What is the Best Furnace Humidifier?

A furnace has bucketloads of benefits in the winter months but it also lowers your humidity (air moisture) and could trigger issues such as your sinuses drying out chapped lips, and more.

A smart way of tackling this problem and creating a healthier, cozier environment for you and your kids is to install a humidifier for the furnace.

This is a complete guide to humidifiers for furnaces and will educate you about how they work and what to look for when buying one.

We shall conclude by bringing you our humidifier for furnace reviews to help you identify the best humidifier for the furnace.


Lets get the ball rolling.

What’s a humidifier for furnace?

A humidifier for the furnace is exactly a furnace-mountedhumidifier.

The greatest thing about these devices is that theyre whole-househumidifiers and supply moist air to your house.

Of course, standard humidifiers tend to work for single rooms only and are not designed to be part of your homes heating/cooling systems.

How does a humidifier for furnace work?

Now, to generate the extra moisture needed to make yourplace comfier, this type of humidifiers mostly hooks up to forced-air furnaces(or to warm air supplies).

And the best news is that the connection is usually supereasy.

The other thing you need to understand is that while thereare different types of humidifiers for furnaces, they all feature a source ofwater (to generate the humidity) and a water collection container.

A way of blowing the air to create evaporation and a mediumto control the flow of water is also required (despite some variations in the appliedtechnology) 

Also common these days is a humidistat (to help you managethe humidity setting).

We shall tackle the types next to help you understand thedifferences fully.

Types of humidifiers for furnace

Here now is a rundown of the most common humidifiers forfurnaces and how each function.

Flow through humidifiers for furnace (or evaporative humidifier)

As the name tells you, these have a setup that allows warm waterto flow through the entire system and evacuate.

A mechanism is implemented that diverts heated air (from thefurnace) into the humidifier unit where it will collect moisture from a mountedevaporator pad.

This will eventually be emitted to the environment to boost thehumidity.

Reservoir type (or drum/bypass) humidifier in furnace

In these types, a container of water is mounted- connectedto a water supply together with the furnace- and it will moisten a drum (thedrum rotates through it) to produce moisture.

The air passing through the duct will pick up the moistureand deliver it to your rooms.

Steam humidifier for furnace

This heats water to release steam into your furnaces airflow.

The water vapor will subsequently filter into the air tonormalize humidity.

Console style humidifiers for furnace

These are closer to regular humidifiers in terms ofconstruction- you simply plug it in, power it on, and youre good to go.

Turning to how they moisturize, most work similarly toevaporative humidifiers for humidifiers.

Their biggest advantage is undeniably the fact that youwont need to hire a professional installer as its the case with some conventionalfurnace humidifiers.

A word on the above types

Obviously, each type has its own merits and drawbacks.

However, overall, most people find flow-through humidifiersfor furnace friendlier than the rest primarily because of the easiermaintenance.

You see, they lack a reservoir where mold can grow whichalso means that youll have no messy cleanups waiting for you.

In addition, they tend to be more affordable (they use acomparatively inexpensive technology) to buy and run (they consume less energytoo).

Thats doesnt make the other terrible choices and dependingon your needs, you could sometimes find them more ideal. 

Is a humidifier for furnace really worth it?

Well, admittedly, you can raise moisture by taking simple measures such as hanging wet clothes indoors to dry, spraying water with a spray bottle, growing and keeping houseplants well watered, and more.

But most of these techniques are not as effective as ahumidifier for a furnace

First, you can specify the moisture level you feel mostcomfortable at and have it work to lift moisture to this desired level. 

Secondly, they are super-efficient and humidify the wholehouse.

Plus, some are pretty advanced and they can automatically moisturizethe air as soon as it detects dangerous drops in the moisture level.

In short, you will notice a dramatic difference in theamount of humidity lingering in the air with a humidifier on a furnace.

And that means youll no longer struggle with desert-likeair throughout your apartment.

Furnace Humidifiers Buying Guide

Here are some points to steer you through the myriad options when youre buying your first humidifier for the furnace.

Check the covered area

First, you need to be sure of how big the area you want tomoisturize is.

Capacity varies a lot and its important that you pick one thatseffective for your square footage.

Decent humidifiers start from about $120 and the bigger yourhouse, the more youre likely to splurge.

Be sure of its humidity output

The gallons of water the unit outputs to the warm air in a24 hours period is another pointer towards its abilities.

Check the specifications and compare the values with whatsindicated in competing humidifiers targeting the same coverage.

Its best to go for the highest possible output.

Research about its maintenance

Like any other device, these devices need some maintenance.

The problem is when theres too much maintenance to do suchthat you find yourself wasting hours upon hours of productive labor cleaning itor undertaking other procedures recommended by the manufacturer.

I already narrated about flow-through models having theleast maintenance requirements.

Installation and related questions

Ideally, the best humidifier for furnace should be a breezeto install so read the reviews and check the opinion of other buyers concerningits installation.

On a related note, a compact unit would be preferable ifyour furnace is located in a small room.

Presence of advanced features

Additions such as an automated on/off operation, ahumidistat, intuitive digital controls, and such can make a unit a morecompelling choice.

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Best Furnace Humidifiers Reviews

We have 5 outstanding units that we recommend.

They thoroughly impressed us.

Here is a review of each.

Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier

The pick of the bunch is this Aprilaire 700 AutomaticHumidifier because of the 0.75 gallons per/hour (18 gallons daily) evaporationcapacity, one of the highest in humidifiers at this level.

Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier w/Automatic Digital Control

View on Amazon.com

Its best for tightly constructed homes not bigger than 4,200 square foot.

This fan powered flow through unit is again up to the jobfor homes up to 4,200 sq. ft.

Its a high-output model and equals the 18 gallons (per day) capacity achieved by its sibling, the Aprilaire 700.


This flow through powerhouse elevates humidity prettyfast - the company says that it sends up to 50 extra moistures than competitors-and you and your pets will have a healthier environment.

But perhaps the feature that delivers a knockout blow torivals is the automated humidification operation.

Believe it or not, thanks to the digital humidifier control,all you have to do is set your agreeable humidity level (turn the dial) andleave it to do the rest.

And make no mistake about it- its smart and will dish outoptimum humidity all through.

Plus, its unbelievably quiet!

A couple of features got us sold to this unit including thefan control - this tests your indoor humidity and initializes the fan when itsimperative.

This keeps room humidity steady and pleasant.

Another feature we loved is the special water valvedesign- it built to restrict the water flow to save water.

Just like its companion humidifier, this humidifier isfully automatic- set your wanted humidity and forget about it.

The two sensors (its a dual sensors unit) keeps an eye onthe room humidity and outdoor temperature will adjust appropriately andyou have nothing else to do.

Theres a manual option too.

Speaking of which, the super responsive-to-the-touchcontrols will have even the biggest novice operating it like a pro.

The size is bang on and should look sweet on yourfurnace.


  • Manual or automatic options to control temperature and humidity.
  • Straightforward maintenance (annual).
  • Easy DIY install.
  • Works extremely well.
  • Reasonably quiet.
  • Space-saving shape.


  • Uses more water.
  • Installation takes longer.

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

This humidifier proves that console type humidifiers can do the job as well as traditional furnace humidifier models.

AIRCARE MA Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

View on Amazon.com

It humidifies the whole house proficiently as long as youposition it near your furnaces air intake for houses up to 3600 sq.ft.


This machine has nice digital control settings for the fanspeed, humidity levels, temperature etc. and theres no guesswork.

A smooth functioning humidistat feature meansthat it comes on automatically once the humidity level goesbelow set levels (and shut off when humidity level reaches optimum levelor when it needs a refill).

And oh, we love the four swivel wheels- you can move itto another room when sweeping the floor or as necessary. 

A removable tank makes refilling and tank cleaningeasy-peasy.


  • Superb digital display.
  • Easy setup.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Reduced daily output (about 12 gallons) comparedto Aprilaire 700.

Honeywell HE360A1075 Whole House Humidifier

Perfect for installation in variable speed and multi-stagefurnace systems, this flow-through humidifier has a big heart and works likea charm for spaces up to 4,500 sq. ft.

Honeywell Home HE360A1075 HE360A Whole House Humidifier

View on Amazon.com

The unique PerfectFLO distribution water tray maximizes itsefficiency and water consumption to cut down on your heating and AC Energybills.


The beast ramps up the humidity for more ambient surroundingswithin minutes without adding significant noise- the output of18 gallons/day evidences its powers.

It continues the tradition of having a humidistat thatautomatically turns it on/off to sustain preset humidity levels.

A pressure switch is packed to ensure that your Honeywell furnace humidifier is working and air moving before the humidifier engages.

Furnace humidifier installation is a piece of cake as you can mount it right to the furnace without going through the bypass ductwork (order the installation kit together with the unit). 

The workmanship is flawless and we were very impressed with Honeywellsquality control in this product.



  • Expensive equipment.

Aprilaire 400M Whole House Humidifier

The Aprilaire 400M is a manual model that covers 4,000sq. ft. with a mega-capacity of 17 gallons/day.

The manual operation gives you moreflexibility to choose the humidity levels you feel most satisfying inresponse to outdoor temperature changes.

Aprilaire 400M Humidifier

View on Amazon.com


We like its easy-to-use controls and the single sensor thataccurately guides you when specifying your predetermined humidity percent.

It employs a water-efficient evaporative technology toheighten your homes humidity and uses considerably less water.

It follows that you dont need a floor drain.

Whats more, a helpful indicator will remind you when itstime to replace the water panel.

Above all, its truly industrious and dispenses blissfulhumidity 24/7 uniformly across the width of your home.


  • Conserves water.
  • Delightful after-sales support.
  • Fast results.


  • Manual setup.

What’s the recommended humidity level for your comfort and good health?

Anything within the 30% - 50% relative humidity isconsidered comfortable for human beings indoors.

Humidity above 50% is regarded as extremely high and is theperfect recipe for renewed mold growth (and other issues like musty odor)during the winter months.

Likewise, you will be at risk of suffering dry skin (and problems such as static electricity and shrinking wood furniture) if the humidity drops below 30%.

Be sure to set your humidifier appropriately to enjoyoptimal humidity. 

Maintenance Tips for Best Furnace Humidifiers

To keep the unit running like a well-oiled machine

  • Clean any mineral deposits/scales.
  • Ensure proper water levels.
  • Check it for (and seal) leaks.
  • Replace evaporator pads and filters as indicatedin the owners manual.

Wrapping it up

When the air heats up (after turning your home furnace humidifier on during winter), the relative humidity in your home drops.

And if unchecked, youll be staring at terrifying resultssuch as your skin drying out, going down with myriad respiratory infections,itchy skin/hair, aggravated asthma symptoms, among other issues.

One of the best ways to overcome dangerously low moisturelevels is by investing in a humidifier for furnaces.

You now have all the information at your fingertips includinghow to select one that wont disappoint.

Its now your turn to step up and take control of yourhomes moisture.