Best Baby Bottles to use when Breastfeeding

It’s hard choosing the best bottles to use when breastfeeding for most mothers, that’s why we’ve written this guide. Read on and we’ll make it easy for you!

In the early stages of the baby’s life, breastfeeding is a necessity. Things become a little bit difficult when the baby’s growth demands more nutrients from different types of food sources. When this happens, the need for the best bottles to use when breastfeeding becomes real.

Breastfeeding baby bottles help you to feed the baby with nutrients not found in breast milk.

The bottles also help you to feed your baby once teeth start to show up. Babies tend to bite you to test their new assets which leave you with sore nipples.

To ensure that your baby’s health is not affected by the bottles you use, you need the best makes of breastfeeding bottles.

Let’s go through the best ones for you to see which one suits you best;

Best Bottles to Use When Breastfeeding Reviews

Comotomo Baby Bottle: Best Natural Baby Bottles

The nipple is naturally shaped. The baby will get the same experience as the one it has when it sucks on breasts.

Best Bottles to Use When Breastfeeding Reviews 2020

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They are also soft silicone nipples, which makes them one of the best bottle nipples for breastfed babies. They cannot tell the difference between the mother’s breast and the bottle.

The bottle has a wide neck. Pouring milk and other fluids in it becomes such a simple and non-messy task.

The wide neck also comes in handy when you are cleaning up the bottle. It will give you a wide opening and hence ease the process of washing, making sure you do not leave even a single stain in the bottle.

The breastfeeding bottle can be heated through various means. It is safe to use in a microwave, boiling water, dishwashers, and sterilizers.

A unique feature of this product that makes it one of the best bottle nipples for breastfeeding babies, is the vents on the nipple.

The nipple has vents that allow air in to compensate for space the fluid being sucked out occupied.

The vents cannot leak; you can, therefore, feed your baby without worrying about the milk spilling out and messing up your clothes.

The product is squeezable, soft and skin-like. Your baby will have maximum comfort when it feeds off the bottle.

The baby can play with the bottle after the meal inside without hurting itself, in contrast with the hard-plastic bottles that hurt the baby anytime it smashes the bottle on the face.

The shape of the bottle makes it easier for the baby to hold it.

When the baby has learned to hold things, it will want to hold onto the bottle while it is feeding in order for it to limit the amount of food it can take in at a go.

The bottle will turn out to be your baby’s favorite once it gets a hold of it.


The bottle lets the fluids out in a slow flow. If your baby is super hungry, you will have an insane experience trying to get the baby to stop crying… or the baby might just decide to suck hard on the nipple and chew it in rage.

The shape of the bottle affects the COG (center of gravity) of the bottle drastically. The bottle can topple over very easily and hence the baby can spill the food any time it kicks or drops the bottle.

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle

This one-of-a-kind bottle happens to be one of the top-rated bottles for breastfeeding babies.

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle

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The bottle does not have any BPA content in its plastic composition. BPA is still undergoing some analysis to determine whether it is suitable for usage in baby bottles.

It is best to be on the safe side and that is why the manufacturers of this breastfeeding baby bottle have decided not to use the plastic – that is still experimental and might harm your child.

Prevent your baby from getting colic with this wonderful bottle. The baby is sure to be satisfied and happy once you use the bottle.

The cause of colic symptoms (which is generally crying a lot) has not yet been determined.

Therefore, it is best to keep your baby happy at all times by getting it things it would love, like this bottle for instance.

The ability to absorb heat and thermal shock is yet another feature that makes this one of the best bottles when breastfeeding. The bottle does not get denatured easily when exposed to intense heat over a short period.

The bottle is also amazingly transparent. Checking the level of fluid in it is possible, even in the dimmest light (you may not want to switch on all the lights when woken up late and you have to feed the baby).

The bottle has an outstanding design customized entirely for the baby’s comfort. The baby will enjoy holding onto the bottle hence you will not have to feed it all the way to the bottom of the bottle.


The baby bottle seals fine with the ring for a while. After some time though, the bottle and the ring give in to temperature differences and one of them becomes bigger.

When you try to close the bottle then, the ring will snap at some point. You will have to try to maintain a good seal at a point by avoiding passing the best sealing point.

The bad seal makes feeding the baby a nightmare. The fluids always spill and that is not something you would want to happen to your baby when it has forced you to wake up at midnight for a feeding session.

Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 8

Without this amazing product, the list of the best bottles to use when breastfeeding won’t be complete.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles for Baby, 8 Ounces

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The problem of the slow flow of fluids through the bottle nipples for breastfed babies has now been solved.

This crafty piece of work allows the users to interchange between a slow, fast and medium flow of the fluids. You can, therefore, pace the baby’s drinking speed with just a twist of the ring.

The bottle also has a ventilation system on the top side of the bottle.

The bottle can control air intake in the bottle, minimizing the chances of your baby getting colic or starting to puke and spit milk because of large amounts of air intake.

These bottle nipples for breastfeeding babies come with a protective cover.

The covers protect the bottles from spilling food and also, keeps the nipples in an amazing hygienic condition.

The cover can also be used to keep the baby from spilling the fluids once it starts using the bottle as a toy.

Another amazing feature that makes this bottle awesome for your baby is the fact that it does not contain any harmful components.

The manufacturer has avoided using substances like BPA plastic to manufacture the bottles, keeping your baby safe.

To top off the great qualities of this bottle, it has a measurement line on its surface. You can measure the correct ratio of the fluids and solids using the ruler that is easy to see from the transparent bottle.

The design of the bottle is childproof and deserves some complement.


Though the flow of the fluids is greatly controlled by the bottle’s amazing features, some customers complain that even the lowest flow of the bottle is still high for some babies.

Having a baby to drink from the bottle can be one risky thing for you to do. If the baby makes a mistake and swallows a big gulp, you will spend the rest of the day trying to get the baby to calm.

The shape and design of the bottle give you a great deal of work when it comes to cleaning it up. The bottle has so many parts to clean you will spend a lot of time making sure that they are a hundred percent clean.

Best Bottles to Use When Breastfeeding Buying guide

Here is where you get to see the features that you should be looking for in the best newborn bottles for breastfeeding.

Here are the features of the best bottles to use when breastfeeding;

  • The plastic composition: Check to see whether the bottle contains any harmful composition. Choose the bottle that has no contents of substances like BPA.
  • Comfortability of the material used: If you do not want to spend most of your time trying to feed the baby of the bottle, then you should choose a bottle that is comfortable for the baby to hold.
  • Carb: The carb, or ‘vent’ as described, should be able to control the flow rate of the fluids perfectly in the bottle. The best bottle for you to use must have a feature that controls the airflow rate.
  • Design: Babies like things that look friendly or cuddly. The best bottles to use when breastfeeding are the ones that the baby will not shy off from holding.