additionally, if you leave the hose in the sun or have high water pressure, these hoses can rupture because of the flexible and thin inner tube.

Drinking-Water Safe Hoses

If you’re using the garden hose to fill a children’s pool or if you and your pets drink water from this pipe, ensure that the pipe doesn’t release harmful chemicals. Most garden hoses have highly flexible materials, but materials like lead, BPA, and phthalates are harmful. Although these chemicals have no impact on plants, they are toxic to humans.

Go for hoses with a label “drinking water safe” or “lead-free.” These hoses have FDA-approved and non-toxic inner cores that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are specially designed for garden irrigation. These garden hoses are made using recycled plastic or rubber. These hoses function by seeping water into the soil, where water targets the plant roots. These hoses can either be buried under the surface or laid directly on the ground.

Soaker hoses are available in a variety of lengths and diameters, from ¼-inch to ¾-inch. These hoses are the best for shorter lengths and relatively level sites. If you’re looking for a soaker hose with a large diameter, you need to have sufficient water pressure and a soaker timer to ensure that water is evenly distributed along the hose length.

Coiled Hoses

Coiled hoses are ideal for small areas that can be handled by hand-watering. This type of hose shrinks back to a spiral shape when not in use. However, these hoses are hard to store.

Metal Hoses

These are puncture and kink-proof hoses made with industrial stainless steel. They are available in lengths of 25 to 100 feet. A metal hose is always cold to touch and is corrosion and UV-resistant.

Tips for Maintaining Your Garden Hose

Proper Storage

If you want to store your garden hose without using it for a while, make sure that you’ve run water out of it. By doing this, there will be no water to expand and damage the hose during winter. Always use a hose hanger when storing your garden hose to prevent kinks. Never use a nail or a thin hook because this can cause hose creasing.

Kink Control

Don’t yank on the end to straighten the garden hose if you don’t want a kinked hose. Unfold the part that has a kink to avoid creasing or cracking the hose. Ensure you don’t fold or kink the hose to prevent water flow. Additionally, ensure that the hose is coiled up after use so that it can remain neat.

Garden Hose Under 100 Buying Guide

With the different affordable garden hoses available, choosing one that suits your gardening needs can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few factors you need to consider before buying the best 100-dollar garden hose. Read on to find out more.

Hose Diameter

Most hose diameters measure ½-inch, ¾-inch, and 5/8-inch. The measurements are determined by the internal diameter but not the external. A large hose diameter will always carry a higher volume of water. If you want a more useful hose diameter, go for the 5/8-inch. If you’re concerned about the weight, you can choose a ½-inch hose.

Hose Length

Garden hoses have 25, 50, 75, 100 and 200-foot lengths. You may prefer a longer hose, but it’s not advisable. Besides the high price tag, they demand a lot of storage space and are quite heavy. Before making the final decision, measure the distance between your spigot and the farthest point in your garden and choose a hose that fits your garden size.


Most garden hoses are made of rubber, vinyl, or a combination of both. The vinyl option is a more affordable, less sturdy, and weighty. However, it has more chances of kinking, splitting, and cracking when compared to other materials.

Rubber hoses are stronger and more durable. However, they come at a higher price. The best thing about rubber hoses is that they are resistant to cracking and deterioration and can carry hot water.

Flexibility and Strength

When looking for a garden hose, go for one that’s strong and more flexible with zero chances of kinking. Kinking reduces the lifespan of a hose and makes it split. Although most garden hoses may kink when twisted, some have higher chances than others.

The garden hose strength is measured by the burst pressure. If you want to use a sprinkler, choose a hose with a burst pressure exceeding 350 psi.

Best Garden Hose Under 100 Reviews

Flexzilla HFZG575YW-E Garden Lead-in Hose

Flexzilla HFZG575YW-E Garden Lead-in Hose

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If you’re looking for a garden hose with a more conventional design and kink-proof, this is a great choice. This 50ft hose can withstand any weather condition, even under lots of pressure. The Flexzilla HFZG575YW-E Garden Lead-in Hose is easy to coil but remains firm when stretched. It comes in various sizes, from 3ft up to 100ft. The tough shell is all-weather resistant and won’t kink or puncture easily.


  • Polymer material
  • Leak-free O-rings
  • Drinking water safe


  • Easy to coil
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • All-weather flexibility
  • Lightweight design


  • Occupies more space when coiled

Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose

Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose Water Hose

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The Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose comes with a lightweight design, flexible and long enough to make it easy to maneuver around your garden. It has a rubberized outer coating that is comfortable and non-slip. This expandable garden hose has a powerful 3300D polyester fabric and a high-density double-layer latex core to prevent leakage and breakage. It also has solid ¾-inch connectors that don’t leak, rust or crack. Additionally, this garden hose is designed for long-term use and supports multiple purposes.


  • Polyester casing
  • 10 positions rotating bezel
  • 3300D polyester fabric
  • ¾-inch diameter


  • Durable design
  • Strong wear resistance
  • Multiple watering patterns
  • Incredible expanding design

TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose

TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose

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If you want a flexible and more lightweight garden hose, the FitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose is a great choice. This garden hose starts at 17 feet long and expands to 50 feet when filled with water. It’s made with a polyester outer fabric and an inner latex core, making it super durable and reliable. It also features a shutoff valve and solid brass fittings that allow you to control water flow.


  • 8 spraying patterns
  • 3750D polyester outer fabric
  • Solid brass fittings


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Leak and burst-proof
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Its durability is questionable

Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose 304 Stainless Steel Metal Water Hose

Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose 304

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This 100-foot garden hose is made with high-grade stainless steel that’s leak and puncture-resistant and doesn’t rust. It comes with a unique interlocking flex design that makes it effortless to maneuver around tight corners and other obstacles. Additionally, the Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it super durable.


  • 5/8-inch hose diameter
  • Commercial-grade 30.4 stainless steel
  • Aluminum fittings


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to coil
  • Well-thought design

VIENECI 100ft Garden Hose Expandable Hose

VIENECI Hose 100ft

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Are you looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use garden hose that can stand the test of time? Look no further than the VIENECI 100ft Garden Hose Expandable Hose. This 100-foot garden hose is ideal for watering, washing your car, washing floors, and cleaning pets. It can expand three times its original length and is kink, tangle, and crack-proof.


Best Garden Hose Under 100 Dollars
  • ¾-inch brass fittings
  • 100-foot size
  • 3750D polyester fabric
  • Double latex tube fabric


  • Highly portable
  • Durable design
  • Easy to store
  • Multiple spraying patterns


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best garden hose under $100, you can choose one from the products reviewed above. All the products in this article are designed to withstand continuous use and abuse and give you an enjoyable watering experience.