Best Bunk Beds with Stairs Reviews

Space is at a premium if you live in a small space. So, the best bunk beds with stairs come in very handy.

But how?

First, If your friends are fond of sleeping over whenever they visit, the best bunk beds with stairs gives you peace of mind knowing that you are able to provide them with a descent sleeping space.

Secondly, your kids:

Bunk beds for kids will give them a place to relax after another round of fun and play. Sometimes kids even want to spend the night with their friends and bond more.  If you have at least one bunkbed with stairs, you won’t feel any embarrassment as you have already catered for them.

What’s more?

Some of the very best bunk beds with stairs come with a trundle which turns out to be very useful as extra storage or as an extra seating/sleeping space for your kids/guests

Now let me tell you one of my top secrets:

I have always preferred to live in compact spaces- I think I have a fear big space (agoraphobia).

On the other hand, I love guests. And since I currently live alone, am fond of insisting that they spend the night at my place – I like the warmth they bring.

So I frequently find myself hunting for the latest best bunk beds with stairs. And I also passionately follow the trend in furniture savings space.

However, I have to admit that it has not always been that easy. First time, I ended up with a cheap creaky bed which didn’t last even 2 months.

But at least after buying severally, I know better. For one, the best  bunkbeds with steps are functional, strong and safe for everyone in your family.

I also find the beds which can be separated to individual beds better. You know why?

Your kids are growing and you need a bed that can adapt to their individual needs perfectly.

Best Bunk Beds with Stairs Reviews

To cut the long story short, I felt inspired to share with you all I know about the best bunk beds with stairs and I will start by reviewing some of the toddler bunk beds with stairs that I feel won’t disappoint you. Here they are:

Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle, Espresso

A children’s bunk bed with stairs need to be safe at all costs.

Safety can be considered from several angles:

One, the finishing- preferably it should be lead free and child safe. Then, the stairway- it should be firm to avoid falling over and also comfortable enough to avoid hurting the feet.

Also, it should be sturdy otherwise it will crash with kids sleeping in there resulting to injuries.

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Knowing this, I highly recommend that you go for a kid’s bunk bed with steps that puts kids safety first. One of the best in safety is none other than the Bedz king stairway bunk bed espresso.

The finish is certified child-safe and free of lead. The guard rails are on both sides and will make sure your little ones don’t roll over and fall.

Then, the built-in stairway holds firmly and has a smooth coating to ensure they don’t hurt. Still, it comes with a trundle for a convenient additional storage.

Finally, the space between the lower and the upper beds is sufficient- you can sit upright without hitting your head.


  • Twin over Twin bed
  • Twin trundle
  • Wooden slats
  • Built-in Stairway
  • 3 drawers(built in-to the stairway)
  • Made from solid Brazilian pine
  • Simple assembly( all tools provided)
  • Mattress thickness: 9 Inches


  • The trundle slides in smoothly under the bed- no one can even note it’s there
  • The assembly is very easy thanks to the crystal clear instructions
  • You have sufficient height between the 2 bunks to avoid getting hurt when you sit up
  • The loft bed has a safe and attractive espresso finish
  • The stairs are super solid and safe. Their non-stick strips protect against slipping.
  • The cabinets give you extra storage space
  • They bunks feel structurally sound


  • A few of the slats seems excessively knotty


This is one of the best bunk beds with drawers in staircase with most of their numerous features going towards securing the safety of your kids.

The drawers give you some storage while the trundle will guarantee an extra sleeping slot for your visitors.

Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed, Twin Over Full, White

Color white nowadays represents a successful start while in ancient times it depicted faith and purity.

If you love white, you will like another safety first crown jewel- the Columbia staircase bunk bed.

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It is a bunk bed superbly engineered for lasting durability from eco-friendly hardwood and is topped up with a cool protective 5-step finishing.

The kid’s bed also has staircase drawers which add more storage space in your kid’s room. I also like the fact that you can separate into 2 beds if the need arises.


  • Twin over full
  • Made from strong eco-friendly hardwood
  • Sturdy mortise and tenon joints
  • In-built modesty panel
  • Protective five step finishing
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Convertible into separate beds
  • Lead free
  • Up to 9 1/2 inches mattress
  • Steel bolts & barrel nuts
  • Simple, fresh design


  • Very durable
  • The bed is certified kid’s safe
  • White in color
  • The slat system superbly supports your mattress
  • You can convert it into 2 separate beds
  • The bed is simple to assemble
  • Stairs are flexible- you can choose to set them on either end
  • Made from sturdy eco-friendly hardwood.
  • It can accommodate a trundle or more drawers under the bed
  • Its water-resistant
  • It retains its beauty as it is scratch-resistant


  • The stairs are not as sturdy


This is another of the bunk beds with drawers in stairs sure to become the kid’s favorite sleeping bed.

Considering its entire design, you will feel good about its quality and the value it gives. Definitely another winner!

Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed with 3 Drawers in Honey Finish

It’s hard to believe but some of the best bunk beds with stairs are simply gorgeous. I am talking of kids bunk beds with stairs such as this mission staircase bunk bed in honey finish

Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

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It’s so beautiful it will make your bedroom the center of attraction. Don’t be surprised if everyone keeps asking for directions on where you bought it!

It’s one of the few beds that accommodate your standard 8-inch mattresses on top of having more drawers and an extra magazine rack.

There are other incredible features too:


  • Twin over twin bed
  • Solid wood construction
  • Rich-honey lacquer finishing
  • Meets all quality and safety standards
  • Comes mattress ready
  • Takes eight inch mattresses
  • 4 chest drawers
  • Magazine rack


  • This bunk bed is super easy to set up.
  • The drawers/stairs come fully assembled
  • The bed is so eye-catching
  • Absolutely very good quality
  • The drawers are superiorly made
  • The stairs can work from either side
  • The magazine rack makes the room more organized


  • Instructions are a little confusing
  • You can’t separate it into 2 beds


Beauty and functionality can make one hell of a combination and this is what you get with the mission staircase bunk bed in honey finish.

It makes your kids room glow in beauty even as it provides more storage options with the unique magazine rack.

If your mission is to impress while still enjoying top class results, you will find this irresistible.

Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed with 3 Drawers in White Finish

Still, on the prowl for the best bunk beds with stairs, we met this beautiful twin over full in a white finish bunk bed.

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It hides all imperfections from any probing eyes and since it comes mattress ready, on top of it accepting eight inch mattress, it could be the champion bunk bed that you have been looking for all along.

The manufacturer has also put a lot of emphasis on strengthening it for durability so you are guaranteed reasonable longevity and service.

Finally, the bed has been thoroughly examined for safety and passed all safety/security tests


  • Twin over twin
  • 3 drawers
  • Rich white laquer finishing
  • Mattress ready
  • Accommodates 8-inch Mattresses
  • Meets quality Specifications


  • Comes mattress ready
  • Another chic bunk bed
  • Bed seems to be of excellent quality
  • It incredibly easy to assemble
  • This bunk bed is cheaper than most of its peers
  • The slats are offer the mattress sublime support


  • You can’t separate the bunk beds
  • It’s based on MDF so it somehow week


Expect the beautiful twin over full in white finish bunk bed to exceed all your expectations- It safe, gorgeous and generally so functional.

With this, you are assured of getting almost all that you ever have dreamt off in bunk beds with stair drawers

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Bunk Bed with 3 Drawer Storage, Espresso

Many people associate bunk beds with kids’ bedrooms. And that’s because this is where they are commonly used.

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However, nowadays you can find bunk beds even in ships, army garrisons, hostelsdormitories, prison cells or in summer camp cabins.

A bunk bed that always works regardless of where you locate it is the discovery twin over full bunk bed.

Some of its noteworthy features include the rock solid construction, its separable into 2 beds, and the fact you don’t need a box spring or a bunkie board to use it as it comes mattress ready.


  • Twin over full
  • Solid wood construction
  • Bigger headboard than the footboard
  • Brushed nickel drawer handles
  • Comes with a slat kit
  • The bunk bed with drawer stairs can be split into two
  • Mattress ready


  • The drawers are protected from falling out by the positive stops
  • This bunk bed has been thoroughly tested for safety and found compliant
  • The drawer handles provides easy access to the drawers
  • Comes with a slat kit- no need for box or Bunkie board
  • You can split the bunk bed into 2 beds
  • The European drawers glide smoothly all through


  • Sometimes it’s delivered with some parts missing


The discovery twin over full bunk bed works everywhere space is needed including prison. The rock solid construction, the fact that you can split it 2 beds in addition to it coming mattress ready makes this one of my favorite bunk beds.

Furniture of America Concord Bunk Bed, Twin / Full, Dark Oak

Proudly claiming the last remaining slot in our time-honored selection of the best bunk beds with stairs is the concord bunk bed from the furniture of America- a company with a bulging reputation for bringing happiness to homes with artistic furniture.

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Let me explain why we picked this:

At some point, your kids start developing a taste for fashionable things-mostly when they approach their youth.

Imagine having to keep changing their rooms’ décor because you bought them a bed whose décor they abhor?

To avoid this, go for a transitional, versatile, and deluxe twin over full bunk bed- the sort which adapts superbly to any bedroom’s décor

Its labeled unisex meaning it works for both boys and girls even as they grow. Since it comes in two colors, you are free to pick whichever impresses you most-espresso or dark oak.

That said, it’s a durable bunkbed with stairs and utterly sturdy.


  • Twin over full bed
  • Slats styled headboard & footboard
  • Slim, airy slats
  • Made from solid, stained pine boards
  • guardrails
  • Upper bed: 33″ high
  • Insert and lock joints
  • Espresso finish
  • Angled ladder
  • Mattress ready


  • Insert & lock joint design makes it tighter and hence safer
  • Upper bed is at least 33″ high so you won’t keep hitting your head
  • Easy to clean- you just need a damp cotton cloth for wiping
  • The wooden bunk beds with steps bring a contemporary look to the bedroom
  • Can support an adult with a 150lb weight limit
  • Remarkably sturdy – doesn’t wobble
  • Comes mattress ready- no extras support pieces needed
  • More color options- choose either espresso or dark oak


  • The ladder is a little flimsy especially if adults are to use it


The concord bunk bed from the furniture of America is made of extra-ordinarily durable solid wood and has great aesthetics.

This beautiful bunk bed should sit well with any youth bedrooms’ décor thus saving you from the costs involved with modifying any established decoration while maintaining your teenager’s sense of fashion.

Bunk Beds with Stairs Buying Guide

Now that I have enlightened you on the best bunk beds with stairs, let me now talk about the key questions you need to ask yourself when looking for kids bunk beds with stairs

Remember I told you earlier about how I ended up with a terrible bunkbed with you know what I did?

Since I was a novice, I listened to the seller as he drummed into me how great his bed was!

Poor me- didn’t even realize that he had a no returns policy!

Of course I almost went bonkers when he refused to accept his dreadful bed. Anyway, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it durable?

You don’t want to keep wasting money on beds which keep breaking down at the slightest hint of stress. So, why go for solid, and longevity guaranteeing bunk beds?

  • Are the beds separable?

Can you split the beds into two? In future, your kids will grow up and demand to have individual beds.

Rather than spending more money, you will just disassemble your bund bed and have 2 stand-alone beds. Great! Huh?

  • How easy is it to assemble?

If it requires that you import an engineer from Mars to fix it for you, avoid it like plague! Luckily, most of our recommended beds have straight forward assembly instructions

  • Is the space between the bunks big enough?

Imagine having to bend so that you can sit on your baby’s bed? Or keeping on hitting your head against the top bunk just because the room in-between is squeezed?  This would not be good at all, at all. So, analyze the space before buying and avoid later regrets

  • What about the stairway?

Personally, I enjoy flexibility so I only buy toddler bunk beds with stairs whose stairs can be fixed on either side.

Plus they must not be flimsy or hurting

  • Does it have a trundle?

Lately, bunk beds with trundles have become more common and popular. If your bedroom have adequate space, you can pick a bed with a trundle. It really helps whenever you’ve guests.

  • Safety

Again, the bed will need to be used by all in the family. So, that calls for a bed which puts safety first. It should have guard rails, sturdy, be lead free and generally guarantee protection for all

  • How much storage does it provide?

Obviously, the more the storage, the better the children’s bunk bed with stairs

  • How much does it cost?

You don’t want to exceed your budget so go for what is the best within your price range

  • What type of bed/mattress does it use?

A twin/twin is the standard bunk bed. It uses 2 same sized mattresses- commonly the 8-inch ones.

On the other hand, a twin/full use a standard (twin) mattress on the upper bunk and a full size on the lower bed.

Lastly, a full/full bunk bed also called a wider bed required full (wider) sized mattresses on both bunks. This means 4 people can comfortably sleep in.

Winding up – Best Bunk Beds with Stairs

I promised to share with you all I know about the best bunk beds with stairs and I believe I have done exactly that.

Then, do keep checking since I will keep updating this with any new information I come across about toddler bunk beds with stairs.

For now, you have the basics about the whole buying process.

I even went ahead to select for you some of the outstanding bunkbeds with steps currently trending in the marketplace plus all their details.

So, you have my blessings- pick what suits you and remember to avoid all the miserable toddler bunk beds with stairs like the one I once had!