Best Storage Bags for Breast Milk Review 2022

Settling for the best storage bags for breast milk to preserve your milk after expressing for your baby can be daunting.

We have researched the top 3 best breast milk storage bags to give you an insight into the best pick.

The mother-child bond during the breastfeeding days is usually at its strongest stage. The mother has a great relationship with the child at that time and the baby never wants to be even an inch apart from the mother.

Things begin to change, however, when the baby starts developing milk teeth. They turn to tiny vamps and use the milk teeth as “milking” teeth.

You can decide to keep on enduring the non-stop pain every time you breastfeed or buy the best storage bags for breast milk to hoard the milk until the baby wants and needs some.

The bags do not only help out with the pain of breastfeeding milk-toothed babies but also help out when you take your baby out for a walk and you are shy to breastfeed in public.

Now that you are aware of the importance of the breast milk freezer storage bags, let’s see the best ones you can get to store your milk;

Best Storage Bags for Breast Milk Reviews

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

The first quality, which should exist in each and every one of the best storage bags for breast milk, is the absence of BPA in its composition.

BPA is still undergoing some research to see if it can cause some adverse health effects hence it is not suitable to use in making food containers.

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Storage Bags For Breast Milk Reviews

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The material used to make the bag is the purest in its form and is imported from top manufacturers. It is leak-free and amazingly tough for its soft nature.

Their large size makes them ideal and the best breast milk storage bags to use. You can store quite an amount of milk in the bags hence you need not worry about the stock running dry too soon.

The product has a pouring spout at the top. The spout allows you to pour out the milk in baby bottles without spillage.  You can also pour in milk easily for the huge spout can allow air out as fast as the milk is going in without causing bubbles.

You can use the bags as freezer bags for breast milk storage. They are able to maintain a good physical form, even under the coldest of temperatures a freezer can reach.

This is unlike most bags that crack and lose their elasticity with the slightest change of temperature below zero degrees.

The shape of the bags allows them to lay flat which is convenient for thawing. The shape also makes it compact and easy to store and carry.

These bags have a double seal on at the top. The seal is tight at both ends and you just have to press it in order to have this tight seal.


The bags leak during defrosting. A large number of holes and nicks in the bags let out the milk in large quantities. This lowers the possibility of using it to freeze the milk.

The bag also prevents the milk from freezing in a good time. You will have to wait for a good number of hours before the milk finally freezes up.

Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags

The best breast pump bags are compatible with all the Madela breast pumps. If you have purchased a breast pump of the same brand, then you will be in luck with these bags.

Apart from their compatibility with the breast pumps, they have an easy connect adapter. The adapter connects directly with the breast shields and fits in perfectly, making them the best storage bags for breast milk to use in these methods.

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The bags are sealed with zipper tops instead of the common Ziploc seals used in other breast milk storage bags. The zipper tops seal the bags perfectly and you do not have to worry about the milk spilling from the seals.

The zipper tops are also easy to open and close; you do not need to put in much physical effort and brainpower in order to open them up.

Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk bags have a protective oxygen barrier. The milk will not face any problems once stuck in a fridge or freezer.

Using the bags in freezers will not affect the bags’ physical structure. The bag still retains its elasticity after it has been used in freezers and fridges.

The bag is also free from BPA, which as I said, is the common feature in the best breast milk storage bags. No health problems can arise because of the material used in the manufacture of these bags.

To top off all the good features of the bags, they have measurements on their surfaces. You can easily see the amount of milk you produce daily and keep the level in check.

Though many of the bags have this feature, these bags have a more visible measurement line and the color of the milk cannot affect its visibility.


The bags cannot support as much milk as needed. When you buy the bags, they look bigger in the packs than when you remove them. If you do not read the 5oz capacity indication on the box, you will end up using a bag that will require help from another one of the same measurement.

Some users complain that the bags have a stronger scent in the inside part than other bags when new. The scent may denature the smell of fresh milk, making your child have a different view of the smell of fresh milk.

NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags

What makes these bags the best storage bags for breast milk, is their ability to prevent any amount of fluid from spilling out. The bags are guaranteed to be 100% spill-proof.

It also has a double zipper seal made from the best Ziploc seal type in the market. The zipper will seal the bag totally, preventing spillage or accidental leaks.

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NUK Seal N Go milk bags are also fitted with pour spouts. The pour spouts have the ability to prevent spillage when and after the milk has been poured into the bag. The bags can retain all the milk that has been poured in through the gravity-fed spouts because not even a single drop can be retained above the Ziploc.

The best quality that is understated in most breast milk storage bags reviews is the safe composition of the bags. They do not contain any harmful materials that would affect the health of your baby negatively.

Some manufacturers use products like BPA in the manufacture of the bags. That is not the case with these bags for they are free of such materials.

Unlike other bags, these ones cannot leak from the bottom. The design is gusset-free at the bottom, giving no spot for the milk to escape from.

The bags tops can show whether the bags have been used before or not. The tamper-evident tops prevent you from reusing the bags twice by accident.

The bags contain measurements labeled in blue on their surfaces. The blue color of the measurement label contrasts perfectly with the color of the milk, enabling you to see the quantity of milk perfectly.

The label also gives the bag a cool color. Stored milk in the bags looks exactly like dairy products and give out a clean hygienic look, even after the milk has been frozen.


Many breast milk storage bags reviews state that the bags contain a strong scent of plastic. When you store milk in the bags for a long duration of time, the milk possesses the same scent the bag has and no longer smells like perfect milk.

Your baby might reject the milk because of the scent if it is sensitive to such scents.

The tamper-proof feature might be overstated. The Ziploc system of sealing cannot completely assure you that the bags have never been used before. A hungry company might just take used bags and sterilize them back to the bags for re-use.

Buying Guide

When you want to get the best storage bags for breast milk, there are certain qualities that you can inspect. Some of them include;

  • Durability: Your milk bag needs to outlast the milk when frozen. Check the thickest bags in the store to find the perfect ones, for the thicker they are, the more durable they will be. *Always go for reusable breast milk storage bags.)
  • Seal: The best seals usually exist in doubles. You should find a seal that closes the opening on both ends.
  • Size: Why go for a bag that stores less than 5oz when you can get one that can store up to 6. Pick the ones that can hold lots of milk so that you will not have storage issues.
  • Spill-proof features: The best storage bags for breast milk should have at least one spill-proof feature. The most common one is the pour spout which prevents milk from spilling when you are pouring it in.