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Let’s face it, buying any type of product can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

You’ll agree with me that it can be time-consuming trying to settle on a specific product;

You need to collect all the information available and unravel the pros and cons of the product in question.

My Villages is making your life easier by doing what we know best: profiling products and giving you what matters!

In this site, you’ll find detailed, honest information about parenting products and tools and garden products.

Please note that we are just beginning… more is coming and our goal is to make this one of the biggest consumer products information hub, where you can get reviews, product guides, and any other relevant information to guide you in the buying process.

Our team has been in the industry for over 10 years. We have worked with a whole range of home and garden products from lawn mowers to hedge trimmers. Our wealth of knowledge when it comes to these products makes us a site to follow. We have an expert team of writers as well as an Editor In Chief.

George N.

George is the founder of My Villages and the Editor in Chief. He enjoys writing about things he is passionate about and therefore has a plethora of knowledge in certain industries.

Coming in with a Bachelor of Commerce he enjoys discovering the best products for your home and life. Products that will make your life easier and jobs you do on a daily easier bring you a higher quality of life and more time to do things you love.

George ensures all the content is of a high standard and fact checks as well product research so we bring you the highest quality of reviews and content there is online.

So, welcome again and we are pleased to have you on board.

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