Best Air Purifiers for 2022

Several names come to mind when it comes to the best air purifiers... Honeywell, Sharp, Daikin, Samsung, and Coway will certainly feature.

A couple of budget options have emerged in the last decade including Germguardian and you dont necessarily need to break the bank to get an effective air purifier.

But the increased variety also means you have to work harderto find one that suits your air cleaning needs.

This guide aims at helping you choose the best air cleaner without combing through potentially hundreds of purifiers.

Its well worth a read before you click the order button.

The basics first.

What is an air purifier?

What does an air purifier do?

An air purifier (air cleaner to some) is simply a machine thatgets rid of nasty contaminants from the air circulating in your room.

Modern-day purifiers are moreadvanced and provide relief from allergies, asthma, nasal congestions, andmore.

Some of the best air filters for home also deodorize your rooms they will smell fresh.

Types of air purifiers

Its important to understand that air purifiers work differently when selecting the best home air purifier or even an office air cleaner.

Lets go through thecommonest types and how they function:

·        HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air purifiers

These purifiers use the classic HEPA technology to filterout particles.

The greatest advantage of true HEPA filters is theirefficiency (they typically trap 99.97% of all allergens and other particleseven as small as 0.3 microns).

·        Activated Carbon Devices

You might want to use purifiers with activated carbon(carbon processed with activated charcoal to create small, low-volumepores) if youre regularly breathing in harmful fumes, odors, and chemical gases.

These use a process called adsorption to capture odors andgases and sometimes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your environment.

·        UV Light Air Purifiers

Air purifiers with UV light superbly eliminate myriadairborne germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The generated ultraviolet radiation breaks up themolecular structure of these organisms killing or rendering them powerless.

·        Ionizing Air Purifiers (Ozone generators)

Your best home air purifier or office could come with an Ionizer.

These are so-called since they create and deploy charged ions on the hapless airborne particles until they tumble fall from the air.

Some of these generate ozone - to remove odors- and mightirritate your lungs if you have a respiratory problem. 

·        Electrostatic Air Purifiers

These use static electricity to charge airborne particles soas to kill niggling microbes, particulates, mold spores, and more.

Air Purifiers Buying Guide

Just before I take you to thereviews, here are things you need to keep in mind especially now that youll bemeeting an avalanche of options out there.

·        Your specific needs

What could be the best air cleaner for me may not work for you. Its a question of the kind of pollutants that dominate in your spaces.

For instance, youll want topick a specialized allergen remover if you suffer stubborn allergies while yoursafest bet is a HEPA air purifier ifyoure overwhelmed by pet dander.

And so forth.

·        Your room size

Each unit only cleans specified square footage optimally andyou want to confirm before ordering.

If two units work well for equal footage, check each unitsdust, pollen, and smoke CADR rating.

The CADR simply tells you the number of cubic feet (of air)it can clean in a minute and higher rating mean quicker results.

Consider investing in two (or more) units if cleaningextra-large spaces.

·        What features does it have?

But for budget units, the best air purifiers come with lovablefeatures such as:

  • Air quality indicator
  • Smart sensors.
  • Timer.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Filter lifetime indicators.
  • Automatic operation
  • Remote control

·        Your budget

Prices vary a lot.

You will discover dazzling budget units priced below $100(mostly for small spaces) and units priced over $500 (heavier duty).

·        Others

  1. How many fan speeds does it provide?- the more,the better.
  2. Is it noisy?- Look out for the estimated dB atdifferent settings.
  3. Aesthetics- Will it blend well with yourinterior décor?
  4. Carrying handle and/or caster wheels- These helpportability.
  5. Price of filters- Some units need costlyreplacement filters and are expensive to maintain.
  6. Energy efficiency- Always choose energy starcertified units

Best Air Purifiers Reviews

Which is the best air purifier?

Here now are our air purifier reviews for the 5 units that have shown us enough to merit recognition.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty True HEPA Air Purifier (with Eco Mode)

The Coway AP-1512 air purifier is specially built to eliminate allergens, dust, and other contaminants from your living rooms, apartments, kitchens, offices, and other middle-sized spaces (361 sq ft).

home air purifier, room air purifier

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The cute design, long-lasting HEPA filter, and multiple airflow modes see it rank among the top 5 units in our list of the best air cleaners.


This unit employs its impressive collection of futuristicfeatures to fight nasty contaminants including chemical vapors and will let youand your family breathe easy.

Honestly, its one of the best units I have ever met in mylong dalliance with top-rated air purifiers.

And if youre looking for a super-efficient unit, this couldbe it- primarily because of the construction of its filtration system…

The mesh pre-filter, deodorization filter, 99.97 percentefficient true HEPA filter, and the optional Ionizer team up to create anall-conquering army which delivers a knockout blow to pollutants.

And you know what?

The Coway AP-1512hh comes with convenient inventions such as air quality indicator that tells it to kick into high gear if it notices rising pollution levels and a helpful timer.

You can thus set it to go off after running for 1/4/8 hours.

Then, the night mode helps bring a soft white noise tohelp you sleep peacefully.

And yes, the control panel is very intuitive so everythingworks like a charm

The filter lifetime indicator will help you know if thefilters time is up.


  • Very compact unit.
  • Energy efficient (Enters the power-saving eco modeafter idling for 30 minutes).
  • Deodorizes wonderfully (few purifiers have thisfeature).
  • Functional auto mode


  • Slightly loud at the highest setting.

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra-Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Pay attention if you have been wondering what the best large room air purifier for the largest spaces is.

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Because that might be none other than the stylish RabbitAirMinusA2 air cleaner.

I know youre eager to know why this is the best-rated air purifier for massive rooms…

Well, it not only filters out elements from the air in yourspaces but will also completely deodorize the space while maintaining maximumair circulation.

Works well for spaces upto 815 square. ft


The results from this air purifier for home are second to none in this list of best home air purifiers.

And it all boilsdown to its sophisticated engineering.

First, itsexclusive six-stage purification systemis simply amazing..

The pre-filter excellently traps the largest pollutants as themedium filter nabs particles sized over 1 micron.

Next, the BioGS HEPA Filter captures surviving contaminants even (asfine as 0.3 microns)- it attains 99.97% efficiency like a standard True HEPAfilter but purifies optimally for longer.

You can then invoke any of its customized filters- pet allergy, germ defense, toxin absorber, or odor remover- depending on the existing pollution. 

Lastly, the high-grade carbon filter (activated) removeschemicals and remaining odors as the ionizer refreshes the room.

Youwill enjoy superb airflow thanks to a powerful 5-speed fan.

And can you focus when this air purifier for home is running?

Absolutely yes…

It uses thetraditionally ultra-quiet BLDC Motor.

Best of all?

You can mount it on a wall (a wall mount bracket is included), the floor, on a table… you name it.


  • Its also one of the top air purifiers with longest-serving filters (24 months)
  • It looks amazing.
  • Intelligent sleep function - no sleep-disturbing lights at night
  • Nice extras such as remote control and WiFi ability


  • Replacement filters a tad pricey.

Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA air purifier/Allergen Remover

This is hands down one of the best air purifiers when it comes to allergens.

Okay, Honeywell has a number of brilliant purifiers but few comenear this in battling microscopic allergens.

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In short, if youre after an air purifier thats fed up with infection-causingallergensmore than you, you have a perfect option in this.

To get the healthiest air, use it for spaces not exceeding 465 sq. Ft.


Believe it or not, its simple allergens purificationsystem gives incredible results.

In fact, the air just passes through 2 stages - the mesh pre-filter (infused with activated carbon) and a HEPA filter.

But because of the built-in quality (Its a Honeywell and you cant expect less), this portable air purifier battles allergens with maximum efficiency.

Your roomsshould hence smell extremely fresh and youll be experiencing reduced nasalcongestion.

And for good measure, the company hasadded an allergen functionto go with the customarily robust Turbo setting.

Sure, the Honeywell HPA300 lacks some of the flashy additions common in pricier units such as automatic mode and a remote but it will do the job.


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Extremely portable (has side handles).
  • Straightforward controls.
  • Moves lots of air


  • Allergen and Turbo setting a bit loud.

Blueair Classic 480i HEPASilent Air Purifier

A common complaint I hear against some of the best air purifiers is that some are too loud and you cant concentrate when its working.

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I could be wrong but perhaps this is what motivated Blueairto release this air purifier…

The unit uses Blueairs proprietary HEPASilent Technology to get rid of pet dander, dust, odors, smoke, pollen, and pollutants lingering in your environment.

And youll easily forget its there…thats how quiet thisis.

Overall, one of the best units for rooms sized about 434 sq.ft.


The other highlight in this (besides the aforementioned HEPASilentfeature) is the dual protection filters.

Now, these consummately catch harmful particles and gasesincluding irritating formaldehyde and immensely upgrade the quality of the aircirculating in your room.

Its an expensive unit so youll get all the bells andwhistles led by a precise air quality sensor that continuously monitors airpollution and a responsive touch control panel.

You can connect it to your Wi-Fi connection and download theBlueair Friend app from where you can track its status and get tips to improveyour rooms air quality.

You can even manage it from your Alexa.

It has one of the best CADR ratings youll ever meet atthis level-300 (Dust), 280 (Smoke), 300 (Pollen) cfms- and has no known ozoneemissions

Above all, it consistently delivers a performance you cantrust and really circulates air well.

Keep in mind that filters are to be replaced about onceevery 6 months.


  • Very, very powerful.
  • A super sophisticated air cleaner.
  • Runs at a whisper.
  • Dramatically improves air quality.


  • Pricier unit.
  • Heavier.

Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter, High CADR Air Purifier for Home (AC5900W)

Consider this Germguardian if youre looking for a sub $300that stands up powerfully to airborne germs including influenza, rhinovirus,staph, and even volatile organic compounds.

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You will finally show airborne viruses, bacteria, yeasts,molds, and VOCs whos the boss thanks to the built-inUV-C light.

The 3-in-1 unit has respectable CADR ratings for mid-sizedrooms (335 sq. ft ) -216 (dust), 216 (smoke), 265 (pollen) cfms- and an ionizerto help you rein in on allergens.


This unit executes three procedures to bring you fresh air.

It first kills germs before proceeding to capture allergens.

It winds up by eliminating smelly odors from your space.

The unit uses a combination of filters, an ultravioletlight, and the ionizer (the latter 2 are optional) to achieve this.

It actually packs three filters- a plastic pre-filter(handles large particles), HEPA filter (targets smaller particles to .3microns), and a charcoal insert (takes care of odors).

Conveniently, you can customize its settings to comfort.

For instance, you can set the lowest fan speed (has 5options) in rooms with minimal pollution or when you wish to focus maximally(its barely audible here).

You might also want to program it to run for up to 2/4/ 6 hours.  

It is 27-inches tall, lightweight, and has a handy carrying handle.


  • It offers a range of customizable options.
  • Handy carrying handle.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Outstanding germs killer.


  • Bigger in size.

Wrapping it up

Best Air Purifiers for Home - Thoroughly Reviewed and Analyzed

Be sure to invest in one of the best air purifiers out there if you have been regularly suffering from allergies, asthma, and other breathing discomforts while indoors.

Keep in mind that theyre not cut from the same cloth so itsimportant to examine a units performance against various contaminants,portability, ease of understanding and use, technology, and even aesthetics.

Our guide will hopefully help steer you to the right directionwhen making your purchase.