Best Chainsaw Chaps Reviews – Chainsaw Pants

Logging can be messy. To stay safe and clean, you need to invest in the best chainsaw chaps.

Chainsaw chaps protect you from the splinters that fly when cutting.

Chainsaw protective clothing also helps you to stay neat when you are working.

You also get a professional outlook once you put on the chaps. One can easily tell the difference between you and a logger who is not serious about their work.

With the numerous types of chain saw chaps in the market, getting the best chainsaw chaps can be a daunting task.

To enable you to make a quicker decision, I have listed and reviewed the top chainsaw chaps that you can find in the market.

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So, What are the Best Chainsaw Chaps?

This is a question in the minds of many lumberjokers – both new and old in the industry.

Ladies and gentlemen (being gender sensitive here), the best chaps are the Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch.

The Best Chainsaw Chaps Chainsaw Safety Chaps Reviews for 2020

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The Husqvarna chainsaw chaps feature PVC coated denier polyester protective layers. The protective layers protect you from injuries or reduce the severity of an injury.

When the material comes into contact with the moving of the chainsaw, it pulls apart and clogs the chainsaw system slowing it down or stopping it from rotating.

Some of the Top-Rated Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw chaps is a topic that many people are interested in but few people know what to look for. Luckily, there are some key elements that you should keep in mind if you want to get the best chainsaw chaps.

You need to look for chaps that will offer you the highest level of protection; ones that will be comfortable and that will not wear out too quickly.

The say good things come in twos – I say great things come in threes!

Instead of giving you just the best chainsaw pants, I’m going to list and review three of the best chainsaw safety chaps on the market.

Labonville Chainsaw Chaps – Full-Wrap Chainsaw Pants

Unlike most of the chainsaw chaps being sold, the Labonville safety chap has the ideal weight to enable you to work perfectly. The chaps weigh about 5 pounds.

The chaps also do not restrict your movement when you wear them. The chaps are designed to be flexible and hence you can move freely without being barred.

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The material used is tough. The Labonville chaps are made with the best material. When you have chaps on, you are safe from the splinters that come at you with great speeds.

The material used in the making of the chaps is green in color. The green nature of the material makes it highly reflective in the night. So if you are working with big machinery to carry the logs, you are going to be clearly sighted when the machine comes your way.

The green color also makes it a perfect fit for the logging business. Chloroplast stains will not be visible on the chaps; hence you can use the chaps for a great period of time without it looking dirty.

These chaps are full wrap, X-Long protective clothing. No matter how big you are, the chaps are always going to fit you. They cover your legs perfectly, protecting you from injuries when working.

If you do not like green clothing that much, then you also have another color option you can use as an alternative. You can also get orange chaps of the same kind. They are, however, not available in X-Long size.


Some of the people who have got a chance to use the chaps claim that they are missing some stitches around the crotch.

Users claim in the reviews that the chaps are the only ones that they have seen lacking double stitching around the crotch so far.

They, however, claim that the stitches present hold very well so it is not such a major drawback after all.

WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Safety Chaps

The WoodlandPro chainsaw protective chaps are the ideal chaps for you if you do much logging daily.

These chaps are made from durable fabric that you can be sure will last as testified in most of the user reviews. The fabric is also tough. You will not feel a thing when you get into contact with a high velocity splinter.

 WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Safety Chaps

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The pants come in size LG. Anyone who wears clothing of the same size can find them quite comfortable to wear.

They also weigh just two pounds, which is just less than one kg. This lightweight will allow you to work at ease and feel like you are free from an awkward pull of gravity most chaps possess.

The chaps do not inhibit your movement. You can move your legs as far as they can go with ease, unlike most of the heavier chaps.

To make work at night easier for you, the chaps are green in color. You can be spotted easily by anyone you are working with in the night, hence better coordination of work in the dark.

The green color is also ideal for these types of tasks. Leaves from the trees you fell will not stain the chaps with the green chlorophyll pigments. You will remain looking neat throughout the logging sessions even if you have billions of chlorophyll pigments stuck on the logging chaps.

Since the chaps are so light, you can put them on and remove them easily. You can save a lot of time when you are dressing up for work.

The material used to make the protective chaps does not trap much heat. It allows good circulation of air within the chaps, hence you will not sweat too much in the middle of the day.


The material used in the manufacture of the chaps is not as dense as it is supposed to be. Without other supportive chainsaw protective gear covering the legs, most people feel like the logging chaps do not offer much protection for their legs.

The light material is ideal for daytime logging, though most people prefer them to be a bit thicker than they are now because they sometimes work through the night.

The chaps also make a noise when you are walking that most people find irritating. You cannot pass through a neighborhood with the chaps on without attracting attention.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Pants 587160704

The Husqvarna chainsaw chap is perfect for the logging business. The chap is made from 1000 denier polyester.

The polyester is coated with PVC coating and Tek wrap protective layers. This combination makes this one of the best chainsaw protective chaps in the market.

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The waist of the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps can be adjusted to fit waists of up to 42 inches. This makes the chap usable to many people who have a problem with finding the best chaps that fit perfectly.

The chap also includes a pocket that you can use to store items that you may need to use during the felling of trees. The pocket can accommodate some of the necessities. Just make sure what you carry in these pockets are not too heavy or sharp enough to pierce through the PVC material.

They are also fitted with acetyl Derlan buckles. The buckle is the ideal product to use on this type of clothing for it ensures maximum comfort when carrying a number of gadgets on him/ her.

If those features have not yet made you to think of giving the chap some good ratings in the user reviews, then the felling wedge included in the shipment will.

 The chap comes with a high-quality felling wedge to help you when you are felling a tree with a chainsaw. The felling wedge is rust resistant and has a great inclined shape that allows it to fit through the tightest tree gap.

The Husqvarna chainsaw pants are recognized by many of the standardization organizations in the US to comply with their regulations. The chap meets the ASTM f1897, ANSI z133.1, and OSHA regulation 1910-266 standards and is also UI certified.


The PVC layer is too thin for chainsaw safety pants. People have stated that the PVC is worn out very easily. Even with the other layers covering it, the PVC tends to wear out easily, creating torn look on the chap within a short period of usage.

Even though the PVC material is strong and light, compared to other chaps, it really lowers the lifetime of the chap.

Best Protective Chaps Buying Guide

When you want to get the best chainsaw safety gear that can work as well as the rest of your chainsaw safety equipment, then you need to look out for the following qualities first:

  • Durability: go for the chap that will last for a good period of time without tearing up. The area where the chap covers is usually the place that the chainsaws force is felt. You should, therefore, find something tough and durable to cope with all the wastes thrown your way.
  • Thickness: go for a thick chap that will keep you warm in the night if you do night shifts. You should also observe the weight when you are choosing a thick chap because that is one of the main aspects of your shopping criteria.
  • Weight: you should buy a chap that will not seem too bulky for you. Avoid the dense chaps that give you a hard time at work.
  • Size: not all of the chaps being sold can fit you perfectly. You should choose a size that will be able to cover you totally for maximum protection.
  • Price: buy a chap that fits what you had budgeted but has great quality. Do not buy something that you will throw away after a couple of months.


In the home improvement world, having the right tool for the job is essential. If you’re looking for the right pair of chain saw chaps to protect you from a chainsaw, you need to look at both the material and the design of the chaps.

If you have never been able to get the best chap ever, then let this article guide you in getting the best one now. The chaps listed above have got amazing ratings in the best chainsaw chaps reviews this year and you might also be one of the satisfied people in the reviews.