Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands Reviews for 2022

With current technology, computer games have become a hobby for many. One of the essential devices for such games is a gaming mouse. However, for those with large hands, finding the best gaming mice for big hands can be tricky.

Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with various options that are suitable for gamers with large hands.

With such a wide variety, choosing the best among these devices requires the buyer to make serious considerations, as discussed below.

Best Gaming Mice for Big Hands Buying Guide

There are several types and designs of big gaming mice in the market. So, how do you ensure that you pick the one that best fits your large hands? You should consider;


There are specific grips for different types of games: claw, palm, and fingertip grips. Gamers with large hands can get a mouse with a low-profile design to easily guide and control the cursor.

If you have large hands, the palm grip is more suitable for you. Therefore, it is recommendable to go for a gaming mouse with a large design.

Mouse cable

The cord attached to the mouse has three main functions;

  • Maintain a reliable connection
  • Remaining flexible without inhibiting the mouse movement.

A big gaming mouse could come with a thick cord. Although this cable could be durable, it could also prevent the mouse from moving freely during gameplay. For this reason, you could go for a wireless mouse that promotes free movement.

However, both wired and wireless mice function the same, but their prices make the difference. Wireless mice are considered to be more expensive than the former.


Gaming mice for large hands should have a safe shape that has subtle curves that allow for comfort. However, some of these devices have many groves that reduce comfortability. With such grooved gadgets, the gamer is forced to hold it in a particular manner for comfortable use.

Sensor precision

This is one of the essential requirements of any gaming mouse. There are two types of sensors: laser and optical. Although a laser sensor has a wider sensitivity range, an optical sensor is more accurate with higher responsiveness.

Additionally, as a gamer, you will get a lag-free experience during gameplay when using a mouse with an optical sensor.

Build and weight

Although most mice are made using ABS plastic, the finish and density of the material create a huge difference. When choosing a gaming mouse for big hands, you should look into its plastic’s slickness that will enhance comfortability even if you have greasy and sweaty hands.

The mouse grip, which is usually made of rubber or silicon, should enable the gamer to pick up the mouse and easily move it around.

Most gamers play comfortably with low-weight mice that hit the under 100-gram mark. Nonetheless, such a light mouse should also maintain a high-quality build for durability purposes.

Type of the game

Different computer games require varying mouse requirements. Consequently, when buying a gaming mouse, you should look for the features in line with the game you want to play.

DPI and sensitivity

The sensitivity of the sensor is another consideration besides the type of the sensor. Dots Per Inch (DPI) is used to show the sensitivity of a sensor. For gaming mouses, the average DPI should be between 100 and 5000.

Ensure you get a mouse with a DPI button to adjust the sensor’s sensitivity with just a click. DPI ranging between 800 and 1500 is recommendable because it gives the gamer control over their characters in the game and improves precision when shooting.   


How many buttons should a gaming mouse have?

A minimum of five buttons. Ideally, a gaming mouse should include one DPI button at the top, two buttons where the thumb is placed, the traditional left and right mouse buttons, and a scroll wheel.

What is the average durability of a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse should go for two years with full-time playing and be replaced only when damaged or defective.

Why are gaming mice larger and more expensive than normal mice?

The design of the gaming mice determines the size and weight. The material used in their manufacture is heavy and expensive.


Of all the accessories needed to perfect computer gaming, I feel that the mouse and the keyboard are very, if not the most, essential. The mouse is an integral part of a gaming system. Manufacturers are supplying tons of computer mice in today’s market, both for office use and for gamers.

It is your responsibility as a gamer to pick the mouse that perfectly satisfies your needs. The above description gives clear considerations to make when acquiring gaming mice for people with big hands. Some of these factors include the design, weight, build, and sensor precision of the mouse.

Additionally, we have tackled three types of gaming mice reviews to help you make an informed decision when shopping.

A good gaming mouse may cost you some reasonable amount. However, considering its features and performance, then it may be worth the price. In the long run and considering durability, an expensive and well-built mouse is much better than a cheap and flimsy one.

Best Gaming Mice for Big Hands Reviews

Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse Special Edition

Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse Special Edition,

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It is no surprise that this is the first mouse on our list. It is an exemplary mouse with a large frame, big buttons, and a clear layout. The device incorporates Logitech gaming Software that allows you to customize profiles for different games.

The mouse can also scan your hard-drive, detect the installed games, and create profiles that fit specific games.

This mouse comes with a HERO Gaming optical sensor that delivers DPI ranging from 100 to 16000 but does not provide smoothing, acceleration, or filtering.

The 11 programmable buttons give you full control of the game while the mouse’s adjustable weight matches different playing styles.

There is a Mechanical Switch Button Tensioning on the left and right mouse buttons to give a crisp click feel and enable rapid clicks.

LIGHTSYNC technology that enables customization of RGB lighting and synchronizes it with your game. The Logitech G502 also has an on-board memory and a USB port.


  • Smooth scroll wheel adjustable using a button located below it
  • Functions well on all surfaces
  • Big enough buttons for easy clicking
  • It supports two of the three grips
  • Compatible with Chrome OS, Windows 7 and above, and others
  • Can access the internet using Logitech G Gaming Software


  • The mouse does not support palm grip
  • The device is not Ambidextrous.

SteelSeries Rival 310, Optical Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse

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Being a wired mouse, the Rival 310 is a suitable gadget for people with large hands and right-hand gamers. It supports all types of grips, and its width and frame size are excellent. It comes with an appealing and attractive design.

Additionally, the Rival 310 supports speed increase and decrease and spinning of angles. The device has six programmable buttons with a switch button for DPI, on-board memory, and a custom TrueMove3 sensor that promotes smooth movement.

Customizable RGB allows for the use of different colors in the game. The split-trigger left and right buttons increase the durability of the Rival 310.


  • Rubber cable reduces resistance during movements
  • Comfortable to use and high performing due to its ergonomic design
  • The Rival 310 allows for the storage of performance and lighting settings
  • The mouse is lightweight, weighing about 88 grams, which is average
  • Smooth functioning enhanced by TrueMove3 sensor and the high-responsive cable
  • Supports palm, claw, and fingertip grips
  • The buttons can accommodate up to 50 million clicks


  • It comes with only two settings for DPI
  • It has a low response time

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse W/ Hero 16K Sensor

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Unlike the two above, the G903 is a wireless gaming mouse for players with large hands and those who mostly use the claw grip. Despite being among the most expensive gaming mice in the online market, this device comes with a wide variety of features and customizability.

Its two side buttons, which are included in its nine programmable buttons, can be disabled or enabled using a magnetic plastic depending on which hand the gamer uses. It is heavier than most, weighing about 110 grams.

Considering its high price, the device is most suitable for gamers who want a taste of luxury and not casual players. The G903 is a luxurious device, and its performance is exemplary.

Its noticeable features include Hero 16K sensor, Light Sync, and customizable RGB, and DPI to adjust sensitivity ranges from 100 – 16000. Lightspeed wireless ensures no compromises on battery life and mouse weight.


Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands Reviews
  • Luxurious gaming mouse
  • It has an excellent performance with a response rate of 1ms
  • It comes with wireless charging, although that is bought separately
  • It supports all types of grip
  • The left and right buttons click without so much force due to the spring tensioning made of metal
  • It has a durable battery that can last up to 140 hours with RGB lighting and up to 180 hours without RGB lighting
  • No cable drag since the mouse is wireless
  • It is ambidextrous, meaning that both left-handed and right-handed gamers can use it comfortably


  • It is very expensive, therefore unfit for casual gamers
  • You have to spend more money to get the wireless charging system