Best Battery Operated Coffee Makers

Out with the old and hello to the new revolution of battery-powered coffee makers that efficiently make coffee for you while on the move.

The best thing about this machine is that it is portable; hence you can carry it wherever and continue with your bright coffee mornings.

Maybe a latte, single or double shot of espresso, or even a cold brew; nothing beats the scent of freshly made coffee. You will not have to spend on high-priced coffee from coffee shops while away with a travel coffee maker. Did you know that taking coffee can enhance your alertness?

The market may put you between a rock and a hard place when choosing their battery-operated coffee makers. Therefore, here are some tips on what to look for in battery-operated coffee maker.

Battery Operated Coffee Makers Buying Guide

Getting value for your money is what everybody wants, either as a greenhorn or an expert in handling any coffee machine. As a result, you need to scrutinize how effective the battery-powered coffee maker will be either at home or on the move. Please go through the following pointers before choosing your coffee machine.


It is said that time waits for no man. Even if it is time spent making your favorite coffee, you do not have to wait to have it ready. If you are on a trip and probably have plenty of visits to make, or you are in a hurry, you don’t have time to wait for coffee to brew at home.

The best battery coffee makers will make a great mug of coffee in a short time, even in 3 minutes at most. It would be perfect if it can also preheat the water just within itself. This way, you will save time for heating the water separately and then use it on the coffee maker.


The thought of carrying fewer luggage while traveling is almost always ecstatic. Nobody wants a bulky load and most especially if all the weight is from a coffee maker. An ideal portable coffee maker should be lightweight, easy to hold, and carry. A compact sized will be excellent.

Also, a small battery-operated coffee maker will usually only make a single cup, thus not advisable if you are touring in a group. You do not want to be selfish now, do you?

While deciding on the size, consider the number of coffee cups you would like to have ready.

In addition, the size matters on where you wish to place the device. You do not want your battery coffee maker filling up the whole kitchen countertop.

Easy To Clean

Nobody wants to spend unending time cleaning anything. The best battery-powered coffee maker should be easy to clean.

The best coffee maker should come with parts that detach easily to allow thorough cleaning and drying. Not always will you have the privilege of fresh running water, so consider a portable coffee maker that is easy to clean even in scarcity of water.

 Also, the fewer the movable parts, the easier your work will be in cleaning and maintaining the machine.

Battery Capacity

Since you will not be brewing many times in a day, you should be able to use your battery-operated coffee maker more than once before recharging.

A great battery should be able to last you long enough before the next brewing, even if it is for several cups of coffee.

Therefore, look for the best battery capacity in a battery coffee maker, preferable a Lithium-ion battery.

Quality of Coffee

How do you like your coffee? When you want coffee, make sure you get the best quality drink.

 That said, even though the battery-operated coffee makers cannot beat the powerful espresso maker, you should not get a sub-standard quality drink.

Make sure to look for a battery machine that delivers the best possible flavor to a great cup of coffee.


The more advanced features a battery coffee maker has, the more it will most likely cost to buy. However, if you do not have that amount, you can always opt for a cheaper option.

Cheap does not always have to be low quality; some brands have tried to match advanced features while saving your money.

But remember not to rush for a more affordable option and end up spending more for its maintenance.

Also, there are features you can always do without, as they are not as important. Look for a machine that is within your budget.

Additional Features

Extra features are worth keeping an eye on while shopping for a battery-operated coffee machine. Such components include auto shut off, programmable settings, multiple warmers, inbuilt grinders, and water filters.

These features boost a brand possessing them, making it more ideal and convenient.

Best Battery Operated Coffee Makers Reviews

If you’re ready to kick your dependence on coffee, but don’t want to go cold turkey, there are several battery operated coffee makers on the market that can help you transition to a caffeine-free lifestyle with less headache. These small appliances allow you to brew your favorite hot beverage in a reusable filter without the need for a coffee maker that uses electricity or an inordinate amount of counter space.

Here are three of the best battery operated coffee makers to get you started.

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Are you traveling to a place with no coffee shops and you cannot afford to miss your cup of coffee? Worry no more when you have the Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker.

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Thanks to its ease of operation and advanced construction, the Nanopresso will deliver a creamy layer with each cup of coffee you brew. It functions perfectly on all types of coffee, even with the ground and hard tamped coffee.

With approximately 15% less pumping power than its predecessor models, this Nanopresso is undoubtedly stress-free to use. For easy and thorough cleaning and drying, the portafilter easy to detach. What’s more?

Forget batteries and electricity but using your hands, the Nanopresso can reach an extreme of 261PSI (18 bars) of pressure beyond compare coffee extractions abilities. Also, it has a specialized heatproof lining that protects you from getting burned by hot water.

Point to note: Fittings are sold individually.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Powerful easy to operate
  • Stylish design for heat protection
  • More water capacity
  • Comes with a cup


  • Accessories sold separately

Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT/ 12V max CXTLithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker

Nothing is as relaxing as starting your day with a large cup of fresh coffee. Or better still; let your family of 3 enjoy their instant and freshly made cups of coffee while on vacation. With Makita, quench and say goodbye to your coffee thirst.

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Using a large lithium-ion battery, Makita brews up to 3 large cups of coffee, 5 ounces each on a single charge. Like a complete coffee maker, Makita does not need paper filters; instead, it has a fixed drip filter. You can choose either to use ground coffee beans or single-serve packs directly to make your preferred cup of coffee.

Even though it is big, it has an upper handle for comfortable grip and simplicity of transport. Also, the compact design stands at about 8-9/16″ with the fitting of a cup of 3-1/2″ tall.

Amazingly it has an automatic shut off that protects the machine against dry boiling in case there isn’t enough water.


  • Brews many cups
  • Clearance for fitting coffee mugs
  • Lasting large lithium-ion battery
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Permanent filter and safety precautions
  • Strong and well-constructed


  • Big in size not ideal for travel
  • Expensive

Gourmia GCM3250 Digital Touch Pour-Over Coffee Maker – Automatic and Manual Mode

Do you want to save a few coins yet get all the fantastic qualities of a battery-powered coffee maker? With Gourmia, you get an overall package at an affordable rate.

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With the two modes, automatic and manual, this battery-operated coffee pot either allows you to control the operation or automatically takes the lead.

When it is on the automatic mode, Gourmia will inform you of the correct amount of water and coffee grinds to use. This measurement is precisely read using the in-built scale. Sounds pretty cool, right?

The filter holder has ribbed walls that efficiently extract flavor from the grinds, a feature that is present in big electric coffee makers.

The battery-powered coffee maker uses a pour-over action of operation. The manual mode is best for those who wish to decide on the coffee’s strength and its flavor. This system is perfect for the coffee enthusiasts who want to try different flavors regularly because of the ultimate flexibility, suiting most taste likings.


  • Many features
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to deconstruct and clean
  • Versatility in taste preferences
  • Easy to operate


  • Does not boil water

Parting shot

Coffee is always a great idea.

Now, imagine brewing your latte while relaxing at the park or on the bus headed for a morning class. Battery-powered coffee makers give you a delicious cup of coffee on the go.

Always match your best battery operated coffee makers to your habits, and it will deliver a tasty cup of coffee for you and your friends. Regardless of whether you like a single or several cups of coffee, these battery coffee makers are there to serve you. They are pocket-friendly, convenient, and need less maintenance.

Begin your day at early with coffee, and everything else will be gratifying. Don’t hesitate to pick one of these awesome devices.