Best Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner

Because of its ever-growing variety of air conditioners, the arctic air con brand is today ranked among the worlds best in the cooling industry.

Attracted by the rave Arctic King air conditioner reviews wehave been hearing from thousands of pleased shoppers, we decided to compile thiscomprehensive guide to their best units.

We hope that our insights into each of the productsquality, functioning, and usefulness will help you decide if buying an Arctic KingAC is really worth it. 

Come with me to find out if the arctic king air conditioner you have in mind will keep you cool indoors even as record-high temperatures persist around the planet.

Who owns the Arctic King air con brand?

Interestingly, Arctic King is not a US brand and its actually owned by Midea, a Fortune 500 company that has made its name by manufacturing high-quality home appliances including some of the Worlds best-selling refrigerators and air conditioning systems.

Indeed, each year, Midea is feted at some of the most competitive global product design shows including the prestigious Red Dot and iF because of their pioneering inventions.

This prowess has seen them land very high profile projectsacross the globe.

For instance, Midea was in 2016 contracted to mount thefuturistic HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems used in thebiggest sports stadiums in Brazil.

Why buy an Arctic King Air conditioner?

Arctic has for long excelled in developing high-value coolingtechnologies that make it possible to produce air conditioners at a fraction ofthe cost accumulated by other companies.

This has culminated in Arctic King becoming a big player inthe budget air conditioners market with some of their models being as much as25 percent cheaper than equally capable performers from rival brands. 

Indeed, for less than $150, you can buy yourself a wonderful5,000+ BTUs Arctic King air conditioner thats quiet, efficient, and superenergy saver.

We, therefore, think that Arctic King could be a cool brandto snap up if you have a small budget.

Keep it here to learn more about these super inexpensivemodels in our Arctic King AC reviews (coming up in a while).

What types of air conditioners does Arctic King have?

You could be wondering:

What types of air cons does arctic king offer exactly?

Here is the thing: all manufacturers are inclined to produceassorted types of air cons to serve our differing needs.

Thats because while we all want to be saved from the muggymisery in the summer, what you ask for in a product may not be what I demand.

Hence the availability of the distinct categories in themarket.

Arctic king is no exception and releases the followingclasses of air conditioners:

Window Air Conditioners (also called room air conditioners)

These are perhaps the simplest types of airconditioning systems from Arctic King (Midea).

Of course, as their name hints, theyre mountedon windows.

In most cases, their cooling capacity starts from 5,000 BTU.

Through-the-wall air conditioners

Some of us find the idea of installing an air con on awindow a turn-off.

Arctic Kings answer? Through-the-wall air conditioners.

These are simply self-contained units that are strikinglysimilar to window ACs but which are mounted through a suitableexterior wall (a wall sleeve is required for support).

So, how good are they and do they make you feel better offin scorching conditions?

Well, they pack an impressive range of capabilities and willcool pretty huge areas.

In fact, some even offer an electrical heating element tosupplement your other heat sources during frighteningly cold winter months.

Portable Air Conditioners

Youre probably aware that certain window configurations oreven building regulations can prevent the installation of window or wall units.

Thats where portable air conditioners come in.

These sit on the ground and are a breeze to set up.

Plus, they typically have wheels to allow you to roll themeasily across or to other rooms.

There go the three most common types of air cons from thisbrand.


Which of these is the best type?

Well, if youre asking this, you arent alone- nearly allbeginners ask the same.

And Im sorry to disappoint you because there is no singlecorrect answer because so much matters.

Heres the deal:

Sure, settling on a type can help you narrow down youroptions…

…but for the most part, its not enough.

Instead, I suggest tapping into our air conditioning buyingguide.

Its up next.

Buying guide

Whenever youre shopping for an air con, its important to giveserious thought to the following points:

The size of the area you’ll be cooling

The size of the space you wish to keep cool is immenselydecisive for the simple reason that an underpowered unit will be unable to coolmeaningfully while overwhelmingly powerful units cool but leave mind-bogglingmoisture creating a cold environment (because it cools so rapidly).

To avoid messing the decision, first figure out the squarefootage of this area (lengthXwidth).

From there, refer to a sizing chart such as the one below todetermine the perfect cooling capacity (in British Thermal Units-BTU). 

Square Feet Recommended Capacity (BTUs/hour)
100-150 5000
150-250 6000
250-300 7000
300-350 8000
350-400 9000
400-450 10000
450-550 12,000
550-700 14000
700-1,000 18000
1,000-1,200 21,000
1,200-1,400 23000
1,400-1,500 24000
1,500-2,000 30000
2,000-2,500 34000

Having said that, reduce the capacity by about 10 percent for heavilyshaded rooms while raising it by a similar percentage for extra sunny rooms.

Likewise, for rooms occupied by more people, add 600 BTU per additionalperson.

Finally, pick 4000 BTU extra capacity if you will be deploying it inyour kitchen.

Go for energy efficiency

An energy star designation means the product willprovide the best cooling while consuming the least energy.

Another important measurement here is the air conditionersenergy efficiency ratio (EER).

A units EER is arrived at by dividing the cooling capacity(BTU per hour) by the required power input (watts) with a higher EER meaningbetter energy efficiency.

Most of the Arctic King air cons have excellent EER ratings.

Where you will be mounting the unit?

If youre fitting it near a corner of your bedroom (or anyother room), select a unit that directs the airflow where you want it.

Choose silence

The best Arctic King air conditioners make about 45 to 60decibels (this is equivalent to a babbling brook, light traffic, or normal talkbetween two people).

You want to keep off louder models especially if youre alight sleeper- they distract your shuteye and you may toss and turn in beduntil the wee hours of the morning!

Check the Installation requirements

Earlier on I mentioned that one of the key differencesbetween the myriad types of air cons is installation requirements.

Proper installation is paramount and you cannot wish itaway.

As a matter of fact, certain installations like thosenecessary with some through-the-wall air conditioners are a tough nut to crackand will force you to hire a professional.

Show me one person who would be happy with such a unit!

Pick smart cooling

From what I have seen on the arctic king website, theirlatest products have gotten more intelligent and have myriad features to helpyou control them in a fun way.

For example, with a 24 hour on/off timer, you can have theunit cool for some hours before going to bed rather than leave it on and risk adisturbed sleep.

You could even connect your cooling unit to an app andcontrol it from anywhere, anytime (models with remote control).

And so forth.

Thats it for the buying guide and youre now set for ourArctic King air conditioner reviews.

Keep reading…

Best Arctic king air conditioner reviews

Whether you want a window AC, a through-the-wall air con, ora portable AC unit, Arctic King has an option.

Here is our review of the air cons from Arctic King thatflattered us most.

ARCTIC Wind Window Air Conditioner 5,000 BTU with Mechanical Controls

Arctic Wind

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Opening our Arctic King air conditioner reviews is this 5000BTU window mounted air conditioner (for rooms up to 150 sq. ft).

The adjustable air fins allow you to direct chilled airwhere you need it most and its no coincidence that it has been flying offthe shelves.

Consider it your budget is extremely tight.


This bargain comes with easy select mechanical rotarycontrols to help you set your preferred comfort with a simple turn of the dial.

There are 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds (high, medium,and low) to give you enough flexibility to set your ideal setting.

The Arctic Wind 5000BTU additionally gets a really potent washablefilter and its front location is more-or-less friendlier for access duringmaintenance.

It comes complete with its window mounting kit too.

Its, however, a basic model and you wont meet anynoteworthy bells and whistles (timers, digital thermostats, and such) but atthis price, thats to be expected.  


  • Quite easy to install.
  • Top craftsmanship.
  • Works from a normal 115-volt electrical outlet.


  • Somewhat loud.

ARCTIC Wind 2016 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, Energy Star

Arctic Wind 2016 Energy Star 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

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The Arctic Wind 2016 is a phenomenally exciting air con thatbrings abundant comfort.

Its 12.1 EER rating makes it one ofthe most energy-efficient air cons you can buy from Arctic King.

It quickly cools up to 260 sq. ft. (6000 BTUs)


This offers a wide range of exquisite features and is a massiveupgrade to the previous model.

These include a digital control panel (with a highresolution LED display) to allow you to configure the precise fan speed andtemperature for a cozier environment.

Moreover, it packs an advanced 24-hour timer function henceyou can set and forget about it.

Likewise, you can operate it from anywhere in your roomsthanks to the terrific remote control.

The model is something of a benchmark for Arctic King airconditioners and is also fitted with an energy saver option to cut down on yourenergy bills.

It also features an auto-restart (restores your previoussettings after a sudden power outage) and a mesh air filter (with a cleanfilter indicator) to keep your air healthy.


  • Easy mounting (window installed).
  • Peerless energy saver.
  • Doubles up as a magnificent dehumidifier.


  • Bulkier than the first unit.

Arctic King WWK05CM91N White Window Air Conditioner-5000 BTU

Arctic King WWK05CM91N Window Air Conditioner

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This is another decent window a/c from Arctic King and oneof their best-known models.

Being more affordable than the Arctic Wind 2016 version,its slightly less aggressive in terms of features.

But its a solid performer when pitted against other unitsbuilt for small rooms (up to 150 square feet).


Most appealing in this inexpensive model is the fact that itredirects air remarkably well - to maximize the flow of refreshing air towhere you want it to be.

You have 7 temperature settings, 2 cooling, as well as 2 fansettings and with a simple dial, you can specify the combination of settings tomake your room a soothing, relaxing haven.

Better still, it runs without being too loud and you willfind it great for your bedroom.

Energy cost will not be an issue either and the 11. 0 EER isproof enough.

The special mini compact design helps make installationeasy-peasy on your existing window frame.

Plus, the coherent instructions make the task even simpler.


  • Achieves an excellent all-round performance.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Durable construction.


  • Best for small spaces only.

Arctic King Air Conditioners AKTW08CR71E White 8000 BTU (through the wall)

Arctic King AKTW08CR71E Air Conditioners

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Arctic Kings AKTW08CR71E model is extraordinarily powerfuland delivers instant cooling.

Its a shining example of how good Arctic King ACs can beand comes with some of the features typically found in rival mid-level modelsincluding adjustable air streams (4 directions) despite being cheaper.

It could be perfect for a 350 sq. ft. room.


The Arctic Kings AKTW08CR71E is a perfect mix ofpracticality, versatility, and performance. 

Firstly, you once again get 3 speeds but the fan isweightier and sturdier and blows cooled air comprehensively across the entirespace.

Then, a remote control (with LED display) is added and youcan monitor and manage the temperature easily from anywhere.

The automatic sleep mode is awesome when you want to dozeoff while the 24-hour on/off timer lets you implement a customized coolingschedule based on your needs.

Arctic King still adopts lightweight, compact engineeringhere to make installation effortless.

Overall, it could be a formidable mid-range unit.


  • Delivered with its easy-install kit.
  • Energy Star rated.
  • Washable filter (has a clean filter warning)


  • No major complaint.

Wrapping it up

The biggest advantage of air cons from Arctic King likethe one we have covered in the Arctic king air conditioner reviews sectionabove is their pocket-friendly pricing.

Importantly, they do a stellar job of cooling your indoorswhen the summer heat is devastatingly hot the price notwithstanding.

We have brought you the top 4 units from the company to helpyou make an informed decision.

Take your time and choose wisely.