Best Air Purifier for Pets

After recently writing on the air purifiers for smoke and the air purifiers for mold, we now turn our attention to the best air purifier for pets.

Of course, pets bring a lot to our homes- affection, lifetime companionship, and plenty of fun.

Sadly, your furry friends will, and I should say unwillingly, risk your health due to pet hair/fur, odors, and dander.

According to the AAAAI(American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology), excessive pet hair and dander in the air might worsen your allergies and asthma symptoms.

And since you don’t want to give up on your furry friend, the best air purifier for pets as well as other measures like vacuuming and brushing your pets can help.

Read on to find out how an air purifier for home with pets works, the various types of air purifiers for pet owners, and how to rate air purifiers for pets.

Are Air Purifiers Good for Pets?

Yes, they are but the efficiency in removing pet hair from the air as well as dander and the obnoxious smells (and other pollutants too) depends on the technology used.

But how specifically do they eliminate these potentially harmful particles?

Well, most of the best air purifiers for pets have unique filtration systems that filter out pet contaminants.

There are also those that deploy other hi-tech inventions to significantly lower the number of pet allergens suspended in the air to ease your allergy symptoms.

Types of air purifiers for pets

The most dominant air purifiers for a home with pets are:

1.     HEPA filter air purifiers for pets

These are equipped with HEPA filters and eliminate 99.97 percent of all particles, even those small as 0.3 micrometers.

As a result, they can help clear pet dander, strands of pet hair, dust mites, and other larger-sized particles in your home efficiently.

The Achilles heel of HEPA air purifiers remains their inability to remove the tiniest particles including pet allergens.

2.     Carbon filter air purifiers for pet owners

Once activated, carbon is brilliant in adorning pet odors so these types of air purifiers are best for removing the bad pet smells in the house.

3.     Ionizing air purifier for pet owners

These drag pet allergen particles from the air by attaching an electric charge as they flow past and they can be quite efficient.

The ‘fallen’ particles can, however, cling on to the floor or other surfaces and can come back to haunt you if disturbed.

Worse still, an ionizing air purifier for pet owners could emit harmful ozone.

4.     PECO air purifiers

These employ the proprietary Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology to also capture large pet hair/pet dander particles at the pre-filtration stage.

Tiny allergy-producing proteins – these sometimes slip through the filters- are killed through oxidation.

Oxidation systems, however, have higher commercial costs.

5.     UV Air Purifiers

This class of air purifiers deploys radiation (from Ultraviolet lamps) technology on contaminants and is more adept at destroying airborne germs and viruses than in handling pet issues.

Also, beware of possible ozone emission with these units.

Which is the Best Air Purifier for Pets?

In my opinion, you can better answer this question if you know what to look out for in air purifiers for pets.

Let’s begin with the fundamental considerations.

  • Room size: coverage ranges from below 100 square feet to over 1,000. You’ll want to pick a unit that’s going to effectively clean your room.
  • Running costs: Consider the price of the replacement filters, how often you’ll need to replace them, and energy costs (wattage). Go for models with reusable filters if on a tight budget.
  • Noise level: The machine is likely to be running 24/7 and it’s important to research if you can live with the noise. Check out its decibel ratings more so at the highest speed setting.

Are you happy with the basics?

Now move on to other desirables led by automation features- timers, auto shutoff, etc.- and convenience features such as remote control, Wi-Fi support, Alexa compatibility, and more.

Other specs to have in mind in your hunt for the best air purifier for pets include extras like the sleep-mode (turns off the LED lights to allow you to sleep).

Also, look for useful certifications.

For example, CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification means the unit is confirmed safe concerning ozone emissions.

With that, you can easily rate air purifiers for pets and make a smart choice.

Best Air Purifiers Reviews for 2021

Here now is a rundown of 5 topmost air purifiers for pets that can help get over severe pet troubles and reduce allergic reactivity.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

With the proven zeolite technology and a HEPA grade filter, this is potent against pet odors and a multitude of airborne pollutants including microscopic and ubiquitous dust mites.

best air purifier for pet hair

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You will only be replacing the carbon zeolite filters (2) so you might save a lot of money across its lifetime.

Be sure to deploy it in rooms not more than 140 square feet for the best results.


Besides the rare carbon zeolite filters that quickly absorbs the bad odors, there’s the pre-filter that expertly traps pet hair even as the trusted HEPA filter deals with smaller particles.

This makes it ideal for dog/cat dander, hair/fur, and unpleasant odors.

It weighs just 6.3 pounds (and measures 10.8 x 8.1 x 16.4”), making it one of the lightest, most portable air purifiers on the market.

It’s not that loud (across the 3 fan speeds), as some air purifiers go, so it’s a superior choice for situations where you need concentration like your office.

The only thing I didn’t like is the absence of whistles and bells- but the price won’t break your budget so it’s an acceptable concession.

This model comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Budget-priced air purifier for pets odor.
  • Easy to setup/operate.
  • Sleek looking.


  • Very basic unit

Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

The HEPA filter in this unit comes with Pet Pure – an antimicrobial agent that impedes the growth of potentially infectious organisms on the filter.

pet hair air purifier

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You have 5 fan speeds to help you bring down the amount of allergens in your indoor air in record time (speeds 4 & 5 are incredible!).

You can even engage the UV sanitizer when overwhelmed.

All in all, this could be the best air purifier for pets for rooms up to 180 square feet.


The charcoal pre-filter works well for smells, the HEPA for hair/dander, while the sanitizer helps cripple germs (it’s a 3-in-1) so your dear ones are safer with it around.

It’s one of the most compact units out there- stands just 28 inches tall- and is again extremely lightweight (10.55 lbs).

You will also love its assorted niceties including the cute digital display panel and intuitive electronic controls – you can easily turn off the UV-C sanitizer from here.

We were also won over by the mighty fan – it blows out air superbly while recycling room air every 15 minutes- and its remarkably quiet sleep mode.

Other heartwarming features include the handy 8-hour timer and a filter change indicator.

The 5-year warranty means the manufacturer will stand with you, should you experience quality or related issues.


  • CARB compliant, AHAM (association of home appliance manufacturers) verified, and energy star certified.
  • Optional sanitizer.
  • More speed options.


  • No remote control.

Honeywell True HEPA air purifier pet smell & Allergen Remover

If you’re hunting for a model for a bigger space (465 sq.ft), but don’t want to break the bank, you’ll be lucky to find a better option than this Honeywell air purifier.

budget pet care reviews

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You can select the rapid-acting Turbo clean setting if you want extra strong air circulation or even the dedicated allergen cleaning setting if you suffer horrible pet-related allergies.

It achieves up to 5 air changes/hour for the recommended space.


The unit has been attracting waves of rave reviews primarily because of its formidable filters:

The high-quality carbon pre-filter comes second to none in cleansing the odors from the environment while the high-performance HEPA filter doesn’t disappoint- it continuously captures pet dander and fur.

Back to the fan and you can select the equally effective general clean or germ modes, according to your needs.

At the same time, the noise won’t bother your tranquil co-existence with your buddy (or your sleep) so you can use it even in your bedroom (except for turbo).

Moving it around shouldn’t be an issue either- the side handles come in handy not to forget that it’s still a relatively small unit.

The manufacturer recommends that you change the pre-filters and the HEPA filters every 3 months and 12 months respectively. 


  • The lighter dimmer is great for sleep.
  • Extremely strong airflow.
  • Pretty looking.


  • Louder at Turbo speed.

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Winix has thoughtfully included their exclusive PlasmaWave technology in this air purifier for pets hair to help handle stubborn smells and allergens safely.

pet air purifiers

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The 3 stage cleaning skillfully tackles a range of pet-originated contaminants including those carried in pet saliva and urine.

Use it in rooms up to 360 sq.ft for optimal purification.


The 2 advanced filters –carbon and HEPA- are wonderfully supported by the plasma wave hence the all-round performance.

Indeed, from mold spores to microbes, and everything in between, this wages war on nearly all contaminants.

But perhaps what makes it immensely popular is its array of beneficial features including the smart pollution sensors that prompt it to ramp up the purification speed as necessary.

On the same note, there’s an LED light to keep you informed when air quality worsens, for instance, due to a dog fart.

You can set it to work on the auto and shut off after cleaning for a couple of hours or put it on the soothing sleep mode at night.

The high-efficiency motor is tremendously quiet and does a stellar job through the 4 speeds (maximum airflow is at Turbo).

The design allows easy filter change while the responsive buttons make managing it easy peasy.

AHAM, CARB, and energy star certifications are a testament to this unit’s unrivaled craftsmanship.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Sturdy quality.
  • Functional auto mode.


  • The night mode light looks a bit bright.

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier  

This is a sophisticated machine using exclusive Swedish filter technology to diminish the number of pollutants shed or breathed into the air by your feathered or furry friends.

pet air purifier

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It’s noticeably silent (31 -56 dB) and a money saver too- consumes between 30 – 61 watts when purifying continuously.

In short, this is one of the best air purifiers for pets for spaces up to 540 sq. ft.


The novel filter technology sucks in air from all corners while leaving no escape route for the pollutants, thanks to its flawless filtration methodology.

It all starts at the high-caliber pre-filter (washable) where most large-sized particles like pet hair meet their fate.

A premium quality carbon filter awaits the survivors and it catches virtually all residual allergens and odors.

The purifier doesn’t take chances and will finish the job by pushing the air through the elite Scandinavian-inspired particle filter.

Additionally, the specialized 3-speed fan processes more clean air even at lower settings than the competition, resulting in abundant fresh airflow (attains 5 air changes/hour).

It’s lightweight though a bit odd to lift (wish it has a handle) and quite elegant, wherever you place it.

This can help your overcome pet hair, dander, and pet smells from your large bedroom, family room, or other large spaces.


  • Simple one-button touch controls.
  • The dimmer works pretty well.
  • Colorful filters


  • It takes more space.

Final tips

Best Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Hair Air Purifiers Reviews

You should aim for an air purifier combining a filter that effectively traps larger particles like pet dander and other purification technologies to address the smaller contaminants that sneak through filtration.

The UV-C sanitizer or plasma technology is mostly an optional feature in most air purifiers for pets so you can decide if and when to use it because of the probable ozone emission.

Also, make sure that your selected unit has a mechanism to handle odors- here carbon filters are unbeatable- in addition to common home allergens such as mold spores and pollen.

All in all, it’s advisable to talk to your doctor first, if you have been suffering from severe allergies.