What are the Best Beach Wagons for Kids?

You’ll agree with me when I saw that… it is not an easy task to go from one store to another looking for the best beach wagon for kids – a wagon that will give you value for your money.

When going to the beach with your children you’ll need to carry some snacks and drinks along with you and this can make the ride tiresome. Investing in a beach wagon will go a long way towards making the beach trip enjoyable.

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In this post, we are going to review three of the top-rated beach wagon for kids. At the end of the post, there is a buying guide that will go a long way to help you buy the best wagon for the beach.

Best Beach Wagons for Kids Reviews for 2022

Since you’re reading this you are probably a parent or someone who knows a parent, who is interested in purchasing a beach wagon for kids.

Beach wagons are easy to use, comfortable, and can be used all over the beach and even in the park. If you have a wagon to haul all the beach supplies, then you can free up both hands to carry your children or other gear.

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon (our top pick)

You can take an off-road adventure in this Radio Flyer all-terrain wagon. For all your goodies that you want to haul to the beach, this is an ideal solution. This foldable wagon for kids will handle the sand extremely well.

Best Beach Wagon For Kids Reviews - Best Wagon For The Beach 2020

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This all-terrain wagon has an extra-large body for maximum hauling capacity. It is roomy enough for your two kids to sit in comfortably. It also comes with cup holders to keep your baby’s snacks, drinks, and other personal effects like a camera.

This wagon has real tires that handle any terrain, and this means you can take your kids anywhere regardless of the tough terrain. More so, the real air tires ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

It made of removable wooden sides which ensure easy access to and out of the wagon. Also, the side rails are removable and therefore you can lay it on its side to fit even in smaller car trunks.

It comes with a flat bottom, which offers ultimate flexibility. One good thing with this wooden flat bottom is bigger than the metal bottom, and it doesn’t get hot during a days-dog sun.

The extra-long handle for this wagon folds under for easy transport and also saves storage space. It is a safe wagon for kids; its no-pinch ball joint keeps the fingers safe. Besides, this wagon has a controlled turning radius that prevents the wagon from tipping.

It is easy to assemble this wagon, and it has a nice solid construction made of natural wood. The natural wood that makes the sides and bottom of the wagon not only add to the aesthetic appeal but it also enhances a sense of quality.

Some reviewers expressed concerns over the side gates that they are poorly constructed, and any child over 50 pounds who leans against them would go right through them.

This radio flyer all-terrain wagon is one of the best beach wagons for kids. It has a high weight capacity of about 200 pounds. This guarantees you that your kids will continue to enjoy the ride for some years.

The screws are so flimsy, and they chip when installing, this leaves sharp edges in the wagon’s bed where the children sit.

It is a great unit for parades, beaches, zoo trips, and neighborhood walks. All these excellent features go at a reasonable price. One of the top-rated beach wagons for kids.

Radio Flyer Kid’s Ultimate EZ the Best Folding Wagon Ride-On

This folding wagon for kids is designed to fold compactly. It is a full-size wagon for 2-kids from around 18-months of age, easy to set up and takedown. Its one-hand fold makes it possible to take or store the wagon anywhere.

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This fold up wagon provides a secure ride as the two seats are fitted with seat belts. It also has seat backs for a comfortable ride. Your two kids and other items in the wagon are protected from direct sunshine as the unit comes with a sun shade which is removable when not in use.

This wagon has a telescoping handle that makes it easy to transport the unit when folded.  When folding you just put the handle down but for a longer and more comfortable pulling position, just pull it back out.

For easy storage of kid’s stuff, this wagon comes with four cup holders for easy to access the drinks and snacks.

This wagon is made of DuraClean fabric that is durable and easy to clean. Fabrics making most wagons are difficult to clean, but Radio Flyer Fold wagon can be easily wiped to clean.

This beach wagon is simple and easy to install. It only takes one hand to pull on the handle and trigger the folding mechanism. This makes it a great beach wagon for kids.

Radio Flyer didn’t skimp other important features at the expense of the compact fold. The wagon has heavy duty wheels of 8” by 1.5” to provide a smooth and easy ride. The wheels are also big enough to make it easy to pull along.

It has a surprising weight capacity. Think of 120 pounds; this means you have a number of years left for your kids to enjoy the ride on this collapsible wagon for kids.

No product is 100% perfect most parents suggest an improvement of the material making the canopy and the overall performance of the wagon.

With a few tweaks as noted above, this Radio Flyer EZ Fold wagon is a smart and practical unit that every parent will love and use for a couple of years. This kid’s beach wagon is still a great choice for parents who put convenience and protection first.

EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon

This EasyGowagon packs excellent features and a cunning design. It is a lightweight wagon designed with portability in mind. Its smart design will give you an easy time when transporting and also saves storage space. It is one of the best wagons for kids.

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It is one of the most portable wagons in the market and with the newly patented folding design this wagon can collapse up to 1/8th of its size to fit in the trunk of any standard car. And this is a big plus for this unit as compared with many collapsible wagons for kids.

It comes with a shade cover that shields your kids and other personal effects from the scorching sun. The canopy is removable when not needed, and the retractable poles of this shade cover are adjustable to provide an angled coverage.

The kids’ beach wagon has superb construction and unlike other wagons, this EasyGoWagon is simple and easy to set up. Just push it down to set up and pull up on the center to collapse. It’s for this reason this EasyGoWagon is very popular for kids.

It’s big and roomy, and your four kids can comfortably sit in the wagon. Besides, it has extra cup holders to hold your children’s snacks and drinks. Another plus for this wagon is its large handle that makes hauling effortless.

This wagon has the largest wheelbase that offers more stability to prevent the best kids wagon for the beach from tipping. These wheels are great for street, dirt, and sand. No hassles hauling the wagon!  It also comes with an awesome and easy steering wheel that makes it pretty easy to maneuver a turn.

It is an awesome wagon to take to the parks, shopping, beaches, and festivals. The wagon’s cunning design will leave many amazed. More so, it is cheap and does not dig deep into your pocket. All these features are going for a fair price. It is indeed one of the best wagons for the beach.

Some beach wagons for kids come unassembled, and this gives the user a hard time to assemble the unit. But this EasyGoWagon comes fully assembled. It also has a fabric cover to cover it when not in use.

Beach Wagon For Kids Buying Guide

When buying a kid’s beach wagon, there are some things you need to look for.

  • Convenience: the best beach wagons for babies should be convenient enough. Here convenience means, that the wagon should fold up to a fraction of its original size for easy transportation and save in storage space. The unit should be easy to set up and take down.
  • Capacity: there are different sizes of wagons (compact, midsize and large), depending on your needs choose the one that will serve you best.  But having a collapsible kid wagon with plenty of room for your kids and the kids’ stuff is awesome.
  • Material: collapsible wagons are available in either metal, wood or tough fabric. All these options are great and versatile for sandy beaches. Metallic wagons are highly durable, but they overheat during a sunny day. A Wooden wagon is also durable and won’t heat up during a sunny day. Wagons made of fabrics are highly foldable and easy to clean.
  • Canopy: beaches are characterized by a scorching sun, it’s, therefore, important to think about your children and other items in the wagon. A good beach wagon with seats should have a removable canopy.
  • Adjustability: the best beach wagon for toddlers should have an adjustable handle height to make it easy to pull, comfortably and effortlessly.
  • Safety: Safety of the wagon should get the first priority. Make sure the baby wagon is stable and the chances of tipping are minimal. Also, check for seat belts.
  • Heavy-duty wheels: the best wagon for toddlers should have a heavy-duty and stable wheels. Heavy-duty wheels are capable of navigating through rugged terrains effortlessly.
  • Price: go for kids wagons within your budget but still offering above-average performance.
  • Storage pockets: The best kids wagon with cup holders and storage pockets are ideal for easy access to your kid’s snacks and drinks along the beach.


Compared to the rest of the world, the United States has a unique relationship with the beach. Americans love the beach, but we also love to make the beach our own.

That’s where beach wagons come in. For those who don’t know, a beach wagon is a small wagon that’s often used on the beach to carry all of your beach essentials. Every year, thousands of new beach wagons hit the market, and it can be tricky to find one that fits your needs.

For the first time, buying a good beach wagon can be confusing owing to the many options available. But this post is a great reference point that can help you settle for the best beach wagons for kids. Happy buying!