10 Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids to Build

What are the best easy woodworking projects for kids? Few things are as fun and educational as a woodworking project for kids. It is one of those activities that is special in a lot of ways. Consider the benefits of a woodworking project for kids. 

  • It involves multiple senses which increase learning
  • Improves coordination 
  • Kids get to build something using their imagination and their hands
  • You get to spend precious time with your kids supervising them 
Woodshop DIY Wood Model Kits5 Years PlusView
Liberty Imports DIY Deluxe Foam Wood Kits3 - 10 YearsView
Made By Me Rescue VEHICLES6 Years PlusView
Desktop Wooden Model Kit Garden House12 Years PlusView
PowerTRC Kids DIY Workshop Kit6 Years PlusView
Pica Toys Solar Car V1 Model Kits to Build8 - 12 YearsView
Made by Me! Boxed Set of 43 Years PlusView
Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit 4 - 11 YearsView
MasterPieces Works Of Ahhh Real Wood4 Years PlusView

Instead of asking your child to go find a hobby, why not consider showing your child how to make a hobby? Woodworking is one of the easiest hobbies for kids to get into, and it is a great way to spend time together. Woodworking is great for kids because it is easy to learn and there is very little that can go wrong.

As you see, there are multiple benefits of introducing kids to woodworking projects while they are still young and eager to learn. In this day and age, you see kids that are constantly glued to screens of gadgets. Although it has its advantages, it has been very limiting for their overall growth. So what better way than to explore their skills and imaginations through this fantastic activity of woodworking project!

Best Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

As a child, you probably loved spending time outside, running around, and playing in the dirt. As you grew up, however, you had to spend more time studying and doing homework, and you likely had little time to play with your friends.

But that doesn’t mean you need to give up your childlike sense of fun entirely; it’s never too late to pick up a few woodworking projects and create some fun toys for yourself and your loved children.

Today, we are sharing our top woodworking projects for kids to build. 

So let’s get started!

1. Woodshop DIY Wood Model Kits

Woodshop DIY Wood Model Kits - Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

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The first woodworking kit on our list is an excellent combination of quality and affordable prices. This wood model includes four kits that include a fighter plane, a pirate ship or a sailboat, a helicopter, and a racecar. These models are the perfect projects to light up your kid’s imagination and add so much fun to an otherwise dull afternoon. 

This wood kit does not require any screws or hammer, which is also a great feature. All that your kids need to assemble them is a regular craft or wood glue. After the assembly of the model plane or ship, your kids will love painting or staining them for added fun. 

Your kid can easily undertake this project at home with some supervision. This wood model kit comes with instructions that your kid can easily follow. Of course, you might need to help them out if your kid is too young to read. In addition, they are also an excellent choice for art classes, pre-schools, birthday parties, as well as camps. 

However, this woodworking kit is only suitable for kids above the age of five. Therefore, you might want to keep that in mind while checking it out. 


· Excellent quality and realistic designs 

· Four wood models in the box

· Does not require tools to assemble 

· Assembling the models is easy 

· Reasonable pricing 


· Limited options for international shipping

2. Sala Trend DIY Wooden Truck Building Kit.

Sala Trend DIY Toy Creative Wooden Truck Building Kit

This wooden model kit finds a place on our list of woodworking projects for kids to build for its outstanding quality. If your kids love cars and trucks, you cannot go wrong with this wooden truck building kit. It features realistic looking components so your kids will be thrilled to work on this one. 

You cannot ignore the quality and the attention to detail on this truck model. The company, Sala Trend, clearly pays a lot of attention to this woodwork kit, making it a total winner. This DIY kit has several bolts and screws, which gives the truck a great look. Building with this kit is also a great way to help your kid or your grandchildren learn the basic skills with screws. Painting the truck after completing the assembly will also add more fun to the woodworking project. 

However, this building kit is not very suitable for kids younger than five years. There are many small parts, and the screws need a bit of work to get into place. You might also want to drill the pilot holes as some of them can be a little too small for the screws to fit. Nevertheless, the instructions that come with the building kit will make it easy to put this truck together. 

This wooden truck kit is not the most affordable, but its realistic designs and excellent quality more than makes up for it. 


· Outstanding design and quality 

· Facilitates basic screw skills

· Can be painted after completion 

· Makes an excellent gift for kids 


· Some pilot holes need drilling 

· Price is on the higher side 

3. Liberty Imports DIY Carpentry Construction Engineering Tool Workshop Kit

Liberty Imports DIY Deluxe Foam Wood - 10 Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids to Build

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For those looking for quality woodworking projects for kids to build on a budget, this is the one for you. This fantastic DIY kit includes six models so your kids will be spoilt for choice. Whether it is building a car, a plane, a birdhouse, a toolbox, a sailboat, and a speedboat, there is endless fun guaranteed. Using these tools is a great way to refine their coordination and also work on their STEM learning. 

In addition, this construction kit comes with kid-friendly tools – hammer, saw, clamp, and tap measure, among others. This workshop kit is a great way to introduce your kid to construction. Although it looks like real wood, these are foam wood in the box, so your kid will not have any problem working with it. Moreover, the inclusion of the diagrams in the package makes it easy to follow while building. 

However, you need to be careful about cutting the foam wood. After it is cut in a particular shape or size, it cannot be put back much like wood. In this regard, it would be good to supervise and give direction to your kid for cutting it properly. 

As a word of caution, this construction kit includes several small parts such as screws and nails. Therefore, you need to supervise your kids while they are working on their projects. This building kit is best for children who are above four years.


· Excellent quality and choice of building kits

· Comes with kid-friendly tools

· Easy to use and assemble  

· Has an unbeatable price 


· Some of the tools are not durable 

· The foam wood can be tricky for reuse after it is cut 

4. Made By Me Rescue Vehicles.

Made By Me Rescue Vehicles

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Do you have a kid who is in love with cars? This woodwork project on rescue vehicles might just be the perfect gift for him or her! Take a look at what this woodwork project has to offer. 

It comes with pre-cut wooden pieces to build a fire-truck, an ambulance, and a police cruiser. The parts can be easily put together with the glue that comes in the box, so there is no requirement for special tools. In addition, the stickers and the acrylic paint pots in the package allow your kids to bring the vehicles to life. The real moving wheels are also a feature that few car-loving kids can resist!

Apart from the stickers and paints, this woodworking project also comes with paintbrushes. So after your kid assembles the vehicles, he or she can have more fun painting them. This building kit offers a fantastic opportunity for your kid to translate his ideas into reality through building and painting. 

In addition to the vehicles, you can pick a building kit for wooden cars and train as well. This vehicle building kit consists of real wood, which is another plus point. 

On the flip side, the colors may not be as vibrant as you see in the pictures. Moreover, some of the wheels on the vehicles may not work correctly. But overall, it is one of the best woodworking projects for kids to build. 


· Excellent quality kit

· Pre-cut real wood pieces 

· Comes with stickers and accessories for painting

· Promotes learning and coordination 


· Assembly is not very easy

· The stickers are not as vibrant in the picture 

5. Young Modeler Desktop Wooden Model Kit.

Desktop Wooden Model Kit Garden House

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This is another excellent option for a woodworking project for young kids. It features real wood, so you know that the results are going to be impressive. Every little part of this wooden model kit is made with great attention to detail, which is very commendable. 

Building a house with the pieces in this kit is easy, as it comes with detailed instructions. You can take your pick from several kits, including a garden house, pickup truck, piano, and lighthouse, among others. Every model includes realistic looking designs, which makes this kit a great choice. 

Despite its intricate appearance, assembling the structure does not take a lot of effort. It also does not require any tools that make it easy for kids to work with. A special glue included in the box is enough to put this model together. Although this wooden model is made in Korea, the instructions in English are also provided. However, a few of the units do not have the instructions in English, which can be tricky. 

Another feature about this woodworking kit worth mentioning is the color. The color of the wood is fantastic, so it does not need staining or painting. Just assembly it correctly, and the results are impressive. This wooden model is designed for kids. Nevertheless, adults can try it too!


· Realistic design with real wood

· Great looking results 

· Fairly easy to assemble 

· Reasonable pricing 


· The quality of the wood is substandard 

· Some units do not come with English instructions 

6. PowerTRC Kids DIY Workshop Kit.

PowerTRC Kids DIY Workshop Kit

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This woodwork is another contender for the best woodworking projects for kids to build. It is made of foam wood that makes it great to introduce your young child to the joys of building without a lot of work. Unlike construction with real wood that requires constant supervision, this wooden kit does not warrant a lot of guidance, which is also great. 

Your kid will love measuring, sawing, and hammering the different parts to make everything from planes to houses. The addition of faux tools in the package makes it even more convenient for a young pretend carpenter. Talking about tools, this wooden kit includes one of the best selection of tools. These include pliers, tape, hammer, saw as well power tools. Your kid will love using the faux power tools without the risk and danger of using a real one. 

However, if you are expecting premium quality tools, you will be disappointed. But considering the affordable price on this one, it is not so bad after all. The most important thing is that your kids will love using these tools to build something with their little hands and have fun in the process. 


· Options to build different structures 

· Easy to use and build

· Comes with many tools and accessories 

· Very reasonable price 


· Some of the tools are not durable 

· Limited options for international shipping 

7. Pica Toys Wooden Solar and Wireless Remote Control Car Building Kit.

Pica Toys Solar Car V1 Model Kits to Build

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This is another excellent woodworking project kit with an excellent learning opportunity. It is a STEM kit meaning that it facilitates four fundamental branches of learning from an early age. 

Your kid will love building a wireless control car that is powered by solar energy. The details in this engineering kit are realistic, which adds more fun to the project. The components in this kit include organic basswood, solar panels, and plastic components that have been tested for safety. Since they have been duly tested, the non-toxic components do not cause skin irritation of any kind. 

This woodworking project allows the right opportunity for kids to learn about the dynamics of wireless science and solar panels. However, since this building kit includes some advanced components, it is best for kids who are six years and older. They will also require some direction and supervision while putting this science kit together. 

In addition, you will also need to purchase the batteries separately. It is especially required if you plan to use this model inside the house in the absence of sunlight. This building kit is also an excellent choice for science camps due to its educational benefits. The detailed instructions that come with the building kit make it easy for assembling. 


· Building kit with high-quality materials 

· Organic and non-toxic wood

· Promotes STEM learning in kids 

· Comes with detailed instructions 

· Putting it together is not hard 


· The battery needs to be purchased separately 

· Price is a little high 

8. Maple Landmark Made by Me! Boxed Set of 4.

Made by Me! Boxed Set of 4

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Another fantastic pick for woodworking projects for kids is this set of four from Maple Landmark. The box comes with pre-cut components that allow kids to build a train, a truck, a roadster, and a bus. All the quality components are made in the US.

The four vehicles in the box measure about 4 inches, so they are a decent size. A great feature of this building set is that the edges of the wood are smooth and rounded. This thoughtful feature makes it very safe for kids while handling them during the project. All the wooden parts are of pine, so there is no chance of irritation on the young builders’ skin. 

To put the tires and the bodies together, you will need crafts glue and a hammer. The addition of axles in the vehicles and the smokestack on the train adds a realistic touch to the projects. For decorating and adding dimension to the vehicles, your kid can paint them after assembly. Your child can even add glitter glue to the project, making it more fun! 

This woodwork project is suitable even for toddlers. And the addition of detailed instruction in the box makes it effortless to assemble. 


· Excellent quality kit with pinewood

· Includes four models in the box

· Very easy to assemble 

· Does not require special tools 


· Not very durable 

· Limited options for international shipping 

9. Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit.

Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

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This woodworking kit is of premium quality at a premium price. However, the excellent quality makes it worth the price. Let’s take a look at the features of this woodworking kit. 

It is exquisitely made of smooth pine, which is very safe in the hands of the kids. With over 80 pieces of wooden blocks in different shapes and sizes, your child will have a blast learning the basics of building. Whether it is a toy house, a boat, or a table, this is the perfect kit to translate their dreams into tangible objects. A handy guidebook of instructions in the kit also makes the building activity more fun and easy. 

In addition to its fantastic quality wooden blocks, this woodworking kit includes some great accessories. These include a lightweight hammer and nails. Although the hammer is lightweight and made, especially for kids, adult supervision is a must while the children are using them. Moreover, the handy toolbox in this kit makes it effortless to organize all the tools in one neat place. 

The one issue with this woodworking tool you might have is its expensive price tag. It is not affordable by any means. However, if you are looking for a quality kit for a long-lasting woodworking project, the price shouldn’t be an issue. 


· Very high-quality wooden building blocks 

· Smooth and easy while handling 

· Comes with a real and lightweight hammer and nails 

· Toolbox for the organization included 

· Options to build multiple projects 


· Has a premium price tag

· Limited options for international shopping 

10. MasterPieces Real Wood Large Acrylic Paint & Craft Kit.

MasterPieces Works Of Ahhh Real Wood - Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

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The last one on our list of the best woodworking projects for kids to build combines learning with fun in a seamless way. It is a craft kit consisting of real wood with options to make a wind chime, a jewelry box, a dream catcher, a secret diary, and a birdhouse. 

Along with the pre-cut wooden pieces, the kit also includes acrylic paints and varnish to transform the projects into real art pieces. Other accessories included in the package are brushes for painting, stencil, and sticker sheets so your child will have endless fun while undertaking this project. The finished projects can even be hung up for display in the kid’s room as well. 

Another fantastic feature of this craft kit is the addition of an app. It is free for download, so your kid can even paint and decorate various pictures on the digital platform. This feature cannot be boasted by the best woodworking projects and makes this kit a total winner. 

However, some of the pieces in this craft kit can be a bit tricky to assemble. In particular, the wind chime can be difficult to straighten out if it arrives tangled in the box. In this regard, a helping hand from a patient adult can make all the difference. Nevertheless, this craft kit is fun to explore the creative side of kids. And it makes a great gift too! 


· Real wood pieces 

· Relatively easy to assemble 

· Comes with necessary tools to paint and decorate

· Makes a great gift 

· Affordable pricing  


· Some units can be difficult to sort 

· Some components in the kit are not durable 

Parting Shot – Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

Introducing your kids to woodworking projects is an excellent way to enhance their learning. It is not just a fun project to engage during a dull afternoon. Since woodworking projects involve the use of multiple senses, it is one of the best ways to develop motor and sensory skills.

In addition, learning to build these projects facilitates the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are the fundamentals of all education. This is also the reason why woodwork projects and construction have a regular place in many schools as part of the curriculum. 

Our list of the best woodworking projects for kids to build should give you a head start into starting this fantastic activity with your kids. The wooden kits include a wide range, so you can easily find one for your kid – from toddlers to those who are about ten years old. Moreover, you get to bond with your child while engaging in the construction, and what could be more precious than that?