What are the Best Baby Night Lights?

When it comes to getting children to sleep, especially after they spent the whole day napping, you will need more than just a lullaby to get those eyes shut.

Here are reviews of some of the best nightlights for nursery referred by most mums and dads.

Children do need their naps. Do not deprive them of the naps just so that they can save enough ammo for the night.

What you can do, is get one of the projection nightlights for kids and let it hypnotize your child to sleep.

These nightlights for kids’ rooms work like a charm. You will not need to stay in the room for hours and hours until your child finally feels the sandman’s presence.

Nightlights also keep your child entertained through the night after a terrible nightmare.  Whenever the child would wake, seeing the amazing projection filling the room just comforts him/ her back to sleep.

Now the question that pops up is, which ones are the best for your child?

Best Baby Night Light Reviews

Here are the best baby light projectors you can choose for your child;

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle – Nursery Light Show  

Bring the night sky closer to your child with this amazing piece of artwork. The kid’s night lights display stars around the room, calming your baby anytime he/ she wakes up or is about to sleep.

The baby projector night show has three color options; blue-green and amber.

best baby night light

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I do not know about your child, but these are the top favorite colors for children. Your child is likely to love one of the color options given.
Here is something you do not see every day; the night light projector is fitted with a 45 minutes timer for your convenience.

You can be sure that after you leave the room for 45 minutes, the best nightlight for nursery is going to switch itself off.

The room will be totally dark after the timer runs out of time to count, which is a recommendation for projection nightlights for kids given by pediatricians.

If that is not enough, the amazing nightlight is fitted with 3 AAA batteries.

The batteries are the best and can last for quite a while after you start using them. The batteries also save you the hustle of finding some that fit inside and last long.

Because the children’s night light represents the night sky, it will not only be perfect for use in your child’s room only but also can be used in yours too.

Of course, the nightlight cannot put you to sleep as easily as it can to the child, but you can just admire the wonderful scenery it offers.

Most adults like to gaze at the stars at night and this can be a great alternative on a cloudy night.


The nightlight offers two colors in particular; green and blue. The third color comes after you have pressed both the green and blue buttons hence giving you a blue-green color which you can easily see contrasting.

The blue-green color does not really appear blue-green but rather displays the two-color on two different parts of the wall.

Though this would have made a wonderful scene in Wonderland, it would be nice if this behavior was included in the specs of the night light.

The nightlight also has two cutouts of stars on the top of the turtle’s shell. It can produce a full canopy of stars that will make the room look like it is filled with stars.

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Soother, Green Elephant- Nightlights for Kids Rooms

This amazing baby night light projector with music will surely calm your child after one press of a button.

The nightlight has five songs and nature sounds that your child can enjoy while drowsiness takes a toll.

 Summer Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother, Eddie The Elephant

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The sounds are those that the baby can familiarize with and meditate through the night. After the first couple of days, the songs can be the child’s favorites and he/ she can’t afford to sleep without a dose of the wonderful songs.

The nightlight is in the shape of a cuddly baby elephant. During the day, the nightlight can be used as a toy for the child if he/she is not fond of throwing stuff around the house.

The cuddly elephant’s back is filled with a couple of stars that will light up the room with great detail, something you will not find in most of the projection nightlights for kids.

Your child will get to enjoy the wonderful scenery while listening to some soothing melodies.

The nightlight allows you to select the rhythm of the light show.

You can allow the night light bulbs to play variants of colors rhythmically to entertain your child.

Also, you can decide to put on a show with only one type of color if the multicolor rhythm does not suit your child.

You can also control the time that the device can function in three different duration options the timer gives; 15, 30 and 45 minutes. It will then shut down automatically after the timer is up.

You have control over the volume of the music with this nightlight.

It gives you a 3 volume-level option for you to choose from. The volume control does not only come in handy when you want to lower the volume but also when you want to raise it when the power is low.


The nightlight produces loud sounds when the music is playing. Even when you try to lower the volume up to its lowest value, the nightlight still makes loud sounds.

The music must play when the show is on.

The sounds might be what is keeping the child awake and you may need to switch the whole thing off in order for the child to sleep. This leaves you with something worthless since its purpose was to make the child sleep.

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White

This happens to be one of the best light projectors for babies I have ever come across. It plays Mozart’s famous songs as it casts its wonderful light across the room.

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

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Mozart lullaby is included in the playlist. It is among some other wonderful melodies like rock-a-bye baby and twinkle-twinkle.

The best feature about it that makes this one of the best projection nightlights for kids though, is the amazing projection it has. The product has a rotatable lens that casts amazing images on the walls.

This night light projector keeps your child entertained through the night until he/ she finally falls asleep.

Munchkin Nursery Projector is white in color. It makes it suitable for a child’s room and becomes one of the things that is illuminating the room.

The sound system of the nightlight is awesome. The device plays music with great clarity that you will need to hear from the baby nightlight projector.

With the huge playlist, it has, you can tune the device according to the best melodies your child loves.

Every child must have one or two of those melodies that will act like an addictive Nyquil in a matter of seconds.

Why should you try to rock your baby to sleep when the child can stay immobile and still feel like he/ she is floating in the air? In a dark night, this baby night light projector can produce some of the sharpest images you can ever get.

With the images floating around the room, your baby will feel like it is the cradle the is floating and get a high sense of comfort from that notion.


The lifetime of this nightlight is low. If your child gets too fond of this nightlight and it dies off after a few months, you will have to go and purchase the same exact one.

I do not know whether it was their idea to make an addictive ‘Nyquil’ for children that will not last long for sales, but that is downright wrong.

When the device breaks, it stops spinning. It might still be able to light up the image with the excellent images but the magic it had will have disappeared.

Your child will want the same effect as before, therefore forcing you to grab another one soon after.

Baby Night Lights Buying Guide

What should you be looking for when getting a nursery light show for your child? Here are some of the main qualities that make the best nursery projector light show;

  • Durability: The time that it will take before your device dies is a major quality of a nightlight for the child. You should purchase the one that can be able to stay long enough to see through your child’s early stages of life.
  • Lullabies: The songs are also important in the device. You should purchase a device containing lullabies the child can relate to. The melodies that are easy to cram and meditate are the best ones for your child.
  • Projections: What can the device project. Children love lovely things like stars and fluffy animals. Those are the thing that should be projected by the nightlight you are purchasing for your child.

If you follow up on those three key features, I believe that you will be walking away with the best baby night light.