Best Airsoft BBs Reviews (Updated 2023)

Airsoft BBs are a crucial part when it comes to your game performance. Airsoft BB weight has a significant impact on the range, trajectory, and power of the BBs. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right BB brand for your next game.

In this article, I’ll cover the best airsoft BBs along with a handy buying guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Best Airsoft BBs Reviews

GAME FACE ASP512 Premier Ammo .12-Gram Red Airsoft BBs

GAME FACE ASP512 Premier Ammo

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If you’re an airsoft player operating on a budget, the GAME FACE ASP512 Premier Ammo .12-Gram Red Airsoft BBs is for you. With this pack, you’ll get 5000 rounds of Premier Airsoft ammo. These BBs are double-polished for excellent performance and are available in 6mm and .20-gram weight. They come in a screw-top jar that holds the BBs securely without spilling.


  • 5000 rounds
  • Plastic screw-top jar
  • 0.12 gram


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to see


  • Packaging could be better

Daisy Ammunition and CO2 40 4000 ct BB Bottle

Daisy 4000-Count Precisionmax

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These airsoft BBs have never failed in beating the quality that they guarantee. The Daisy Ammunition BBs come in the count of 4000 and are ideal for the use of high FPS and low FPS guns. The best thing about these BBs is that they are packed in a bottle which helps to transfer BBs easily. Additionally, you don’t have to touch them when loading your magazine, which keeps them free of any debris.


  • 4000 count
  • Zinc-plated steel
  • 4.5 mm pellet size
  • Plastic bottle container


  • Easy to transfer to your magazine
  • Easy to trace
  • Durable BBs


  • The container breaks easily

Game Face Crosman 10000 Ct. Camo Ammo 12gram AirSoft BBs

Game Face Crosman 10000 Ct

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Crosman is a well-known brand that manufactures BB pistols, rifles, and pellets. With this pack, you’ll get 10,000 rounds of Airsoft ammo packed in a screw-top jar to prevent spillage. These BBs promise a perfectly spherical shape and a well-balanced gravity center. Therefore, these BBs are extremely stable and promises accurate shooting. These BBs are very high-demanding and have impressive performance.


  • 10,000 rounds of airsoft ammo
  • 6mm size
  • 0.12-gram BB


  • Camo-colored design
  • High-quality storage
  • Impressive size and weight
  • Light and accurate
  • Double-polished

BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs for Airsoft Guns

BBTac 1000 Bag

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The BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs for Airsoft Guns come in rounds of 1000. These BBs are perfectly balanced to give you an advantage over your competitors. These .12g BBs have impressive accuracy and velocity and can be used in spring-operated rifles and pistols. Additionally, they are available in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, orange, and blue.


  • 1000 count
  • 0.12 gram
  • 6mm pellet size


  • High-quality material
  • Nice bright colors
  • Great price

BULLDOG AIRSOFT- 1000 Airsoft Pellets


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If you’re looking for airsoft BBs that will significantly improve your performance, this is a good option. These BBs are perfectly balanced and have an ultra-smooth surface and high-quality polishing to boost your performance. The BULLDOG AIRSOFT- 1000 Airsoft Pellets are definitely one of the best airsoft BBs on the market.


  • 1000 pellet rounds
  • 0.20g weight
  • White color
  • 6mm pellet size


  • Easy to trace
  • Biodegradable
  • High accuracy and consistency

Types of Airsoft BBs

Biodegradable BBs

Best Airsoft BBs Reviews

The biodegradable BBs are made of plastic and are categorized into polylactide (PLA) and polylactic acid. The best thing about this material is that it is composed of renewable materials and natural resources like corn products and some starches.

These bio BBs are environmentally friendly and degrade within 47 to 90 days. Although they are more expensive than non-bio BBs, they won’t harm the environment. The degrading process depends on the temperature and humidity levels.

The popularity of bio BBs is rising day by day as more airsoft players get concerned about the environment. Always store the bio BBs in a cool and dark place, and if you’re in hot areas, store them in the fridge.

Non-Biodegradable BBs

These BBs are made of plastic, generally categorized as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). This plastic is cheap to produce and super strong. This material takes time to degrade, making the BBs very cheap. The non-bio BBs are not soluble in water; therefore, they are not environmentally friendly.

These non-bio BBs are restricted in some fields since they stay at the field for long, and no one wants to play in a field full of BBs. But if you want to use them, ensure you pick them after the game.

How to Take Care of BBs

Taking care of your BBs is a crucial part that is usually ignored. It doesn’t matter how many good-quality BBs you buy; if you don’t take care of them, they will degrade fast. Fortunately, this is a super straightforward and simple process.

Wash Your BBs

Washing your BBs will remove mold-release residue and other gunk left on the BBs during manufacturing. Cleaning the BBs will make the BBs surface smooth which ensures smooth functioning. It’s important to buy bottled BBs since they are easy to transfer into magazines. If you don’t have a bottle, ensure that your hands are clean and dry.

Never Reuse BBs

You should never reuse BBs that have been dropped to the ground unless you’re ready to invest in a new gun. Once you hit your target, the BB undergoes internal structural damage, and if you reuse them, they won’t be as effective as they were. If you use a BB, it’s wise to leave it on the ground to degrade and use the remaining BBs.

Store Bio BBs in Cold, Dark, and Dry conditions

This is the best practice for storing bio-degradable BBs. If you buy BBs in bulk, then you have to store them in a cool, dark, and dry area since bio BBs tend to degrade in the presence of heat and humidity. If you’re in a hot area, it’s unfortunate that you’ll have to keep them in the fridge or make frequent ordering.


Can I Re-use BB?

You should never reuse BBs because they collect dirt and get damaged once they land on the ground. There’s nothing worse than dirt getting its way into your gun or bits of BB getting stuck into the gearbox.

What Should I Do if My Rifle Jams?

Don’t fire again! Turn off the hop unit and use an unjamming rod to push the BB out of the barrel. If the rifle still fails to fire, stop firing. Don’t use the rifle again and take it to the nearby Airsoft Retailer.

Are There Brands I Should Avoid?

Always avoid cheap BBs, as they can easily ruin your rifle. Before buying BBs from retailers, check for visible seams, discoloration, and random weights. Additionally, always buy from reputable sellers.

Airsoft Pellets Buying guide

There are several airsoft brands in the market, and choosing quality BBs can be challenging. If you’re a first-time buyer, here are some factors you should consider before buying airsoft BBs. 


This is one of the main factors when looking for BBs since it determines the durability and strength of the BB. The BB material can be ABS or polylactide, depending on whether it’s biodegradable or non-biodegradable. However, some countries only permit non-bio BBs. But there is no difference in performance between the bio BBs and non-bio BBs provided they are certified.


By craftsmanship, I refer to the physical appearance of the pellet. A good-quality pellet should have a smooth, shiny polish, a balanced center of gravity, lack of deformities, imperfects, and cracks on the surface. Your favorite BBs should be more accurate and perfectly spherical.

Accuracy and Range

Your rifle, shooting skills, the environment, and how you set it up greatly impact your gaming performance. Having said that, the BBs you choose can make or destroy your gaming experience. Ensure that you choose one that suits the weight and power of your rifle.

BB Color

BB color is also a crucial factor as it helps in tracking the BBs. BBs tracking will help you to monitor your performance and the correction of your aiming. White BBs are the best since they reflect light. However, not all fields can blend well with white BBs. Therefore you can also choose the grayish or brownish colored BB. They are also easy to keep eyes upon and trace down.


You don’t want your BB to break inside your gun. Imagine you’re firing 15 round per second, and all of a sudden one of the BBs get stuck in your rifle and breaks some parts of your weapon. It can be frustrating, right? Therefore, ensure you get BBs that guarantee durability and great accuracy.

Parting Shot

Evidently, investing in a high-quality pellet is crucial for all airsoft players. Ensure you follow our buying guide to get the best pellets for your needs.