Best Electric Start Lawn Mowers

Choosing the best electric start lawn mower can be quite challenging since there are hundreds of options out there.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the 5 high-quality electric start lawn mowers from some renowned brands, along with a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

MowerPower SourceCutting WidthPrice
Mellcom Gas Lawn MowerGas Powered21″View
BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn MowerCorded Electric17″View
Husqvarna LC221FHEGas Powered21″View
Craftsman M275Gas Powered21″View
Lawn-Boy 17734Gas Powered21″View

Best Electric Start Mower Reviews

Lawn-Boy 17734 Kohler Electric Start Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 17734 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler Electric Start XTX OHV

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If you’re looking for an electric start lawn mower that comes with easy assembly, this is a great choice. The Lawn-Boy 17734 comes with a 149cc Kohler overhead-valve engine that is powerful enough to handle any kind of lawn. The engine has a simple design, making it easy to maintain. This machine is height adjustable, making it ideal for superficial trimming and shortcutting. Additionally, it has a 21-inch steel deep dome deck that gives excellent mulching capabilities and superior cut.


  • Kohler XTX OHV engine
  • Electric start
  • 21-inch steel deep dome deck
  • Large storage bag


  • 3-in-1 discharger
  • Easy to maintain
  • Self-propelled
  • Large bag capacity


  • 1-speed drive

Craftsman M275 159cc Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Craftsman M275

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The Craftsman M275 is among the most affordable mowers you’ll find out there. This self-propelled 21″ machine comes with a powerful 159 cc motor and large rear wheels that make mowing quick and hassle-free. It is equipped with six height settings that allow you to cut from 1.25-inch to 3.75-inch. With this machine, you can set the speed that matches your walking speed, thanks to the height adjustment settings.


  • 21-inch cutting width
  • 159cc motor
  • 6 height settings
  • Lithium-ion battery


  • Easy to assemble
  • Mulching capabilities
  • Powerful motor
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 3-in-1 deck


  • Some plastic parts look weak

Husqvarna LC221FHE Walk-Behind Self-Propelled Mower

Husqvarna LC221FHE

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Are you looking for a self-propelled mower that combines great maneuverability and efficient mowing? Look no further! The Husqvarna LC221FHE is equipped with a 163cc Briggs-and-Stratton engine that provides excellent cutting and bagging capability. At low speed, it can bag almost 100 percent of the grass clippings. With this mower, you can easily cut moist grass after a rainy day without losing the mulching quality.


  • 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Push-button electric start
  • 4-point height adjustment
  • 21-inch cutting width
  • Front-wheel drive


  • Easy to start
  • Powerful engine
  • Large rear wheels
  • Excellent bagging system


  • A bit expensive

MELLCOM Gas Lawn Mower Electric Start

Mellcom Gas Lawn Mower Electric Start

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The MELLCOM Gas Lawn Mower Electric Start is specially designed to adjust according to your mowing needs, thanks to the 8 adjustable height capabilities. It is equipped with a 173cc OHV engine and large rear wheels for easy mowing. Additionally, it has a large storage bag that has a convenient handle that makes discharging easy.


  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • 8 adjustable heights
  • 173cc OHV engine
  • Foldable handlebars


  • Adjustable heights
  • Fast cutting ability
  • Powerful engine
  • Affordable model


  • The plastic dashboard is a bit weak


BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

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The BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower has enough power to handle any mowing task on any lawn that’s smaller than ½ acre. This tool is powerful, affordable, and reliable. It comes with a single lever height adjustment and can bag, mulch, and rear discharge clippings. What’s more, this electric start lawn mower folds down easily, making it easy to store.


  • 19-inches cutting width
  • Cordless electric
  • Single lever height adjustment


  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to start
  • Affordable option
  • Wide cutting width


  • The lead-acid battery makes it heavy

What is an Electric Start Lawn Mower?

An electric start lawnmower is a subtype of a gas-powered mower that’s turned on by a turn of a key or button. This mower needs no effort to turn on, unlike the recoil-started tools. Most modern mowers are equipped with a battery that powers the motor, while the others can be plugged in to start the machine.

Lawn Mowing Tips

  • Every type of grass has an optimal height- find out yours.
  • Never scalp your lawn. This weakens your lawn, leaving it susceptible to drought, heat, disease, and cold.
  • Tall and overgrown grass should be mowed in stages, with a few recovery days in between mowing.
  • Generally, never cut more than a third of grass on a single day.
  • Change your mowing pattern every time.
  • Never mow your grass when it’s wet.
  • Always use sharp blades when mowing.

General Mower Maintenance Tips

  • Read the Manual. The manufacturer understands the mower best when it comes to maintenance. Most manufacturers will guide you on how to use the machine properly and the best maintenance strategies.
  • If you have a gasoline-powered machine, ensure that you drain the fuel before storing it. Old gas can damage your mower. Ensure you use fresh gas in the next mowing session.
  • Ensure that the engine is tuned up and the blades are sharp. Tuning and sharpening the blades will keep your machine working efficiently. The blade may get dull over time due to objects such as sticks and rocks. This will cost you a small fee, but it’s worth it.
  • Oiling with the recommended lawnmower oil.


How Does an Electric Start Lawnmower Work?

Electric start lawnmowers are usually gas mowers but come with an electric starter. This electric starter is powered by an accumulator and rotates to turn the crankshaft. What you’re required to do is to turn the key or push the button.

Can I Add an Electric Start to My Lawnmower?

Engines like Briggs-Stratton can be equipped with starter converters that allow you to adjust an electric starter easily. Incompatible engines can use a 4-inch square-head bolt and a drill, but it may not be convenient.

How Long Does an Electric Start Mower Last?

If properly maintained, the mower’s engine can serve you for 8 to 10 years. If you leave it unattended, it can last for around 4 years.

Why is My Electric Lawnmower Not Starting?

To determine the issue, you need to inspect the tool. Disconnect it and check if the cable is damaged. Presumably, the cable is cut. The engine can also have a problem, which you can detect without consulting a professional. Additionally, battery-powered may fail to start if there is an issue with the battery.

Buying Guide

Before choosing the best electric start lawn mower for your mowing needs, there are some crucial factors you need to keep in mind. The section below outlines some important factors that you should consider when shopping for a new electric start lawnmower.

  • Cutting Width

The cutting width refers to the width of the cutting deck. This determines the area you’ll be able to mow in a single pass. A smaller cutting width/deck means you will take longer to mow your lawn since it covers less area in a single pass.

  • Self-Propelled or Push Mower

Self-propelled lawn mowers are equipped with a transmission that drives the wheels and allows you to move the machine around the lawn. Although they are expensive, they don’t exhaust the user. Also, you can set speed and guide them around. On the other hand, push mowers don’t have such convenience and demand some muscle power to operate them.

  • Adjustable Height Settings

It’s advisable to look for an electric start lawn mower that allows you to cut grass at your preferred height. This is a useful feature since it makes you more flexible. However, if you’re sure that the fixed cutting height suits your needs, you can get one without it.

  • Ease of Use

Lawn maintenance is not always a fun activity. And it may get worse and more challenging if you have a mower that’s not easy to use. With the wrong mower, procrastination kicks in, and it gets worse once your lawn turns into a mini-jungle. Therefore, always go for a machine that comes with a user-friendly design and elements. Whether you’re storing it, cleaning it, or using it, it should be time-saving and hassle-free.

  • Versatility
Best Electric Start Lawn Mower Reviews and Buying Guide

You don’t want to buy a mower for each type of mowing work. Always look for a machine that’s versatile enough to accommodate most of your mowing tasks. For instance, look for a mower with 3-in-1 capabilities, including bagging, mulching, and side or rear discharge. Additionally, check whether the mower has variable speed settings.

  • Durability

Lawnmowers are expensive tools, and buying them every season may not be practical. In other words, you need a product that will last for a couple of years. Always check the quality of deck material, motor, wheels, handle, and blades.

  • Convenient to Use and Store

Mowing is a seasonal job. Therefore, look for a tool that comes with an ergonomic design and has a comfortable handle. A lawnmower that is too heavy to store and maintain is not worth investing in.


A lawnmower will greatly improve your lawn appearance and keep it tidy and beautiful with a decent cut. An easy-start lawnmower should be versatile and convenient to use in all terrains. Choose one from the products above and experience great mowing.

Good luck!